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Saturday, July 10, 2010 Y 10:38 AM

10/07/2010 has finally passed, and yes, I'm one year older, marching nearer to the big 3!!! Nevertheless, I had a great day, out celebrating with my friends and family members. I'm quite happy to say that although I'm getting older, I'm still getting cakes and presents from people and there are people there to celebrate my birthday yearly. I'm really very glad for friends out there, who take time to spend the day with me, whether before, after or on that day itself. It makes me remember the significance of why I am existing in this world somehow.

I spent the day with Sharon, Audrey and Shixian celebrating it at the Cookie Museum followed by lunch at Mr Curry!

Menu at the Cookie Museum

Flowers from Sharon, Audrey and Shixian

My Polynesian Tea

Audrey's Chocolate Drink

This is how it looks like after you add milk to it

Katsu Pan Nabe at Mr Curry.....very delicious curry except the bread was a little tough

Attempted drawing of the person who served us. In case you were wondering why would I draw his face, that was because he was really rude to us and my friends decided to write out the feedback form. So I decided to draw his face as initially we didn't get his name. Shixian said he had curly hair so that's why I drew curly hair, only to realised he has spiky hair LOL.....

Birthday cake from Mommy!

Ang Baos from Aunts and Uncles

The Cousins!

Mommy and me

With the girls

Cutting the Cake

With the Guys

Present from Mommy!

Present from 4th Aunt!

Once again, thank you to all those lovely people whom have celebrated and wished me! I'm very glad and happy to have your wishes and your time =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010 Y 9:02 AM

This has been a rather fruitful week, although a little tiring but it's thoroughly enjoyable.

First to start if off, thanks to my lovely ex colleagues who celebrated my birthday on Tuesday!

The girls!

Me and the cake!

Making a wish!

Blowing the candles =)

Eliz and Geri cutting the cake

Half Eaten Green Tea Mocha Cake, didn't occur to me to take the full cake when it happened. Guess I was too surprised.

On top of that, caught Toy Story 3 in 2D! No more 3D slots so settled for 2D. I heard so many good reviews of it, I have to catch it!

I thought Mr Potato and Buzz was really funny, especially Buzz with the Spanish part....totally different from the usual Buzz I know! Plus, Bonnie and Dolly is soooooo cute! I know Dolly is really flat but she just looked really cute. Bonnie reminds me of Boo from Monster Inc, both have incredible imagination. I love how Andy 's reaction was at the last part, it touches me alot to see that he cares and have an affection for his toys. It makes me remember my own toys and my childhood. A few of them are still left in my room but some are gone. I had my very own Woody too, a little fluffy dog which I hug to sleep every night. Though it got very torn and tattered, I beg my aunts, Mom and Grandma to stitch it up for me for multiple times. It got so old and tattered that my Mom had to throw it away.

Now my collection of toys are kept away, like as if they are in an attic, but they are in a box. I'm afraid that they will get dirtied and I don't want them to be so I kept them in a box. Don't wanna throw them out either.

I'm really impressed by the sequel, there are very few sequels that are so good and Toy Story just gets better and better. Thumbs up to Disney for the fantastic work!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Y 9:15 AM

It is unusual that I feel the need to pen down recent events immediately after it happened but I felt that I really need to do it, for I am thankful to a group of people who made me felt that my existence in life is worthwhile for there are people who still remembers and cares.

Thank you to my dear ex colleagues from IMH who had met up with me today for a great dinner and catching up session! Plus thank you for the lovely cake, love the flavor. Thank you to know that someone still reads my blog so I must blog about happier stuff!! Thank you for making time and effort despite being busy. I'm appreciative of the sweet gesture of surprise which only my dear IMH colleagues does it! Miss all those good times we have.

Now that I will be doing locum soon, I ought to really pay this bunch of colleagues a visit during lunch to catch up with them. After all, doing locum is about having more time to do things you wanna do. I do wish to catch up with them more often and sometimes, it's my fault for not organizing a meet up, being too caught up with work. However, I really learned that these bunch of colleagues are the greatest bunch I have so far, perhaps because we shared times together and thus, I shall make more efforts!

Once again, thank you, my ladies.

Saturday, July 3, 2010 Y 7:25 AM

After pondering and wanting to do it for sometime, I decided that I will chop my locks. It was after alot of encouragement and constant asking of opinions from my friends and family members that I decided to do it. Was quite glad that I did afterwards and alot of my friends and family members commented I look good in it.

Shortly after cutting hair, having dinner at Chinatown Street

Another shot of me =)

Tried to act cute with hair clip

Tried to act cute with hairband

Next day, after haircut, out with with a cute hairpin

Glad to do it after all, felt I looked more refreshed and younger hee hee


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