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Monday, July 10, 2006 Y 7:50 AM

I received a jewellery box that is now filled up with 2 new bracelets and 1 new pairs of earrings. I got my indulgence too...Anna Sui Secret Wish! Thanks to all those whom have given me these new collection of lovely items =).

Done with my presentation today. I was glad that it was finally over as I was really stressed by this presentation. Words can describe how happy I was after the whole thing ended as now, I could finally enjoy my birthday in peace.

I guess every year, I tend to say the same thing that as you grow older, birthdays are just not as exciting as in the past when you were a kid. In fact, you have to be reminded of your age. I was glad that though I was aging, some people popped up to me on the street today and asked whether I'm still studying. Sometimes we are just so superficial, get so elated by praising comments. I guess that's why it's important in life to know how to praise someone.

I was still glad because I only get to eat crabbies twice in a year, my birthday and mom's birthday. So I got to eat 2 crabs but it didn't taste as nice as I wanted it to be. Still, it was good that I managed to have it.

The best part was Azilah popped by by house as a surprise! I was sitting in my room when I heard someone knock on the door in the living room. As I couldn't c who is there, I just ignored it as it was probably some salesman trying to sell their stuff agin. This person was quite persistent though, tried knocking on the door again but refused to call out to the owners of the house. Feeling a bit weird, hoping that it's not some psycho, I went to the door and TADA, I saw Azi standing at the door, with a lovely bear clutching a bunch of flowers. I swear that was the most lovely moment of the whole day and don't Azi look like an angel that has just given me something that I nv had b4. Thank you BF. I really appreciated that little gesture and it meant alot to me. So nice and interesting things do happen occasionally.

I thank all those whom had sent their birthday wishes and gifts. It was lovely that people rem it. 1 more hour and this day will come in 2007, a year later. Till then, let's c what new things are installed for us.

Saturday, July 8, 2006 Y 10:32 AM

Saturday passes too fast for a day where you don't have work!!!

I spent my morning sleeping...in fact half of it cuz I only woke up at 12.45pm. After which, I rushed to meet Yoges at Orchard to have lunch and get her haircut done. Coolz, Yoges got this bouncy, curly and spunky haircut now! We share the same hairdresser, you know, and we have so different advice. For me, she keeps telling me to keep it long and perm it while for Yoges, it's to keep it short. Anyway, I really like this hairdresser cuz she is really patient and helpful and I like the way she handles my hair.

We went to Holland V for dinner but the main highlight was going to Eski Bar to chill out. That was our first time there and I think we were the only people who requested for jackets. I guess we juz wanted to feel the atmosphere of the ice and bar. Went into the super cool room and hang around to enjoy the super cold air. It was -2 to -3 degrees. Without the fan blowing, it was great to hang around with no jacket but when the fans were switched on at full speed, it was frigging freezing cool!!!!

And thanks Denise, Dodo, Kar Lock, Kris and Jesse for the birthday prezzies that you all have given me! I like it alot!

You know, as you grow older, birthdays juz dun seem to be the same as in the past. Times where you experience excitedness and hopeful that your wishes will come true. Still, it's a very special day in the year where people make an effort to remember it and wishes you or celebrate with you. It's the tots of remembering and spending time with me that counts. I really appreciate those that had remembered. At least, it shows my existence in this world.

Friday, July 7, 2006 Y 11:51 AM

It has been a trying time this week...trying to get my com fixed plus rushing for presentation and juggling with patients and other work demands. Even my horoscope talks about work and work and work. That's pretty tiring to see other horoscopes talking about other things while mine is always..."something good in work is gg to happen"..."you may have arguments with others over work"...or it will be about money..."try to save if u wanna spend". Even though I dun care about horoscopes but occasionally, I think it's an eye pleaser to see something not related to work.

It's been a trying time for my friends at work too. Tempers are flying, sulking faces everywhere and people are just trying to listen and support each other. Still, it's part and puzzle of life and you just have to get through it.

There are still many nice things to look out for, like getting my com fixed. Sorry that I have to keep harping on this fact. It's juz nice to own my own personal computer, where I can do anything I want without people watching. I can't watch videos, vcds, surf net, chat online, and my parents ain't there to disturb. You wonder really how parents function. It's so weird that they like to talk to you only when you busy focusing your attention on something else. They especially like to ask you difficult questions or execute tasks when you are in the middle of something exciting. Amuses me whenever I think of whether I will behave in the same way like them in the future.

So it's still a good weekend after all...cuz I'm gg out! And I'll be getting prezzies! And I'm gonna have crabbies on Monday! Once in awhile, you do get your wishes fulfilled after all.

Monday, July 3, 2006 Y 4:51 AM

I got my 1st stroke of luck today! I got my computer back!! Yeah and I realised I have router so Kris and Ern, you can come my house to play maple. But I also got to know that my monitor is gg to spoil soon...nah nvm I can get a new lcd monitor, better than the old junk I have now.

I'm crazy over Saiyuki Gensomaden now, Sanzo, Genjyo, Goku and Hakkai. Coolz...it's the distorted version of Journey to the West. Well, what can you say? You can watch 4 cute guys instead of the normal monk, a monkey, a pig and a water spirit. Better right?

July is great after all...but there are so many birthdays to celebrate...gonna be real real broke...but hey bonus is coming on the 25th July! What more can I asked?

And peepz, my bday is coming, rem to at least wish my happy birthday on that day!

Oh, my hand has this real ugly scar....real real real ugly, but it's better than a lump anyway. I'm back to blogging more soon! Yeah so happy!


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