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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Y 6:06 AM

I saw Suyi today! Wow, it has been nearly 1 yr since I last saw her at Perth. She still looked the same to me...though she said she has grown fat...and it was like only 1 kg =D

We had some great time catching up and bitching about someone's wedding in 15 mins. Suyi is urging us to have a class outing...bleah...asked me to organise it...I guess I shall gladly pass the role to our ex class rep, Kar Lock. Denise, Kris or Sharon, if you are reading this...please pass it on to Kar Lock okie esp for that 2 who are working with her at AH =p

It was really a very very very tiring day today....I'm completely wiped out. Despite that, I still went to highlight my hair after work...tsk tsk...I'm blonde now...yes...I'm turning into a wannabe bimbo.

Catch me with my blonde hair real soon!

Monday, November 28, 2005 Y 8:52 PM

Went to catch a movie with Dar yesterday. Dunno whether he's asking me out of sincerity or was it that I was pissed off with him. Spent his whole day meeting some stupid female professor and I think he forgotten my existence.

He's either smitten by his work or some smart finance females. Better off that he dates some financial consultant than an occupational therapist. At least they will be able to spend their whole time discussing about investments and money and happily building relationships with each other. The ending will be...happily ever after.

Ok I'm being sarcastic...can't help it. Anw, back to the movie. Went to watch Zathura. Idiot PIG was late for 15 mins...could have spent my 15 mins having dinner instead of rushing down to the theatre. Was so damn pissed at him that it was the 1st time, I juz stalked off ignoring him.

Zathura was real nice....reminded me of my old times "Jumangi". I reallie like Jumangi alot! Was my old time favourite show during childhood. It was one gud show after all and that managed to appease me a lil. Especially like the twist where Walter finds out that the astronaut is actually himself and that the astronaut's brother is actually his brother, Danny. Not forgetting that Lisa falls in love with the astronaut, which is actually her own brother, Walter.

Ok you probably dunno what I'm talking about unless u watch the show.

It was overall a nice show but the date wasn't that fantastic. He was a lil disappointing...not being sensitive to my needs at all. Am I asking alot? I'm juz asking to be remembered, to be cared for...not to be contactable only when he wants to talk to me about my insurance.

Is this what I want? Seriously....I dunno...tie me around the rope and hang me...perhaps then I will know the answer.

P.S: I saw light in my work today. KY finally explained to me what is my role and I suddenly felt lousy. I wasn't doing my job at all because I din know that I was actually in charge of something! No one ever told me that I was supposed to do that. Not being biased, but I think KY is a better supervisor than my real supervisor. Thank you KY! You really saved our day =)

Sunday, November 27, 2005 Y 12:53 AM

Went to visit MinMin in the afternoon. Looks prettie okie to me except for the constant spitting of phelgm, blowing of the spirolmeter, lotsa tubes stuck to her body and constant visits by doctors and nurses.

At least she was able to lean against the bed to watch Hunter v.s Hunter. Guess she wun be out so soon cuz she still gotta wait for the body vest and she isn't really able to walk much.

She looked so mortified that I'm bringing my patients to the hospital she is staying in, for a consumer mart. Hopefully she can come visit the stall if she feels much better.

Went over to Azi's house in the evening with Kris, Dodo and Yoges. Azi's mom cooked real nice food for us! Yum yum, there was mee soto, potato puffs and chicken wings! Oh, not forgetting lotsa lotsa cookies! Best of all, we get to catch up and chat for almost 5 hours!

Kinda haven't done that for long. Realised that as people grow older, they changed and sometimes they grow apart. Making friends and keeping friends are so hard nowadays. I truly treasure these times where I get to have fun and joy with my friends.

Life is like a train journey. People get on and off the train as the right time approaches. I do hope to keep some of these people in my train, and that they will travel on the train with me till the end of the journey.

P.S: I miss Dear...he hasn't seen me for so long and I doubt he will have time to see me tmr hmmmphhh...wouldn't it be easier if I juz remain single? A qn nv to be answered cuz no one ever will knows.

Saturday, November 26, 2005 Y 11:10 AM

Since when retail therapy has been helpful? A hole burned in the pocket...extremely poor....and regretful of things that I bought....but all in all, it was a good shopping spree after all! I like what I bought =)

Friday, November 25, 2005 Y 12:42 PM

Blog lessons of the day:

1. Being too pretty can help you to achieve star status through blogging.

2. Remember to post lotsa prettie photos in your blog if you want to hitch a chance to get famous.

3. Beware of what you write in your blogs...time to stop writing bimbotic comments and write smart.

4. Stop posting photos of your past that will declare your secrets.

5. Do not write anything that might be used by others to criticise you in future.

6. Do not attempt to post your love life in a blog.

Oops, I think I failed all of the categories.

1st, I'm not pretty enough. 2nd, I'm not pretty enough to post prettie photos. 3rd, I dun think I write bimbotic comments in my blog but whoever wants to get back to me can always classify them as one. 4th, I have posted too many photos of my past. Can guess what ppl can say if they saw it...wow Shirley used to be so ugly with so many pimples!!! Wahahaha!! 5th, I have too much entries that ppl can used it to criticise me if they dun like me. 6th, I have posted too much of my love life.

Sheez, since when writing a diary has become such a big affair?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 Y 9:11 PM

Another late nite again! Dar came over to visit me and I ended up sleeping late. He was so enthu about watching Sky High but oh well, my colleague had not yet returned me. His looks of disappointment really made me felt bad..till I have to rush to tell my colleague to return my dvd asap by tis wk.

Anws, Dar looks really cute when he juz wake up...haha so blur blur looking...like a lil boi =p

Psst....so tired today...fell asleep during CEO's 2 and 1/2 hours lecture...he was talking about leadership and talent. Haha, I'm definitely not his talent if I can fall asleep when he is talking.

A lesson that I learned this wk: When you learn to remove that emotional component when dealing with your friends at work, you will find that life gets on so much better.

P.S: I love my Dear! =D

Monday, November 21, 2005 Y 11:49 AM

My cousin is admitting into NUH today for her major op tmr. Feel so uncomfortable that I can't really do much to help her. Aniwae, I did my best by accompanying her on Sat, most regretful to say that I fell asleep halfway thru ):

She looked like she wasn't ready to leave my house to go back home on Sat nite. Lingering at Metro, trying to stall time. Guess all that brave front is still some superficial thingy.

Good luck cuzz! U will be out of hospital soon and I will promised to bring u ard during your hols =)

Didn't manage to visit Azi's house yesterday. She fell sick. Ended up meeting Kris, Ern and DoDo for lunch at Suntec.

Went to yummy nydc and tried the three amigos baked pasta. Yum, I finished the whole thing for the 1st time! Guess I was really hungry given that we ate at 3pm. And I have to add that the mushroom soup is reallie nice!! Has this cheesy taste in it.

Went to meet Dex in the evening for dinner and to watch Harry Potter. Finally Dar is bringing me to watch movie haha...I made him do all the work this time round =p. Serves him right for always taking me for granted.

Anyway, the show was okie. I was glad that I haven't read the GOF yet else I will be comparing the book to the movie. I know it was way lots different and frankly, I prefer the book. The impt thing is that I watched Harry Potter (one of my fav shows) with Dar =D

You know Dar, we need to spend meaningful moments together if we wanna keep our relationship and I'm really happie that you did that yesterday. For once, it wasn't only about work.

Btw, ZA True White pdts are amazing!! Cheap and gud!! Cy and I are both trying it out and we are real pleased with the effects. My scars are getting much better as compared to the past few weeks. Gonna get the whole range to c faster effects.

Off to shopping with Cy on Fri! Bye to scars and hello to suppleness!

Saturday, November 19, 2005 Y 1:53 AM

Juz came back from my D&D. Took me some time to remove the make up and hairdo. Waiting for my hair to dry now =)

I went to the hairdresser shop at my house there to do a makeover. Was really very pleased with the end results =). Seriously considering of perming my hair now to make my hair more volumised =)

Anyway D&D was a disappointment. It was great to see ppl walking ard with wonderful dresses and costumes. The human mannequins were beautifully dressed up by my TA, Ms Tong. I guess they were the most attractive sight of the D&D besides the food.

The program totally sucks...the emcees lack chemistry...the games were boring...the sound system sucks...the lucky draw prizes sucks...and none of us won anything back too ):

I did had a gud time taking photos and looking prettie too. I know some ppl are dying to see someone that I always mentioned about and which I promised that I will take photos with that person during D&D to show you all. So enjoy browsing through the photos =)

How's my hairdresser's skills? Think she can transform the ugliest to the prettiest.

My colleague whom surprised all of us with her cute lil costume haha...that's wat I called creative =)

OTD colleagues...we sat at table 5, that won us nothing but a pack of umbrellas lolz

OTD colleagues at table 8...juz beside us...they din win anything at all...so end up drinking lots =p

Lee Sian and me!

Rupa in her bath tub dress!!!

Rupa, Yoges and me! Yes, Rupa changed her dress =)

I love taking neoprint shots with my cam...hahaha...looks cute!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 Y 9:22 AM

Freaking bitch that screwed my day!!!!! Who do you think you are???

Juz because we have been frens for 4 yrs does not means you have the right to throw your stupid tantrums at me!!

You are so superficial...treated those new colleagues whom doesn't know you like your precious but treated me like shit!!!

You made everyone think that I'm one super big bitch when you are the one that is a bitch! Act like as if you are angelic and sweet and an innocent gurl!

Go to hell..you know what you freaking did last year and I shall nv nv forgive you for what you did!

Can't you c? You said I have an attitude problem...but can't you c that it's only towards you? No one else said I have an attitude problem b4..bitch.

You act that way and I reciprocate the same. To think you juz throw a 4 yr relationship away like that. I have every respect for you, I tolerated you time and time.

From now on, you are a piece of shit to me...you treated me like one...you will deserved the same treatment that you did to me.

No doubt if ppl in the workplace may think I'm mean..but I think I'm definitely more capable than you in leadership and work! And if you screw ard with me, I have frens that hold on to me and who believe in me rather than your lies.

Grow up bitch! It's the real world. You are not at home where u can throw your tantrums ard. When your freaking darling beloved colleague leaves, I will make you burn like hell...I will let you know what is really being rejected by frens.

You hurt me so deeply you dun deserved to be my fren no more....

Monday, November 14, 2005 Y 1:39 PM

Do I have an affinity with URTI? Why do I always get that? Now I'm spotting a really sexy voice and really broke from paying $42 for a doctor's bill.

Y 9:04 AM

Bad things that happened on Saturday:

1) I miz the last lecture of Dr Hector Tsang talk on psychosocial rehabilitation.

2) I overslept.

3) I injured my left lower back muscles.

4) I got a flu and it wouldn't go away.

5) My flu developed into a blocked nose and sore throat.

6) We got lost when we were searching for DeDe's chalet. Arguing between is it TMC or Safra Club.

7) 2 kids were irritating us during the chalet and we have to be crammed inside one room with them.

8) I kept losing in my mahjong game till I'm so exhausted with all my lousy tiles.

9) My colleagues were late and didn't pay me back money for the cake. I ended up going to the chalet with no money.

Good things that happened on Saturday:

1) I went to my colleague's house for Hari Raya. Ate really gud food and had fun playing with his children and talking to other colleagues.

2) Kris and Ernest picked me up from my house to the chalet.

3) We ate good food in the chalet. DeDe was serving us...felt so pampered =)

4) We played mahjong for the whole night. Had fun entertaining ourselves with chatter and mahjong.

5) We had a really nice piece of cake from Awfully Chocolate! Yums!

6) My skin was better after I switched back to Biotherm again. Long story...the previous facial was too dry for my skin..getting itchy. Biotherm, no choice though have big pimples.

7) We found an ATM in the Safra and I had money again =)

8) My left lower back muscles were so much better after the massage.

9) We had Taiwan sausages that DeDe barbecued!!! Yums haven't had that for long =)

I had cravings for chicken rice on Sunday and miracously, there was chicken at the Garden Lounge in Safra Resort =D. I had a nice lunch and a really long gud slp when I reached home.

As usual, I quarelled with him again but then tis time, I got to find out more about him. Normal arguments, we got it settled.

I'm sick today...from the lack of slp on Saturday. I'm having an awfully blocked nose and a sore throat. I can't taste and swallow well and breathe well.

Off to c a doctor now ):

Saturday, November 12, 2005 Y 10:36 AM

Finally! Watched "Just like Heaven" with DeDe yesterday.

I can't helped ranting about this but for once I was earlier than DeDe...Haha, well I'm always late so it's cool when I'm early =)

Anws, the show was lovely! Nothing much of a plot, pretty predictable how the story line will goes but it's still nice!

Very sweet, funny and touching comedy love story. I lurve Reese Witherspoon's curly hair! Wanna make my hair like that too when it grows longer =).

Reckon I'll look nice with curly hair? Lolz, hopefully not like an Auntie =p

Oh yesh, Sky High is nice too. I watched it already =).

A bunch of teenagers trying to save the world with their powers. It's all about watching funny or worth it shows now.

Oh yesh, I hv to mention about tis. We met a real nice gentleman yesterday. Offered to forgo his turn and let us take the cabby first.

Such a nice guy...lucky gurlz who gets him =)

Kris bought for Debbie the same bag that I bought from Tomato Can! Haha, funnie that she asked me whether it is nice.

I have to say nice rite? Couldn't possibly bought something not nice for myself =D

Yucks, strained my back muscles. Hurts like hell, got someone to massage it for me and it's so much better.

Started acting up yesteday nite and I couldn't bend or turn my body much. Felt as rigid as a trunk.

It's better now. I can turn and bend with slight winces of pain. At least I can move my body. Was better than nothing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 Y 8:25 PM

Updates of what happened recently

Met up with Ting and Xiaowen. It has been something since we last met, at least excluding the presence of YL.

Went to Marina Square. Had lunch at Changing Appetite. Some Jap and Western combined restaurant.

Food was okie there. I has Ebi Tempura spaghetti. Tasted quite nice. I find the choc malt for the dessert too sweet though. Hurts my throat alot.

Aniwaes, as usual, we talked about work, lives and had fun laughing at each other, Xiaowen mainly hahaha.

Didn't accomplish what we were supposed to do. Xiaowen and I were supposed to talk to Ting about her and YL.

Did manage to make passing, innocent remarks about it. Seems like the answer was not as promising as we expected.

Sounds like Ting is abit uncertain about the future. Have no plans to marry YL and definitely not in near future, not even projected 5 yrs.

Future seems like quite bleak for her. Sigh, my own future seems bleak too. Dun even know whom I'll marry.

Well hope Xiaowen did manage to talk to Ting on Monday again after they met up for lunch.

The start of the most relaxing week. Have HMDP for the whole week, so can juz sit and relax.

Dar had his exams in the afternoon. Have been mugging away with his books during the weekends. Aniwaes, he passed! I'm so glad of it.

Well, that's only one out the nine modules that he have to sit exams for. Dar said he will have to study at least 6 yrs b4 he can get the highest prestige cert in finance.

Sigh, incidentally hinted about wat is his plans then since he is gg to study for six yrs. Stupid fella didn't give a satisfactory person.

I can't wait for 6 yrs then get married. I have no patience to wait so long and I'm not gg to get married in my 30s.

Wore my kebaya to work today. It is cultural week for the dept and we are suppose to wear cultural costumes.

This is like my 2nd time wearing it and when I stepped into IMH lobby, there were ppl staring at me already.

I guess it's the 1st time alot of ppl approach me and complimented me haha. Feels gud to be complimented though lolz.

Wore my purple punjabi suit to work. Again, ppl were oohing and ahhing over my dressing.

Tot it was one of the most relaxing wk but I ended up feeling more sleepy than I ever did. Fell asleep in one of the lectures.

Ended up sitting in the AV Room with Dajie. Talking nonstop behind the audience till Mr A told us he could hear us sniggering behind.

Woke up real late!! Luckily, Mr A is late and he cabbed me to work. He has been cabbing me to work recently. Tsk tsk, gud to have free rides =)

Haha saw one of my ex classmates (JR) today and you know wat? I think he looks like a perfect young imitation of Joseph.

Hahaha, for those who had been to IMH for attachment, you will know whom I'm talking about.

Coincidentally at that moment, Joseph happened to stride into view and stood behind JR. Both were wearing checkered shirt, with unkempt hair and both, ahahhaa, equally short.

Gosh, I can juz forsee that if JR continues to be in mental health for long, that wud most probably wat he will end up as.

Had a real bad sore throat today. Managed to endure till after work then I went to c a doctor. Got diagnosed with URTI.

Reckon with all the avian flu business going ard, I better c a doc b4 I start to sneeze and cough away in office and I will be forced to wear a stupid mask.

Miz council meeting though. Can't helped it. Have been enduring the pain for 3 days already. Getting more n more painful. Dun wanna get sick.

Haven't seen dar for so long. Dunno when he is free to mit me yeah.

Meanwhile, Friday movie session with Denise. Saturday visit Mr A's house and camping over at Debbie's (De's sis) chalet.

When can dar c me then when I'm so fully packed......sigh...not doing his role as a bf really well...though significantly improved. Knows how to at least call me or text me everyday.

Can't ask for too much...stupid ppl have to be trained slowly at a time =p

Enough of my ranting, time for Initial D =)

Saturday, November 5, 2005 Y 5:40 PM

I bought new facial products yesterday. Tried out Biotherm. Tsk tsk, it was definitely cheaper than watever I have bought b4.

Anyway, I bought the Acnopur range. Have used it thrice so far and I'm very pleased with the results.

My face was no longer that oily and uncomfortable but fresh and clean. No new pimples have sprout out so far and old pimples were controlled from developing into big and painful spots.

Certainly I'm more pleased with it as compared to Istrilene, which has burned a hole in my pocket. Istrilene was gud but my face was still very oily. Biotherm seemed to have cast this problem away.

Now, I dun have to keep using tissue paper or oil blotters to absorb away excess sebum.

The lady said that Acnopur doesn't helps with existing scars though, juz helped to control oil and prevent pimples breakout. Have to wait till my face stops having pimples before I can do anything about the ugly scars...arrgh.

Still I'm pleased with my facial results at the moment. Not forgetting to mentioned that the facial products was at a more reasonable price too =)

Wasted my whole Saturday. Stupid Singnet guy is supposed to come between 4 - 6 pm to install my wireless modem but I have not seen any sight of him yet. The customer service officer told me that they will contact him to confirm the appointment but so far no news yet.

If he's not coming, I'm so gg to kill him. The appointment was scheduled at such a stupid timing. I couldn't go anywhere with my friends.

I can't wait for Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire to come out! Am currently reading the Half Blood Prince now. Haha, I have completed every book of Harry Potter except the Goblet of Fire!

Guess that explains why I'm so keen to watch it then. Dar also wanna watch it but dunno whether he's free to watch with me. Well, he's nv free to do anything with me in the first place lolz.

Counting down, 20 more mins to 6pm...if the Singnet guy doesn't comes, I'm gonna be so piss...

Friday, November 4, 2005 Y 11:19 AM

Watched "Saving Face" with Cy at PS yesterday.

4 words: One really gud show. Joan Chen was perfect in her acting as usual. Portraying a pregnant, lost and really cute mom.

Imagine to be pregnant at 48y.o with a 29y.o guy...or rather imagine it was your mom who was pregnant with a guy that is same age as you.

The show explore the concepts of love in a different viewpoint. Lesbian love, mother-daughter relationship, age differences and traditional, convention Chinese beliefs.

It wasn't that repulsive to see two girls kissing each other altough I heard some sniggering remarks from some of the male audience in the theatre.

Love is about being fair to each other and making firm choices..that's what I gather from the show. Joan Chen wants the guy to declare his love in front of everyone. She wants to make a choice that is not decided by her father.

Michelle has to toggle both her work and her lover. Lynn wants Michelle to be expressive and accept the fact that they are lovers in the public.

Lynn said in one part of the show: "Wait, that's all I ever do. I wait for you to spend precious moments with your work and mom". Tsk tsk, kinda remind me of my own feelings. Wait, that's all I ever do. I wait for you to spend precious moments with your work, family and friends.

In conclusion, it is one show that I would recommend peepz to watch it =)

Oh, I spoke to him yesterday again. Stated my expectations explicitly. This is the the last chance. If it still doesn't work out, then it's so over between us. Hope that he knows how to treasure it wisely.

Thursday, November 3, 2005 Y 10:28 AM

I was veri happie to see him yesterday nite =)

Okie, I know I'm a bitch. I should have given him up when he is messing up my life. I couldn't help it though.

Really longed for him alot =)

Alright, I've given us a probation period aniwae. If it works out, then all goes well. If not, then we'll split.

He seriously needs to change a lil bit about his attitude.

I can't say that my mood is up, full of hope or optimistic. No, I'm still quite insecure and uncertain how things will turn out.

I'm happy though, that he seen me yesterday. I would have been even more happier if he calls me or text me these few days.

I'm like at the edge of the cliff...either I fall down the cliff or he pulls me back.

Girls, juz bear with me a lil k? If I complain to you all or feels upset, please bear with me. If things dun look gud and I'm really depressed, please bear with my moods and crying.

I really appreciate all your concerns and attempts to make me happie =)

I'm seriously happie that Cy has asked me out watched movie tsk tsk. I still need the company of my girlfriends. Still feeling lost and confused.

Weird that ppl are feeling so happie in their honeymoon stage and I'm like on the brink.

Sigh, is it juz me or wat? Why do I keep meeting ppl who doesn't really know how to appreciate me? Am I really that bad till nobody gud will take me in?

Well, I can't help it though Kris says you muz learn how to love yourself first. I'm trying to love myself but at the ways things are gg, sumtimes I really wonder whether I'm gud.

Off to Jamil's house now..RAWR...I've to change 4 trips to get there...and I'm carrying a cake!

Y 2:17 AM

Tot this week will be wonderful cuz got 2 public holidays but turned out to be real draggy.

Firstly, on Monday, I couldn't bring myself to work becuz I was thinking of the public holiday on Tuesday. Fortunately, my patients didn't come down for groups so I didn't need to run any groups.

I was supposed to cover for Yoges but I was too lazy to go up to the wards to c patients, so I left it to Wednesday.

Well I should have known.

Being the lazy me, I was so lazy to go up to the wards =p. I had 8 referrals to cover and I was not motivated at all to c them!

Talk about motivation so much while we are teaching our pts to be motivated and yet I myself am not motivated.

Anyway, I finally drag myself up to the wards to c patients, fully aware that I wouldn't be able to finish all my referrals (despite giving one of them to Lee Sian).

To my surprise, the patients were either discharged or refused OT, so I couldn't really conduct much of an initial assessment with them! Lolz, I was so happy that I managed to finish seeing 5 referrals, given that I'm so used to running groups and I really dun like seeing individual patients.

By 4.30pm, I was already counting down to go home. I didn't slept a wink at all the night before and I was so drained from work.

Lee Sian was no where better. She looked like she was about to die. When she came into the office in the morning, I tot I saw a walking zombie. She looked so pale, with big eye bags and sporting a funny looking hairstyle. That was the 1st time I saw her looking so tired!

Naturally, she tot I didn't have enough sleep too. Me with my swollen eyes (from crying too much the night b4). Haha, everyone whom walked into our office tot we were really having a bad day from lack of sleep.

I finally spoke to him about us. Everything's looking gud at the moment. We talked about what we want and how we can give.

It was really killing me when I decided to drop him and move on with life. For the 1st time in my life, I couldn't stop crying. Whenever my head hits the pillow, tears flow uncontrollably.

For once, I finally understood why I felt that way and I know it's hard for me to give him up. I've come to realise that I love him that much that I really needed him, and to lose him is like hell.

Btw, my background score is making me aching for anime action. I'm missing Inuyasha episodes. Feel like watching volume 10.

I'm aching for Ernest's Initial D cartoons too. I miz watching anime so much till I downloaded every single anime song.

Jamil is inviting a few of us over to his house at Punggol for Hari Raya. Hooray! Watching movie with Cy too. Saving Face by Joan Chen...think it looks really nice.

I love my family, friends and YOU. Love me too k?

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 Y 9:14 PM


Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table, and make sure that your coffee has its sugar and cream... Your eggs are overeasy, your toast unlikely, all that's missing is your morning kiss that used to greet me... Now you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet, and I can't help but to wonder if you're talking about me... We don't talk the way we used to talk, it's hurting so deep, I've got my pride, I will not cry, but it's making me weak... I'm not your superwoman... I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down, and think that everything is okay... Boy I am only human... This girl needs more than occasional hugs as a token of love from you to me...

I fought my way through the rush hour trying to make it home just for you... I want to make sure that your dinner will be waiting for you... But when you get there, you just tell me you're not hungry at all, you said you'd rather read the paper and you don't want to talk... You like to think that I'm just crazy when I say that you've changed, I'm convinced I know the problem, you don't love me the same... You're just going through the motions and you're not being fair, I've got my pride, I will not cry, still I can't help but care!!!

I'm not your superwoman...(oh no no no!!!) I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything is okay... Boy I am only human...(I'm only human!!!) This girl needs more than occasional hugs as a token of love from you to me...

I'm not your superwoman... I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything is okay... Boy I am only human... This girl needs more than occasional hugs as a token of love from you to me...

Oooh, baby!!! Look into the corners of your mind, I'll always be there for you through good and bad times, but I can't be the superwoman that you want me to be!! I'll give my everlasting love if you'll return love to me!! I'm not your superwoman!!!!

I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything is okay... Boy I am only human... This girl needs more than occasional hugs as a token of love from you to me...

Oh!!! If you feel it in your heart and you understand me, stop right where you are, everybody sing along with me! (hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo...) I'm the kind of girl that can treat you so sweet, but you got to realize that you got to be sweeter to me!!! I need love, I need just your love, I'm not your superwoman...

Y 9:06 PM

Out of Reach

Knew the signs
Wasn't right
I was stupid for a while
Swept away by you
And now I feel like a fool

So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

Catch myself
From despair
I could drown
If I stay here
Keeping busy everyday
I know I will be OK

But I was
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be

So much hurt,
So much pain
Takes a while
To regain
What is lost inside
And I hope that in time,
You'll be out of my mind
And I'll be over you

But now I'm
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?

Out of reach, so farI
never had your heart
Out of reach,
Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be
Out of reach, so far
You never gave your heart
In my reach,
I can see
There's a life out there
For me

Y 12:31 PM

You SUX! Totally wasting my time.

You dun deserve me at all.

I gave you time. I gave you chances. Did you even bother to make use of them?

Did you even bother to keep to your promises? Your promises are as empty as you.

Your work, family and friends are significant in your life. I dun exist in that realm. Your time is dedicated to them. I only deserved nothing from you.

If you were even bothered, you would have seen my msn nick and could at least visit this blog to c how much anguish I felt.

I guess you didn't. Your eyes are only focus on what was important to you. NO, I was NOT important at all. So not important till I don't deserve your attention and time.

I know you are underperforming in work. I tried to be nice about it but you took it for granted.

You dun have your priorities rite. I'm juz someone by your side when you needed me. Love is when you love someone till you need them, not because you need them so you love them.

The times when you needed me, they are few. I lost all hopes of you. You utterly disappointed and hurt me.

Is it so troublesome to juz call me or text me a day? Is it so difficult for you to spend time with me? If it is, please let me go then. Please dun tell me that you want me to stay by your side, that you need me. Your words and actions are hurting me.

I'm so blind till I let you carry on torturing me......BROKEN HEARTED.....


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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Not yet a woman

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