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Monday, December 31, 2007 Y 8:32 AM

30th December 2007, 2 days before 2008, marks the day of the wedding of a very good friend of mine. A very simple wedding yet the bride looks beautiful and glowy, the groom looks excited and happy, and many babies in the parties. A friend whom I know since JC, it's like about 9 years since we known each other and just like 2 years ago I heard her said she was attached and just last year, she announced that she was getting married. Truly happy to see a friend being so happily married off to a good guy.

The wedding was held in M Hotel, a simple lunch reception, where I was invited to be the emcee for the party. I hope I didn't crashed the wedding with my poor emceeing skills as I was totally confused by the hotel staff. Caught up with some old friends whom haven't met up for quite some time.

So that was 30th December, and 31st edges it's way slowly into my life, marking the end of the day of 2007. Work as usual for half day, with boss being sick, it means holiday for us. A slack movie session with the patients where we just sat and laugh at Stephen Chow in "Kungfu Hustle", then off to fetch my cousins once work ended. Hang around Causeway point and went home for a quick shower before popping down to meet the rest of the family for dinner.

I couldn't remember the restaurant name but it was a Jap restaurant at Serene Centre. The food was fab but the portions are awfully small and expensive. However, the cheaper simple Jap delights are really big in portion but yet as tasty. I had a Ribeye Beef Cubes with Japanese Sauce which tasted just right, just lacking a bit in the sauce. The sashimi was wonderful too. Dessert was ice cream at Island Creamery, lotsa flavours like Pulau Hitam, Chendol, Revers-0, Nutella, Very Berry, Blackforest, Supmoni, Tiger Sorbet, Cookies and Cream. Totally yummylicious.

And then 2007 ended and 2008 crept in quietly, as I was spending moments alone in my room, listening to Chipmunks song. A family gathering this year, a quiet New Year last moments spent at home. Very different and it probably signifies that I'm getting older while the young hang out till late. At this moment, I'm far too tired and I longed for my bed. I'm so used to spending festive seasons alone, eves especially or getting bad things like break ups on festive seasons. Nothing ever happens nice on festive seasons in recent years, break up, deaths, and stuff like that.

Hopefully 2008 may brighten up my slacking spirit abit and put me into hard work! To all, HAPPY 2008!!!! Yes it means we are marching one year older again! Boo!

P.S: I caught Alvin and the Chipmunks and I totally adore Theodore, yes the fat one, the gluttony one, maybe he's like me, gluttony minus the baby fat. Heh what more could be better than talking singing chipmunks who looked totally adorable and fun? Yes a bit irritating at times but I wouldn't mind having 3!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 Y 8:15 PM

At last, the long waited wedding of BFF's has finally arrived. How fast a year has passed when she first told me that she will be getting married in december, on Xmas eve and Xmas.

A totally packed and crazy week I had over the last week. Spent time showing Ken's cousins around, buying xmas presents, buying xmas food for xmas party, making cds for BFF.

Finally Xmas eve arrived and Yoges and I went for BFF's solemnisation ceremony. I didn't understand what it was about as they were conversing in Malay but I kinda got the rituals. It was extremely sweet to see both of them putting on the rings for each other. It was a pity that we couldn't stay throughout and have to leave early. Azi was looking real beautiful in her white costume with the long veil and you could see that she is nervous, yet blissfully happy.

Soon after that, we rushed off to Kris's house for a party. Nothing much like what we used to have, just a simple get together and gift sharing party. I cooked pasta while Kris and Ken prepared the ingredients, although I made Mr Lim cooked the last pasta though wahahaha. Played with Sausage and my cousins were having fun with him, and of course, mahjong as usual.

Following the next day, we went for Azi's wedding where we saw the arrival of the groom and shake according to the tunes of the Kompang. We didn't understand what they were saying but we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Ken and I left shortly afterwards and went home to nap awhile before preparing ourselves for my family's Xmas party.

The food was Xmas food as usual, lots of meat but inclusion of Italian wine and delicious ice cream, courtesy of Ken. The ice cream was so fantastic that it got my aunts keen to go to the place itself and my uncle drank up all the wine. The little ones went to watch "I am Legend" which was pretty okay, except for some scary parts.

With all the joyous get together, Xmas ended just like that and very soon, a few more days, it will be the new 2008. Not really looking forward to a new year as I will be getting older but hoping that more good things will come by our way.

Monday, December 17, 2007 Y 7:01 AM

So it was Azi's hen party on Saturday. Woke up real early in the morning, I have to admit I overslept because I slept too late the night before and got there late. Anyway, woke up early to go down to Belong salon at Aljunied for Azi's treat. We are treating her to a hair treat, hair perming and treatment. Needless to say, we go to see her beautiful perm before Izwan does haha. Spent 3.5 hours like that in the salon, was famished and I popped down with the girls to Mac to have breakfast, then went back to the salon where strange things happened.

Doreen actually said she will try temporary hair straightening and Yoges tried temp hair straightening for her fringe. Imagine Doreen straightening her hair?! Although it's only temporary but it's a big step for her ahead already. Good job mate, you were brave to try and I have to say, not only me, but all the girls, that your straight hair makes you look so nice!

So then we popped down to Far East Plaza, where we had our first sabotage item for Azi, on the train to Orchard. We made her wear this vangard sheet stating that she is getting married and asked her to go around for signatures on the train. She was really sporting to do it and mission was accomplished. We then had lunch at KFC and popped over to Partyworld for a ktv session, cause Azi said she didn't mind trying. We made her sing so many love songs haha.

Then we did her last sabotage item which was to wear the vangard sheet and go around giving rochelle chocolates to couples at Swensons which needless to say, our president wannabe managed to do it without any sweat! Thumbs up for Azi for being so sporting! We gave her a nice rose bouquet too and she was smiling so sweetly. The rose bouquet is really very very very pretty!

I taped a video down of her sabotage item which I shall post it up next time round heh heh. Got photos too but shall post it next time.

The next day, Ken and I attended a Malay wedding. This is my second time attending one although the first one I only went there for 15 minutes and left. This time round, sat down and waited for hours before the couple came. Funny that the people came and talk to me first, I think they think I'm the bride's friend when it's actually he is the friend.

Then we went to Kbox, yeah singing again cause I'm suddenly addicted to singing. Heh heh made the poor boy sing and entertained me all throughout. Haha.

Christmas shopping ahead for this week!

Friday, December 14, 2007 Y 9:26 AM

A nice evening spent out with colleagues on a Friday. We went to Tam Po Po at Liang Court as suggested by CY last time. The food was really good! I had a black pig shabu ramen, which was really nice, and the chicken cutlet and potato croquette is nice too!

Had a really good talk about work, personal stuff, relationships and others gossipy topics with my colleagues (which comprises of one guy and 5 girls). We moved on McCafe afterwards whereby we continued our discussion.

It was a really good support session and to get to know each other better sessions.

Sidetrack a little, Ken has been really sweet to pop by my house twice this week suddenly, just to bring nice food for me. Thanks dear, it was really appreciated for your efforts!

And also my withdrawn patient finally went to rehab! Yay, so happy! And that my withdrawn little boy has finally started therapy with me, another happiness!

Sometimes I wonder am I'm being too critical about my relationship at times. I guess being an OT, you understand how important communication is and you certainly do not like to be ignored, because you don't get the whole gist of what is going on, but seems like guys have a habit of doing that. Sometimes I think that I can do this for a person but why can't a person do that back? Then again, it's different people. Maybe I can do this, but you can't. So it's either live with it or thrash it out? I only know that if I don't learn to live with it, I may find it real tiring to continue one day because I constantly get upset over it. Perhaps I'm being too critical. Maybe I should be less critical and less expecting, that way I wouldn't feel so tired and drain him out too.

Monday, December 10, 2007 Y 9:25 AM

My dear and silly bf has slipped and gotten himself an injured toe. Poor him couldn't wear shoes now. Silly him slipped on his way home to bring soup for me, which I have said it was nice to have.

Thanks dear, thanks for bringing the soup and I'm sorry that you slipped and fall on your way home. It was really nice of you to come and I feel bad about your fall. Sayang you tomorrow when I see you okay?

Feel so bad that can't really sleep now.

Y 8:25 AM

In short, it was a slack week last week because we were on HMDP, so I couldn't really remember what happened throughout the week except:

1. Went to Kallang Leisure Park twice, once with Ken, and once with mom and Ken to get sports stuff.
2. Decided to hold a Xmas party with patients with Chiu Ling and Eunice.
3. Decided to make Xmas prezzies using art and craft sessions with Chiu Ling
4. Xiaomin started work at Metro.
5. Ivy sprained her leg again.
6. Went to Ken's house to stay over on weekend
7. Went to Esplanade with patients for outing.
8. Mei Poh saw me at Esplanade but I didn't.

Weekends wasn't much because I had to go back to work on Sunday, outing to Esplanade. This time, it was a performance by NYP, my old school, the Chinese Orchestra Band. The conductor was real funny, he tried to involve the audience by asking us to speak in Hokkien words and quarrel with each other (the Hokkien words being "bei zi giam" and "bei ji jiam", meaning salty and bland). They played various pieces, from China, Western, Japan, Korea. It wasn't too bad, quite interesting. I like a few pieces but the last one was really a lullaby to put you to sleep.

Was really tired over the weekend that I slept real early on Sunday. Fell asleep at 8 plus after dinner.

A hardworking week this week cause preparing for Christmas. Also, Azi's hens party coming up this Sat and Ken's friend's wedding coming up on Sun. Well, at least it wasn't working and I'm getting bonus next week! Yay!

Monday, December 3, 2007 Y 7:06 AM

Caught 2 movies last week, Hero and Enchanted.

Hero was not bad but something was missing that makes it not as nice as the TV serial but Takuya Kimura is ever so cool, just that whenever I see him, I kept thinking of the Gatsby advertisement and I couldn't stop laughing.

Enchanted was simply funny, it's a very nice movie if you don't use much of your brains to watch it, just simply sit and laugh.

Min is working at Metro now, 3rd cousin to be working in Metro, so happy, can just go and look for her anytime now. Heh heh.

Oh and last Thursday I went to perm my hair with Cy, she rebonded her hair. Cheap deal, $150 for color, perm and treatment heh heh. I recommend you to try Belong, at Aljunied or Yishun. Chiu Ling is so tempted to try it now heh heh.

It's HMDP week this week, so just need to slack and not work much haha, so happy!


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