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Friday, June 25, 2010 Y 11:13 PM

Wondering am I doing the right thing at the right time, at the right moment, at the right period in life?

Why is it that I don't feel happy, satisfied, motivated and passionate about my work? It can't be burn out right? You don't burn out so fast in less than a year.

I wonder is it because I am in the wrong setting? Is it because I don't suit acute or rehab settings? Will I do better if I am in the community?

Sigh....I feel isolated.....friendless in work. Why is it so?

I even flared up at my beloved family members when we are on a outing yesterday. I couldn't concentrate during the outing. I just felt so angry and depressed about work. I don't really want to lose out times spent with them or throwing fits at them. This isn't right.

Sigh.....what should I do at this point of life, seriously?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Y 8:17 AM

Marina Baraage 15/5/10
Went to Marina Baraage with the usual poly clique to celebrate Azi, Doreen and Lionel's birthdays. Gee, it was really hot and I think we all suffered from the aftermath of the heat. Everyone was complaining of headache, heat stroke or something. However, it was really fun to catch up with the girls and have fun with the 2 babies. It is something new though, we have never tried having a picnic so far ever since some are married and settled down with kids. This is indeed a refreshing experience but one I'm not sure we wanna try it again in the day. Perhaps, at the night will be better =p.

Y 7:55 AM

Lavender Market Venture 14/5/10

A couple of my cousins, my mom and I ventured into the Lavender Market when I had to go down to collect my passport. Been Lavender Market many times and it is famous for their food. Quite a few of their stalls have some media advertisements and newspapers plastered on it. My favourite food from there is the Beef Noodles which unfortunately, it didn't occured to me to snap a shot. I did managed to get a shot of my favourite fondue though which has already been posted on the previous post. Here's a couple of shots that we were trying to monkey around with my new iphone.


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