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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 Y 4:49 AM


A friend gave this link to me and I visited it, at the back of my mind, I was thinking it's some stupid Celeste Chen that kinda bimbotic girls blogs again. I'm so glad that I opened it up though, cuz I was really touched by what was in it. It's really saddening to read it and I really felt very touched by it.

There, go ahead, read it, and hold a minute of silence for the little baby.

Y 4:33 AM

Hilarious Pick Up line

Guy: Hi, do you dance?
Girl: Yeah, I do.
Guy: Good......
Guy: Then can you please go and dance, cuz I wanna talk to your friend alone.

Oh Gosh, if I'm the girl who was asked this, I'm pretty sure I will die of humiliation.

Y 3:42 AM

Is this like a breaking up season or what? People around me are all having relationships problems or breaking up. Nah, they aren't my close bunchie of friends but still it surprised me that they broke up with their partners. I have known them for long, and although we may not be close but I know that they have been dating their partners for quite some time. And it's surprising that one moment when I read through their blogs, they are still like very happy with their partners, and the next moment, BANG, they broke up.

And the funny thing is, I keep seeing this popping up "Feelings have faded for each other". Shudders to myself, isn't this scary? To reach a stage where your feelings have faded and you break up because of that? Does that goes to say that love doesn't exist once you don't have feelings for each other anymore? And I really don't understand, because I saw snippets of like couples going out together, having fun, doing sweet things for each other, but then they break up the next minute because feelings don't exist anymore.

Well, at least my close bunch of friends are surviving well on their relationships and I'm glad.

On a lighter note, I had my Jap pork cutlet noodle again, yeah yum yum. And I snack so much on Sat (which I know why I ate so much now). Plain non stop eating, kept feeling hungry. I ate the noodles, some chawanmushi, jap little doughnuts, ya kun kaya toast and eggs. My bf probably think I'm a pig or I'm nuts to eat so much. Bought sports attire too!

And I played pool with my cousins on Sun. Seriously, I really suck when I first played it. Ken and Shawn were like yawning away, watching Min and me play, like 15 minutes without hitting any balls in. Well, that doesn't means women sucks okay, cuz the 2nd round of the game, we picked up the technique and ended our game in a short while! Hee hee, and when we challenged the boys, we lose one round, but came close for the second round (except that the black ball went into the wrong pocket). Nevertheless, we cleared all the balls! Ahahaha, while the boys still have some balls to clear on the tables.

I won them in Daytona too! Yippee, haha, considering that I'm pretty lousy and I can only drive with auto gear. Heh heh, and my bf sucks in Daytona 2....ahahahaha!

Westmall pasta mania sucks btw, don't ever go there to eat. They don't know what is called taste and what is called delicious.

Caught The Simpsons yesterday. It's the epitome of madness and crappiness. Haha, but it's really funny, the crap jokes that they created. I bet my bf likes the Bart Simpson's sliding on the skateboard part. Well, I don't have to bet, I'm definitely sure he likes it. And he keeps going on about the spider pig song. Crazy dude.

Did I mentioned that I finished Harry Potter?

Edited: Yes, I have green tea ice cream on Sat too, thanks to someone for reminding it. Are you like counting what I'm eating? No wonder you kept saying I'm fat.

Saturday, July 28, 2007 Y 10:05 AM

We had a gathering session on Friday with LS. Ivy, Joyce, LS and me. We ended up at Pasta Cafe, as Joyce have not tried it before. Ivy and I had a heart to heart talk cuz we were both waiting for the other 2 to turn up. Soon, the other 2 turned up and Joyce, as usual, was really noisy and started the snippets of conversations. It was revolving about work mostly, and I felt even more stressed after all those conversations. I felt that I have an obligation to do my new duties well cuz they kept saying that the person who took my position originally did not do a good job.

Been feeling stressed ever since I found out that I have tons of work to do and I don't seem to be able to cope with it alone. I'm envious that the outpatient sector
has 2 persons to support and lead the team together, that they are huddle up together, discussing about stuff. I wished I had someone that I could huddle up to and discuss about things too. Very unfortunately, as we all get up to a certain level, you can't expect everyone to be the same as before. I can't huddle up and discuss things with the 2 outpatient leaders (whom used to be very close working colleagues in the team) because we all have our own conflict of interests, we have different things to think and worry about, and we have different things to deal with.

I feel that they are always discussing things together and that even during private lunch time, they are still discussing about outpatient stuff, and that leaves me out of no where, because we don't share similar things now. They are so engrossed and dependent on each other that they forgot they have friends too in the department. Naturally that is saddening, because with the so many duties that I have to take on, I was hoping that I can relate to someone whom are my levels, but they seemed to have forgotten this friend, because now, she is an inpatient leader and she should hang out more with the inpatient people. And I can't relate to my inpatient people too, certain things at supervisory level aren't suppose to be communicated to them, although we are all OTs.

You know, I feel so alone, because I'm the only person up there managing it by myself, whereas the other 2 have each other support. My only support comes from my boss, whom is not really very effective in doing that cuz she is really busy with her own work too. I have staff whom are looking up to me for support too, and hoping that I can relish them from some of their workload too.

I haven't even officially taken over and I'm already stressed out and tired by things. I want to talk to someone, you know. Someone to listen to me, to hear my complains, to console me or to destress with me. Someone whom can understand what is going on or at least appear to understand.

And I felt bad about it, cuz I have kinda taken it out on you. There are simply too many things on my mind that makes me edgy and that issue was really bothering me when I was edgy with so many things. I know you are tired and stressed too, but I really have to get one matter off my mind when I'm still able to handle stress relatively well. Sorry dear, I don't mean to stress you out with things but you know, I was really glad to see you today, cuz it really made my day. I really appreciate you for being so nice and withstanding my nonsense. Days of increasing stress and not seeing you really made me stressed out and edgy. Cuz you know, when I'm with you, I'm me. I am not anyone's supervisor, not anyone's colleague, just me....I don't have to act superior, and I get well taken care of. I can be myself naturally and happily.

And I was really glad that XM came over to stay too, at least there was someone to accompany me and I could take my mind off things.

Thursday, July 26, 2007 Y 8:12 AM

Her side of the story
He was in an odd mood when I got to the pub, I thought it might have been because I was a bit late but he didn't say anything much about it. The conversation was quite slow going so I thought we should go off somewhere more intimate so we could talk more privately.

We went to this restaurant and he was STILL acting a bit funny. I tried to cheer him up and started to wonder whether it was me or something else. I asked him, and he said no. But I wasn't really sure.

So anyway, in the cab on the way back to his place, I said that I love him and he just put his arm around me.

I didn't know what the hell that meant because you know he didn't say it back or anything. We finally got back to his place and I was wondering if he was going to dump me! So I tried to ask him about it but he just switched on the TV. Reluctantly, I said I was going to go to sleep. Then after about 10 minutes, he joined me and we had sex.

But, he still seemed really distracted, so afterwards I wanted to leave and I just cried myself to sleep. I dunno, I just don't know what he thinks anymore. I mean, do you think he's met someone else???

His side of the story
The Blues lost. Felt tired. Got a shag though.

The great miscommunication of males and females, indeed we are like Venus and they are like Mars.

Y 7:39 AM

IORA having discounts. All shirts going so cheap, $10 - $23 for tops and $29 for pants! In case somebody says that I don't shop at discounted places and I'm so rich, I do okay, I bought stuff from IORA yesterday okie....it was super cheap.

And went to hunt for pants today, most of my times are worn out already. My wardrobe look so old now....cuz I haven't been buying clothes for a long long time.

I envy those girls who can wear straight cut skirts, I can never fit into one. I have too small a waist and hips way bigger....look really weird in straight cut skirts. So that just basically cuts down my chances of wearing very office wear skirts.

I'll stick to pants then, since I'm such a rough person.

I'm 1/3 through my Harry Potter book! And so many injuries has happened already. And deaths. Tried reading it on bus today and i felt like vomitting, damn that just minus away the time that I can read it cuz I feel sick reading on motion vehicles.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 Y 7:40 PM

I finally got my desired "Shopaholic and Baby" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Yes I know, I don't have much brains so I'm reading such fictional and bo liao story books.

But still, I'm very happy to have gotten these two books! I haven't read for a long time already and I can start reading again!

I love the tomato ramen from Ajisen yeah, so sweet, whoopee, craving for it again!

I saw an old classmate yesterday but I couldn't rem she is from which phase of my life till she said JC. Damn I dunno I have a bad memory or she wasn't significant enough to be remembered properly. Funny that I rem her name though.

Monday, July 23, 2007 Y 8:03 AM

2 words to describe my weekend: BLISSFUL and RELAXING

Spent the entire weekend slacking away with Mr Lim at his house. Spent the time eating, sleeping, watching tv, watching movie. Hmm, pretty much sums up what Mr Lim said that we usually do when I hang out with him. Ahhh, his life is pretty predictable hor, forgot to include the aspect of exercising too and seducing mei meis wahahaha. Oh yeah, and playing with shooting games (any sort, be it computer, arcade or what, as long as it involves shooting, bring it on).

A very precious weekend that I had, one that doesn't happens alot and one that gives us both time to spend together. Though we aren't doing much or anything happening, I'm contented with my time with him. Just as long as I don't grow fat from all the eating and sleeping.

We had dinner over at my house too cuz Mom treated us for her birthday (early in advance for 2 weeks). Finally I got to eat my crabbie after waiting for so long. The last time I ate it was like last year yeah. Totally yummy!

Hmm, do you know why people have affairs when they married? Especially if they are married for numerous times? And each time they divorced, it was because the partner catches them in the bed with another person of the opposite sex? And why do they still keep having affairs despite of the numerous divorces and infidelity revealed incidents? Interesting right?

Yawn, I'm so tired today. Got to hit the beds soon!

Friday, July 20, 2007 Y 7:20 PM

Met up with Yoges, Azi and Lee Sian yesterday at Causeway point. LS called and asked whether we want to have dinner and since Yog and I are gg out with Azi, we asked her to come along. She's such a jolly good being to say "Yes" too! So the 4 of us went to have dinner at Delifrance. I was stuck between the choice of curry baked rice or prawns spaghetti so I asked Yoges to pick one. In the end, she picked the prawns spag and it turned out that besides prawns, there were alot alot of fish meat inside too. The whole thingy only smelled like fish and tasted like fish and I don't like the smell. So I added lotsa and lotsa and lotsa of cheese powder and added chilli powder to dilute the smell and taste and well, it basically tasted like cheesy tomato spaghetti.

Went over to Gelare afterwards to have dessert! I had a Cookies Craze, wow it's was like so super huge! And it has an Orea cookie, one cookie coated waffle biscuit, and cookies and cream ice cream. Yummy yummy! And Yog and Azi gave me a necklace, a very pretty flower necklace made of white gold! So sweet of them, thank you! Yoges was really very stupid at Gelare, kept doing stupid and crazy stuff, and tried to imitate me on the phone too. Although her imitation sucks, I don't talk like a small little girl ahahaha.

Saw Mr Lim afterwards, ahahaha, don't you know you look very stupid holding on to the retro umbrella and trying to use it to attack me? Hahaha, purposely ask you to hold the umbrella so you look stupid wahahaha but since you are having such a good time, trying to use it to attack me, thou shall not refrain you.

And we had ice cream at our house again! Wahaha! And someone is so PIGGY.....zzzzzzzzz.........snore.........zzzzzzzzz.........snore...........haha who will have the heart to wake up someone who is sounding like that right?

Y 7:19 PM

Artist: Sean Kingston
Title: Beautiful Girl

JR! Sean Kingston!

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Verse 1:
See it started at the park
Used to chill at the dark
Oh when you took my heart
That's when we fell apart
Cause we both thought
That love lasts forever (lasts forever)
They say we're too young
To get ourselves sprung
Oh we didn't care
We made it very clear
And they also said
That we couldn't last together (last together)

See it's very define, girl
One of a kind
But you mush up my mind
You walk to get declined
Oh Lord...
My baby is driving me crazy

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
It was back in '99
Watchin' movies all the time
Oh when I went away
For doin' my first crime
And I never thought
That we was gonna see each other (see each other)
And then I came out
Mami moved me down South
Oh I'm with my girl
Who I thought was my world
It came out to be
That she wasn't the girl for me (girl for me)

Verse 3:
Now we're fussin'
And now we're fightin'
Please tell me why
I'm feelin' slightin'
And I don't know

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Y 10:39 AM

I'm a man beater, my bf complains that I beat him up too much. Free punch bag, why not utilise it? Good to destress, good to hit upon, some more can get pain response in reciprocation. What beats that?

If you want to learn how to talk well, I suggest you observe and learn from the guy "Nick Taylor" in "Thank you for smoking". If I can talk so well, I think I can convince everyone in my dept and probably I'm the deputy head already ahahahaha. Luckily I can't talk so well so I'm just a normal OT.

I managed to gimmick everyone into thinking of getting my E65 cuz they all think it's really nice and kept playing with it. All aiming for it now, Yoges, Jayson and Bonnie. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm so evil!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Y 9:24 AM

It was an interesting day today, cuz something happened and I found it like pretty weird.

Anyway what happened was that Yoges and I had to sort out some logistics problems with a new upcoming project. It was an inpatient project but we had to involve the outpatients in helping out with payment collection. So there were some thrash out of some ideas and uncertainty. Later in the night, Yoges messaged me and said she was sorry that she rejected my idea (well actually not my idea, it's boss and Estates people's idea) and she hoped that it doesn't affects our relationship.

I was kinda appalled to receive the msg as it totally didn't occur to me that I should feel offended by it. I meant work is work, personal relationships is another thing. Why should I be angry that she rejected the idea? Either I was really blur or I really don't care about it. Anyway I had too much of a day, running from cafe to NYP then back to office for tons and tons of meetings.

My days now are just filled with meetings and meetings and meetings. I haven't even handed over my current clinical caseload and I have to attend lotsa of meetings. My boss thinks we are super robots, can handle so much shit at one time. Anyway I was real pissed today after a meeting, I don't understand why are TAs rotated when we are developing new programs and we need the expertise. By rotating people with this expertise out, how does it helps us? Now we are faced with the shit of having to steal manpower from each another because we need to tap on their expertise.

Anyway, I got a new phone! Nokia E65! Check it out!


And I tried my new shoes today, they ache yeah, but at least I don't have to run with elephant feet now hee hee.

Monday, July 16, 2007 Y 9:44 AM

I met up with Cy and Xw yesterday for a few birthday celebrations. Ting and HL didn't turned up in the end as they are both sick, think the sickness bug is going on real strong, I just recovered from it and heard that many others are sick with either cough, fever or sore throat too.

We went to Cafe De Amigo at Funan Centre, heard from Cy that they sell quite nice food. Gave CY her prezzie, I bought her a Paul and Joe lip gloss and the blotter paper with a pretty flowery packaging. Hee, really like the packaging of Paul & Joe stuff, so decided to buy it for her. Turns out that Xw also gave me lip gloss and blusher for my birthday gift and Cy gave me a sports bra (very good, I can start exercising with new shoes and new sports bra). Ting didn't turned up but send Yuanlin down to pass me my present, a pretty bag with butterfly. And Xw and me also pass him her present.

I had a set lunch, some chicken chop thing, with mushroom soup, bread and tea. We also order tiramisu and lemon souffle. The food is not bad, the soup is really mushroomy and the desserts were nice! They even have live Jazz band performance on certain days.

Mr Lim is pretty stupid, bought 2 vcds that is going to show on SCV, ahahaha, and one of it was so boring. At least the last vcd that he got was 300 and it's good, though the other Chinese movie is also not bad.

Yeah and I went to my beloved Phin steakhouse to have my ribeye steak today. Haha, the garlic bread is yummylicious!!!! Oooh and the ice cream too! And I tried this dessert shop just next to it. Too bad, I could eat the whole shop if I'm not full! I LOVE DESSERTS! I still got 2 more Ben & Jerry Ice Creams in my fridge, kekeke.

Hehe, surprisingly I should get fat from eating so much right? But I didn't ah, poor someone got fat instead....hahahah evil grinz, too bad for him lo.

Saturday, July 14, 2007 Y 1:27 AM

by Blondie

She moves like she don't care
Smooth as silk, cool as air
Ooh it makes you wanna cry
She doesn't know your name
And your heart beats like a subway train
Ooh it makes you wanna die

Ooh, don't you wanna take her?
Wanna make her all your own?

Maria, you've gotta see her
Go insane and out of your mind
Medina, Ave Maria
A million and one candle lights

I've seen this thing before
In my best friend and the boy next door
Fool for love and full of fire
Won't come in from the rain
She's oceans running down the drain
Blue as ice and desire

Don't you wanna make her?
Ooh, don't you wanna take her home?

Maria, you've gotta see her
Go insane and out of your mind
Regina, Ave Maria
A million and one candle lights

Ooh, don't you wanna break her?
Ooh, don't you wanna take her home?

She walks like she don't care
Walkin' on imported air
Ooh, it makes you wanna die

Maria, you've gotta see her
Go insane and out of your mind
Medina, Ave Maria
A million and one candle lights

Maria, you've gotta see her
Go insane and out of your mind
Regina, Ave Maria
A million and one candle lights

I have this song in Korean by Kim Ah joong but I can't upload onto the web, dunno why. Oh well. Ave Maria.

Friday, July 13, 2007 Y 11:36 AM

Booo....my staff hates me now cuz I gave her a B for appraisal. Well, I didn't give her the B, the section leader did, but I marked her for everything else. Booo, she's not happy that we gave her a B cuz she felt that she deserved an A (to which my leader told me that only 5% of the people in the department at her level will get A = 1 or 2 persons only).

Sigh, I hate doing TPM (appraisal) for people. It took one long and painfully slow hour to finish up her TPM and I can tell you that I totally didn't feel good throughout the session. Sigh, just because of one stupid grade, she's not happy with me.

I'm already very happy that my boss will even give me a B man, cuz that's what majority of the people will score. Who ask the old supervisors to not do their appraisals properly last time? Who ask us to have new COO and implemented new changes in doing appraisals?

My stupid bf didn't even let me finished this TPM story that I was telling him about, he cut me off when he saw some cute lil kid and went on rambling about kids.

Oh well, let's forgive him since he's tired and he's nice and he's sweet and he offered to help me carry my stuff from Outram and he got punched by me several times. Now you know why I hit you so many times huh, you deserved it ahahahahahahaha.

Thursday, July 12, 2007 Y 10:10 AM


I'm a sucker for bulky phones, ahahahahahaha, because I like to hold things in my hands, and I don't like groping for small things.

And I lose my stuff easily, big things, easier to see........and most importantly, I like the twisting function!

Y 9:14 AM

Aye! I caught Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix on Wednesday! Mr Lim gotten the tickets, wow lucky huh, sneak preview and he still can get it.

It's.........not as nice as the first 3 movies. In fact from The Goblet of Fire onwards, it seems like the director is trying to put too many things in a 2 hours plus show, and it's just not possible, because although there were a lot of things shown, but the depth wasn't there. The characters are not well developed. There are a lot of other characters in the 5th book like Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Choo Chang and Ginny that were more well mentioned but all seemed to be like extras in the show. Even Ron and Hermoine didn't have much development in their characters.

Heard it's going to be the last Harry Potter movie cuz the actors have grown too old.

Anyway, Denise brought me to eat at this nice restaurant at Taka, it's called Pasta something. The pastas are very very nice! I had a slipper lobster pasta while Denise had a La Vongole Chicken??? Can't remember, but it's really very nice!

Check it out! I got a cute little teddy bear, a Clarins sunblock, a pashima and a pair of nike shoes. Thanks to all of you for showering me with presents! Muacks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 Y 10:54 PM

I spent 3/4 of my birthday sleeping away, feeling feverish and having a bad bad sore throat. Sucks totally....lousy way to spend the day. No cake, no nice food, no nice things cuz I'm a sick cat.

Well, Bestie did surprised me with the lovely bear and roses delivered to my house and that was a really really nice surprise! It's really very sweet of her to do something that nice.

I had a personal butler for the day though I don't think I used him much. Thanks for spending the day with me though you are tired. I missed you! Muacks!

I didn't had a nice birthday at all and I don't like it at all.

P.S: I appreciate those that had tried to make my day better. Thank you!

Sunday, July 8, 2007 Y 9:50 PM

Happy Birthday to ME!!! Hee hee, into the 2* figure now, joining all others whom have already turned 2*. So old yeah.......many many years ago, I'm still a lil kid schooling, now I'm such an old person, working.

Nevertheless, it's still my birthday and it only happens once in a year!

10th July! My favourite day of the year, except then CNY, New Year, Christmas, Mr Lim's bday and all my friends/cousins/Mom bdays. Haha...well I have many favourite days of the year huh.

I just like celebrating other people's birthday, it's special cuz you remember their birthdays and splurge on gifts for them. It's a chance to do shopping, yeah it's a time to be broke too but it's a chance for you to see people smile and feel happy too.

Hee, so it's my turn to smile this time round! Muacks to all who have sent me their birthday wishes!

Y 9:20 AM

I'm sick with sore throat and fever, sianz! Why get sick at such timing? Eeeks, hate it.

Btw, I realised that Bumble Bee is bigger than Jazz in Transformers! Haha...I know, so out of no where huh.

Missing someone is terrible yeah but I'm a happy girl now!

Saturday, July 7, 2007 Y 10:47 AM


I really didn't need to feel all these just 2 days before my birthday. FEAR, HURT, WORTHLESSNESS, HEARTBROKEN, USELESS.

I'm tired but I can't sleep.

Thursday, July 5, 2007 Y 10:26 AM

It's a pretty and nice day today! I presented my OJT, and it went very well. I'm picking up on my new role duties in work. I've done my appraisal and gotten good grades. I did my staff's appraisal. I met Mr Lim to have sausage sandwich at PS.

It's such a lovely day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 Y 6:46 AM

I hate my students, they are RUDE...they talk when in class when you are talking. They talk extremely loud. They don't bother to follow instructions.

But I'm so relieved that another lecturer feels the same as me. Lol, so I'm not the only idiot feeling this way.

There are nice students who are cute too.

I hate XXXXXXXX and I hate *******, no they are not my students, I just hate things and those people. I hate myself too.

Well there are times I love myself too. I think I'm very smart today cuz I taught well today.

I hate guys cuz they are such jerks sometimes. I hate them for hurting girls and making them sad.

Someone told me that her ex told her that: She's not giving herself respect by still going after him when he wants to break up. C'mon la, you bloody two timed her behind her back, and you don't bother to give a proper explanation and you just break up like that, you didn't even meet her or call her.

You are a big time jerk. If you like the other girl so much, go la, who cares? My friend is better enough to have brains rather to trust and be with someone like you. My friend knew this girl existed but she tot it was his friend as he always tell her that he's going out with her as friends. You can't freaking trust guys yeah, they tell you this but another thing happened behind your back. So much for "we are just friends, no chemistry, nothing much". My poor friend, I think she must be really sad.

And you know what he freaking said, he said "She's such a nice girl to be with me after all these things happened. She's so nice to be like this as compared to you". WTF, go to hell, you are such a big time loser.

You know, this make things look really demoralising.

Sunday, July 1, 2007 Y 8:14 PM

I had a really tiring weekend! Been running around the whole 2 days. I have blogged about Saturday and you could see that I'm rushing around. Lol, Jayson said he had a physical hangover from Sat's match, cuz he was so tired, he overslept and missed his bus top big time!

Anyway, yesterday was equally tiring. Started off to meet Mr Lim at BB to have breakfast. Ended up playing games at the arcade, eh yeah, I know, we are procrastinating. After which, we went over to Beauty World Plaza to get the desired mahjong set for Kris and Ern's housewarming. The mahjong set is real pretty, it's transparent on the other side, with blue coloring. Crystal clear!

Rushed over to Kris's house after that. Her house is real pretty! And she has 4 TVs! Can you imagine? 4 TVs in one house and all her TVs are like big, not small at all! And all rooms airconed, with water feature, pool table, and 3 computers. Wah, I realised that they are really rich to own so much tech gadgets. I like the red master bedroom, really cool yeah! And Krisie's room look so OT with all the green and white. And Ernest's room is typical, messy as usual.

Caught Transformers at Causeway Point after that. It's a super nice show yeah! The effects of the cars transforming into robots are so cool! But it's a lil messy, I dunno who is who and who is fighting who. Heh, Bumble Bee is super duper cute! I like him the most out of all! And the show is pretty funny! It's a good show to catch it!

So tired from the weekend but I had fun. Loads of fun! Physical hangover like Jayson now hee. Lecturing starts again on Tuesday! Back to more work mode again.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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Loves <33

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