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Friday, February 26, 2010 Y 8:38 PM

A nice long week that I had, with a good leave in between.

Some good times, hanging out with family members, new found friends (Cheers to new found friendship!). Some emo times, saying goodbye to the principal.

Lao Yu Sheng like for 4 times this year, going to Lao again tomorrow =p, that makes it 5 times.

Hoping to meet up a long time friend whom I haven't seen some time and I'm glad she's meeting me finally.

Wishing that I will get to see my IMH bunch of friends more often as they are really fun peeps and I miss them so much!

Think I should go arrange to see my JC friends soon too, haven't seen them for soooo long.

It's a good weekend ahead!

Sunday, February 21, 2010 Y 12:17 PM


I had a great CNY this time round, celebrating with my family, feasting alot, lao yusheng many times, even went to my patient's house for visiting, and hanging out with my group of friends. I even made new friends!

It's been quite different this year, as I no longer have the other half, I don't go over to my partner's place for reunion dinner anymore. Plus, my step-grandma has passed away so my parents did not go there for reunion dinner as well. So we had it at Grandpa's house, where everyone was present, including my eldest Uncle. 1st day of CNY was celebrated at Grandpa's house as usual, second day at 2nd Uncle's house and third day, I went out with my friends. Supposed to go to eldest Uncle's house but I missed it and I missed all the good food! Nevertheless, I still had a great time. This was the 1st CNY where everyone were really happy and I took alot of photos. Although it was a bit weird, missing someone but it didn't get to me much.

I had a great time catching up with Chiu Ling, Geri and Eliz on the 4th day of CNY too. Haven't met the group of them for a long time although I had seen Chiu Ling a few times. It was great, catching up with them, we never run out of topics for conversation and I really missed the times that I spent with them. Yes, years later, I will still say the same thing.

Was really appreciative of my patient who invited the physio, TA and me to his house for CNY celebration. His family was really warm and welcoming and made alot of food for us. It was a pity the time was too short as I had to rush off. I also managed to catch up with some of my OT Classmates on the same day (Friday). Really glad to see some of them as I haven't seen them so long!

Yes, so a new year signifies a new beginning. May this year be a good year ahead for all of us. I hope it will certainly be a good year ahead for me.

And oh yeah, I'm officially confirmed for probation! Yeah one task over! Hooray!


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