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Friday, May 26, 2006 Y 10:29 AM

I've got a 5 stitched scar on my left forearm now. Looks real ugly, looks like a centipede. I nv had stitches in my life b4 and the last time I saw my fren got stitched up, I swear I wasn't gonna be hit by any baseball bat or watever to deserve a stitch. Tat is excluding wisdom tooth stitches.

As usual, my doc is stupid but chatty this time. I wonder why he likes to ask "Do you have any questions?" when he doesn't let me answer. Again, he asked me and b4 I could answer, he said "No, that's good, I'll see you again". I rather speak to the nurse then cuz at least she answered me.

I watched X Men 3 today. Bleah....I prefer the 1st 2. I wonder why Wolverine is such a big hoo haa in X Men movies when in the cartoons, he's juz some crazy dude who slashes around. And they nv even let Gambit appear in the movie at all, and that crap about Ice Man dating Rogue...since when did that happen? And why Cyclops and Storm are such flower vases in the shows, when he is like so great in the cartoons? Anyway, it's a movie so if I based it as a movie itself, then the show is still very appealing. I found X Men 3 more fleeting than the previous 2. The characters were not given much time to portray themselves. Lotsa actions though, pretty impressive actions.

Celebrating Azi's bday tmr with da gang. Great Singapore Sales started on Friday. Go shop yourself till drop dead.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 Y 7:32 AM

I attended a talk by SRP (Silver Ribbon Project) today. In case you dunno what is SRP is (means you have not been reading the newspapers), it's something similar to Yellow Ribbion Project, but it's for people with mental illnesses.

There was 3 persons with mental illnesses that spoke during the talk, 2 being the famous Harris Ng and Dr Rita Goh. Again, if you dunno them, then you probably dun read much (dun worry, if I am not in IMH, I probably dunno them too lol). It's depressing to hear some issues that they brought up, so true and yet so cruel. The way how people stigmatised them and classify them as jailbirds, like as if they were marked to death for life when they are diagnosed with mental illness. I feel sad hearing one of the patient commenting about some nurses that told her to jump down from HDB flat to commit suicide instead of using her own silly method of cutting the wrist to die. How good are we as health professionals if we are encouraging patients to die with higher means of dying?

Seeing how they are deprived of employment and yet have to keep with the steep costs of medicine really made my heart ache for them. If people have the common sense to stop portraying only violence and bad images of people with mental illnesses, and people having less stigma about them, people whom are so mythical about mental illness till they even know what is it really.

Everyone in the world stands a chance to have their right given to them. So please, before you say another word about people with mental illnesses, please use your brain to think and process through facts and knowledge before you open your mouth to talk about bad things about them.

And though it may not relate to this entry, I just wanna wish MY BEST FRIEND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...though it was entered a day later than your birthday. I hope you enjoyed your birthday (though I know it was a very horrible day for you), and like your presents and enjoy this coming Sat with us!

Friday, May 19, 2006 Y 10:20 AM

Been a long time since I had been to NSC. This time I was back there again, not for acne problem...it has been my long time friend, till now it is still my friend, but rather for this lump that has been growing on my hand. I seriously dun even know how I got this lump.

Anyway, the stupid doctor said it was granuloma, a form of skin tumour. You see, I call him stupid becuz he is real stupid. I went in to see him and the first thing he did was he started asking me questions of how long it was, how it happened and whether I have fever, and he was furiously typing away in the comp. I didn't know that NSC has advanced so far till now they document their case notes using computer. Plus he was real stupid to offer me two stupid options. Our conversation goes like this:

He: "You have 2 options now".

Me: "Uh huh"

He: "The first option is for you to remove half your lump through surgery and I'll do a biopsy on it. The 2nd option is for you to remove your lump fully and I'll do a biopsy".

Me: "Huh? What you suggest?" (like both options are still surgery)

He: "I suggest you remove it fully since it's quite small. Plus if I remove half then the results are not good, I will then have to do another op."

Me: "Okie, remove it fully then"

He: "But you gonna have a scar cuz it's quite big...so your scar will be quite big. You dun mind?"

Me: "Huh??? Er no, it's okie" (didn't he juz say it was small so better to remove everything, now he says it's very big so I'm gonna have a very big scar)

He (typing furiously in his com again): "Okie, any questions?"

Me: (Still thinking about what he was saying) "Er..."

He: "I tell you what, I give you the diagnosis, you go back home to check out what it is."

Me: "Huh???" (he didn't even bother to explain to me, ask me to check out myself?)

So we went on to discuss when the op should be done.

He: "I give u my name card. U email me when you can come earlier for the op. Juz email me to inform me or for any questions you wanna ask me."

Me: "Huh, okie" (Since when doctors has become so high tech and ask their patients to email them anytime?)

And so in the end, being so confused, I asked the counter staff what should I do when I can come for an earlier appt. She told me I have to call in to make an appt and then I told her about what Dr. XXX has asked me to email him and speak to him directly. She was a lil surprised, probably thinking that I'm hallucinating that whole email thing, and she said that I have to inform them, not go and contact the doctor myself. So you see why I say he is stupid now? He asked me to check out my own diagnosis, gave me 2 stupid options, asked me to contact him directly and he didn't do much to me either. And I suspect, that has to do with my occupation cuz he went in awe after hearing my occupation and changed this tone of speech totally. From a layman patient, he started talking to me like his colleague. This whole email thing must have been the stupid link between us as NHG members too.

To the part of offering me 2 stupid options, my mom replied: "Why dun you ask him back, can you give birth halfway and dun give birth to the other part?" Wahahaha, my mom is darn sarcastic. So now, I'm gg to see him on Thurs again, despite he wants me to do my op asap. You see, I can't do it becuz I can't email him to tell him I want and earlier op and the counter staff insists that Thurs is the earliest day for me.

I watched The Da Vinci Code today. I haven't finished reading the book though. I'm sure it's a show that invoke much discussion among people. If you wanna watch this show, then you better have some basic knowledge about Christianity first, such as Holy Grail and Jesus Christ. Otherwise, you will end up like my fren who didn't know a single thing about Holy Grail and Christianity basis, feeling confused, lost and bored through the show.

P.S does not refers to Post Script, it can means Princesse Shirley too...muahahahaha

Friday, May 12, 2006 Y 9:19 PM

It's a long weekend again!! Literally translating to ample rest, fun and slacking at home. My inservice has been postpone so which means I can officially slack through the long weekend tsk tsk.

So I visited The Jewel Box again on Thurs evening with my colleagues. KY made us mount the hill for 30 mins. Brought us through this stretch of horrendously dark road with very little lights and you could barely see what is in front. Made us mount the wrong direction too, and we ended up at this estate which were surrounded by only banana leafs trees. Why would someone stay in such an eerie estate? Plus one that is surrounded by banana trees? Results of mounting the hill: Rup ended walking barefooted (thanks to her heels), Yog was having a stitch and we were all drench and sweaty (so unglamourous). Despite all the complains by the ladies (unfortunately KY was the only guy around), we still enjoyed our walk up the hill alot. Plus the end results were worth it (I refer to chilling at Altivo). We took the air con seats cuz we were all drenched and sweaty. The sofa seats are plushy and so comfortable! The cheesecakes were yummylicious too. My frozen margarita was overflowing time to time though, cuz the huge blob of ice was melting. Rup, being the ingenious devil in the group, made us played alot of games. They were very funny and made us look like weirdos, but you have to admit that we really enjoyed ourselves alot from laughing at each other.

Went for Kris's second round of gown fitting yesterday. Woooohhh, the dresses she wore and decided for her photoshoot and the evening gown were so beautiful!! Can't wait for the real day to come where we can see her in the fabulous gown and makeover. She and Ern brought us to have Kolo Mee at Jia Xiang Restaurant in Chinatown. It's so cheap and nice! I really lurrve the mee, you seldom see that kinda mee in common hawker centres selling noodles. Yummy! I shall bring you all there next time okie?

We celebrated Dodo's birthday at Breeks in the evening. It's the Breeks branch that Kris has vowed nv to step into it and where we really hated the service. Dun ask me why we choose that place cuz I also dunno why. Kris and I were stuffing ourselves with waffles fries while waiting for the rest. My Bibim Bap tasted differently and I dun like it anymore. Breeks's staff didn't even greeted us goodbye, lousy service rite? Oooh, I lurrve the yummy brownie cake that is bought by J though. I like the chocolate coating only and the fact that it's different from the normal cakes I tasted.

Waiting for my cousin to pop by my house so we can watch final fantasy VIII and Narnia together. Cozy and rainy Sat, good to stay at home and nua all the way.

Saturday, May 6, 2006 Y 12:14 PM

Election Day's results are out! Hmm, results are the same as 5 years ago but guess what? PAP's votes are sliding alot as compared to 5 years ago. The usual loyal 80% votes now became 60% votes. Only 2 constituency got more than 70% and one of them is like my constituency. Check it out, the new generation are more bold and daring to express themselves and are seeking for something more unique and different. If old PAP wants to keep their stakes up, then they probably have to do more about it. Aljunied was so close, isn't it? With only 50% plus of votes to PAP.

My sixth uncle was just saying that if you plus together everybody that votes for opp parties, then it probably shows that around 30% of ppl are not happy with the BIG IT. I was predicting that there are going to be more interesting things to look out for in 5 years time, the next Election Day.

Btw, haven't you noticed? The opp parties winners are always shown to be celebrating in coffeeshops while PAP winners are celebrating in this big stadium, and the opp winners dun get to speak much at all.

I got my first vote today! Haha, a lot of stupid things happen given that it was my 1st vote. First, I had to be stopped numerous times cuz I always seem to be walking in the wrong direction. Secondly, I was told by the polling agent to stand beside her and not in front of her. I mean c'mon, you normally approach a person behind a table in front not from side rite? And you know what freaks me out most? It's that probably my vote could have been a wasted vote cuz I accidentally slip my pen when I was marking that cross and it kinda got out of the margin. Can you imagine how duh would that be if it's like your 1st vote of your life and it became a rejected vote? I'm not really sure about the margin thing with my sixth uncle trying to scare me off and telling me that I will be marked for giving a rejected vote (u see, he has a flair for making jokes).

Caught MI3 today. Do you remember Keri Russell from Felicity? Yeah, the blond chick with real curly hair. She was one of the agents in the show and dun she look different with straight locks. I say, your locks do matters alot. I like the gist of this plot, TEAMWORK. Of course, the usual CG effects and amazing stunts in the show nv fail to bring excitement to us. I seldom am able to keep my concentration to a full 100% for action shows and this show, it kept me fully fixated to the screen for 2 hours.

You shouldn't really go out if you had a wisdom tooth op...ouch my op area is now hurting...probably from the excessive talking and munching on food. I'm so in a foul mood right now and I'm freaking hungry becuz I couldn't eat much for dinner due to the pain. The part that sucks most is that I can't open my mouth greater than 1 cm to eat,to laugh and smile. I tot it was just watching a movie and I can keep my mouth shut but it didn't happen that way. Now I truly regret that I use my mouth muscles too much.

Friday, May 5, 2006 Y 7:43 AM

You know what? I feel real dumb right now, that I'm juz some brainless idiot who knows nothing about the world, people, knowledge and facts. It doesn't takes much to let me know that I'm dumb. I knew I was dumb all along, but juz din realise I was so dumb.

Y 3:41 AM

I would like to take this chance to express my extreme displeasure with CitiBank. Frigging screwed up organisation. I sent in my application twice and twice it wasn't successful. Not because my annual income dun pass the criteria, it's because 1. The 1st agent quit and left the place and hence left my application on the table without anyone processing it, and 2. The 2nd agent didn't even submit my cpf statement to the board. Wtf? Where did my cpf statement went to? I even handed her personally the hard copy of it and a zap copy of my pay slip. You mean to tell me she didn't submit all these documents? So where did they go to? For frig sake, it's personal documents and if I knew it will be handled this way, I wouldn't trust for gawd sake, to submit my personal documents to YOU.

And now again, they rejected my application cuz they say I nv send in my cpf statement. So it's my fault now? Bloody hell, it was your agent who took my statement and said will submit it for me. You want to resend the statement to you again, considering that I sent in twice and twice it got lost somehow? How could I have the decency to even trust you the 3rd time? Extremely frig up service! Damn agent even said I'll call you 3 days later to get back to you and after 1 month, NO BLOODY CALL AT ALL. I have to call her personally and all she said was "Oh, I get back to you". And the 2nd time I called her regarding the statement matter, she was irritated and just hang up my call in less than 3 mins. WTF? I'm paying you to apply for my credit card and you treat it like as if it was my fault that my application didn't go through?

Please frigging remember that I wasn't the one who approached Citibank first. It's you stupid agents, whom are doing road shows on the streets, that came up to us and try to make a deal with us, hoping that you will get your commission too. I can't believe that Denise's application went through so smoothly, yet mine, once again, was treated like as if nothing. Hello, I dun earn a single cent less than Denise, fyi (no offence to you DeDe). If you think I juz earn lesser and I'm not applicable for it, den no bloody send me an email to say that I fit the criteria and my application is successful, but yet it's close becuz I din submit my cpf statement.

As if I dun have more troubles now, my fucking computer can't log onto the cpf website and they say I have to submit within 5 days. Freaking shit. Go to hell. I'm busted up enough with your nonsense. Last you gonna know, if I dun get any feedback on why my documents aren't submitted, I'm going to write a complain letter to your screwed up management to compliment on how efficient you guys are.


Thursday, May 4, 2006 Y 12:10 AM

I have officially became 75% more stupid than previous, with 25% not fully develop yet.

If you are guessing what I am talking about, this is it. I just removed my upper and lower wisdom tooth on my left side of the mouth. I was only 50% left with wisdom when I removed my right lower one 6 yrs ago. Technically speaking, I will be brainless now. Anyway, why is it called the wisdom tooth? It doesn't really makes u more clever or wat. Neither does removing it makes you more stupid. In fact, if you remove it, you have lesser things to worry about. Maybe that's why it makes you stupid, cuz u worry about lesser things, at least, regarding your teeth anyway.

It was still a traumatizing event, given that you are only on LA and that you have to witness what they are actually doing with you. In fact, it's witnessing what they are doing superficially, cuz you can't c what they are doing in your mouth. It wasn't painful, the part where they drill the tooth to break it and extract it. My mouth was really painful becuz she stretch it so much in order to get the tooth out. I'm gg to be Julia Roberts no 2 or Zoe Tay no 2 with all that stretching with my mouth, which eventually may loosen the elasticity of the muscle tissue and I have a big mouth!!!! Oh crap.

So it's now as sore as Í had a hemiparesis stroke, with senses lost on the left side of the face. I know it's gonna hurt when the numbness gone away, given that I have a cut on the lower gums. Well, at least now I have 3 molars removed, the top extraction is less traumatizing, so I dun have to worry about undergoing another round of sawing, drilling, vibration, pressure forcing and blah blah blah.

To talk about something more pleasant, we celebrated Kris's birthday on Labour's Day. She's the next person to turn mid twenties, other than DeDe, whom is very old (as claimed by Kris). Fortunately for me, I am the last to turn 25 within that gang. We had a very nice ice cream cake, accompanied by the voices of Swensens' staff singing "Happy Birthday" to Kris, Azi and DoDo. Seriously, why is May so popular? Almost all the people I know are born in May. I suppose this people should be able to take things as come what may. Damn Kris to be so lucky to get the lovely perfume that had enchanted me the 1st time since I smell it. Well, at least you are smart enough to share the scent of Anna Sui's Secret Wish on all of us. I'm glad that you really like the gift though cuz you know, you are really hard to get a gift. Oh, and Kar Lock like the Nike Bag that we gave her too! So, this time round, we got to think of what we gonna get for Doreen hur.

Anyone feeling excited about Election Day? I'm not, despite that this is my first voting chance in my 24 years of life, reaching 25 soon. I dun even know any of the politicians. Call me bimbo for not knowing any politics, but why should I bother about politics? At least, I knew the PAP guy for Sembawang Council is Khaw Boon Wan, whom is the MOH and helped to launch the new BGMP. I still dunno who to vote yet. The only prospect that excites me is that I get to claim a PH for Saturday on other working days and ain't I so glad about that.

Till then, I shall now burrow myself in the lost of wisdom and spend it on watching countless vcds, trying to be bimbotic by falling in the tracks of romance and comedy plots, or I shall try to be more elegant and delectable to read The Da Vinci Code and try to get entwined in the twisted plots. And, beware of the impending pain that's going to come when the numbness goes, though I really have no idea how that felt. I shall tell you, when it comes.


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