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Monday, June 26, 2006 Y 2:24 AM

"Lucky girls get dates. Unlucky girls stayed at home and watch tv." - From "Just My Luck".

Sheesh, I'm very unlucky then.

Friday, June 23, 2006 Y 1:08 AM

I think I have OCD or I'm juz a very typical Singaporean whom has been spoilt by the riches of life. I didn't dare to stay over at my aunt's house when I went over to Malaysia. They lived in this little village or what we call them as kampong in this place called Pontian. It was still okay until I saw the bathroom and toilet, and all that went through my mind was "I'm going to stay at the hotel...no way am I going to bath here". It was horrible, dark and filthy. Plain grime. I dun even dare to step inside the bathroom barefooted. So in the end, my dad rented this hotel which turns out to be those cheapo hotels that certain people rent it for some purpose.

Turns out that my mom nagged for the whole night and I ended up tossing and turning in bed cuz I was too cold. I didn't dare to use the blanket cuz I saw some pretty gross stains on the blanket. Fortunately, we shifted to another hotel, a real hotel, the next night. I guess it was the first time I really went to bed real early overseas and slept all the way till 10 plus in morning.

The grossest part was that, my dad's uncle actually brought us to this KTV, where I saw him hugging 2 other bar hostesses right in front of my eyes. In fact, all those single old uncles were doing the same thing. My gawd, dun he have brains? He actually brought my mom and me to those places? I was so pissed and gross out that I couldn't stand sitting there any few moments longer. Thank god the hotel was just opposite the KTV, such that I just need to walk home and I will be saved from puking.

Brought my cousins to work today for pottery classes. It's "Bring Your Kids to Work" Day and it was organised by my dept this time. It's no joke handling a class of 25 kids, from 4 to 12 years old. Half of them wasn't old enough to pay attention and half of them was busy trying to play with water and clay. Nevertheless, it was still fun, to teach and to play with them.

P.S: Kids are cute but motherhood is no joke.

Friday, June 9, 2006 Y 12:57 AM

Got my stitces removed. A rather painful and intense process owing to my wound being red and swollen till the stitches were embedded. Anyway the stitches are gone and now it's no longer that painful...but rather itchy. I still have to see stupid doc one more time to review the wound. And Binks, it wasn't what you think okie. I have proved your hypothesis incorrect (as well as XW and CY too haha).

My lappy is spoilt but my com is fixed. Have yet to set the internet router. I will be back online soon when I decided to pack my room to set my monitor on the table.

You know it's really weird when you are so single and available but yet you are involved in every single person's marriage procedures. I'm in the wedding committee for my boss's wedding, whom has kindly invited me to be the Chinese compere (given that everyone knows that my translation of Chinese sucks to the ultimum). I'm my dear friend's bridesmaid. I'm even involved in some friend's bonding ceremony. Have you heard the saying before that wedding planners usually plan weddings but nv get married? I'm not a wedding planner but I do help out in weddings. Pray hard that saying dun comes to me though.

Oh yesh, I'm gg to Malaysia to attend my aunt's wedding, who is only 22 years old. Gracious, both are younger than me and they are my aunt and uncle. Asian families really have a weird way in defining the family line.

I'm bringing little kiddies to work this month, for a pottery session! Haha, juz pray no one thinks that they are my kiddies. I muz have got married real early to have such big children or I muz look real old, which either way ain't good prospects.

So from here, I suppose I will be MIA for sometime, till I have free time to blog during work. Tata!


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