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Thursday, November 18, 2010 Y 7:06 AM

I have been neglecting my FB account and blog badly recently. I successfully quited FB games and now I totally don't really use it since I don't play much games except Mousehunt. So I know I have been MIA but I AM HERE. It's just that I have not been even using my computer at all (MY MOM IS HOGGING IT FOR FB GAMES).

Plus, blame it on the invention of IPHONE. I access my twitter and msn from iphone now and barely use the computer. For those of you who still frequent my blog and I believed I have also informed you on FB previously, I lost my old msn account due to some ban put on it (SOMEBODY IS USING IT TO DO SOMETHING REALLY SUSPICIOUS, GEE I'M HACKED!). If you receive emails from my old msn account, please IGNORE IT!!! As for my new msn account, SMS me if you wanna add me (I have previously sent an email on FB too, long time ago before I neglected it).

I'm STILL ALIVE and KICKING haha, and working in a community setting. I never foresee that I will job hop so much since I stayed in my first job for 3 years. I realised I'm trying to find a niche and a place to settle in. I'm really happy in my current setting (I'm bluffing if I tell you I have unhappy moments too as no place is ever perfect) but I'm happy enough to be considering to retire there (so called). I don't know my future plans, I may be a patisseire for all you know, or a beautician, a make up artist, a housewife, anything, but for now, I'm still an occupational therapist.

Forgive me if I do not make an effort to meet up. Whenever I have free time, I tend to hide at home and sulk. Plus I'm trying to get use to the new job. I'm been a snail ever since that incident. I DO WANNA MEET YOU PEOPLE SO I'M GOING TO TRY TO MAKE DATES WITH U ALL!

More updates coming up on my trip to Cameron Highlands, I shall try to be diligent and update my blog so you know what is happening to me and whether I am alive =)


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