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Friday, March 31, 2006 Y 6:51 AM

There's this nice Japanese and Taiwanese fusion restaurant at Paradiz Centre. It's called Ju Ju Hokkaido Restaurant. Went there with 5 colleagues to have a farewell dinner with this ex colleague. Had a really nice time despite that 3 of my colleagues were in uncles/aunties ages. Lolz actually they were only 10 yrs older than me except for one whom is like perhaps 32 yrs older than me heh heh.

It's something like Tao Restaurant (apparently when they are under the same boss). I think it consists of an appetizer (egg), dumplings, main course (meat and vegetables), vinegar plum drink (for digestion) and a dessert. It's steamboat for the main course so each of us have a small lil pot to cook our meat and vegetables. The servings was huge!!! I had difficulty finishing my share and I ended up dumping half of my food to Charles, who happily ate it to his heart content. Surprisingly, LS was the only person who finished everything when the guys couldn't. Well, not exactly, there were only 2 guys and Charles finished his food plus my food...so technically speaking only one guy didn't finished his food.

D***y was very busy throughout the whole session, talking away on his phone, which kinda reminded me of Richie Ren in the show "2 Become 1". Sorrie that I couldn't spell his name out becuz frankly speaking, though we may have been accumstomed to calling him tat and calling it in a funny way, it is quite rude to type that out online. He wasn't participating much in our conversation, given that he is on the phone for 3/4 of the time, which is too bad for him, because we had wonderful conversations. Got me to know my fellow older colleagues better too.

Charles, our ex colleague, treated us to coffee at TCC after tat. Perhaps he was too touched by us treating him to dinner. It was only him and us girls so I supposed he muz be real happie, given he is such a buaya. Having him was fun though, coupled with Miss T, creating so much jokes and laughter and making our Monday end in a nice way. It was real kind of Charles to drove us home, with me being the last, sadly I had to reach home at only 11 plus. Anyway, it was good to be alone with him in the car, cuz I got to see more of a serious side of him, which he nv shows in front of all of us. Especially not in a group setting.

It's juz unfortunate that we lose a good fellow worker and friend but we gain another partner from MSW dept. It was also great to know more about my fellow colleagues and knowing whom are good dinner partners to go out with next time.

If you are not keen to go to an expensive restaurant, then I'll recommend you to go AMK St 31, Block 337 (I think so, couldn't rem). There's this coffee shop there that sells all dishes at only $4.80. I meant those kinda of "zhu chao". The food tastes great for that amount of money that you pay. Besides it's economical =).

Juz went there with LS and Mr Lee today to celebrate Mr Lee's birthday. Hope he likes his new thumbdrive, given that he's already a 58 y.o guy trying to learn how to use the comp to complete his assignments.

I'm gg for a local farm tour tmr! Sigh, got to wake up so early. Followed by an appt with Jean Yip to touch up my eyebrow, den a movie with Kris & Co at "I Dunno Where Either". Off to shower and hit the bed now! Yawnz....

P.S: Well okie it has juz been confirmed at PS.

Saturday, March 25, 2006 Y 8:23 AM

Dear Cosy Bay,
I've been back to revisit you again after ages. I'm sorrie that I couldn't come down often and make you happy by earning my money but I suppose, you will be quite happy today to receive my payment today.

You standard is still the same, nv failing to disappoint me but I have grown older, and I realise that your drinks no longer can satisfy me. The dinners that you created was fabulous but I guess we got to work on the drinks a lil bit. Nevertheless, your beautiful appearance and charisma created was simply enchanting and lovely.

I had a great time today with you and my friends. Chatting away and sitting away admiring the scenary.

I promised I will revisit you again but not in near future. Do hold your dinners for me =).

Yours Sincerely,

Lolz, I forced Xw and Cy to wear something nice and they were so nice to really wear something nice for me. Thank you so much! I haven't get a chance to wear anything nice ever since I changed my work duties. Besides, it's such a chore nowadays to dress up nicely when I know there's not gg to be much ppl looking or noticing me anyway, so why bother?

It does feel greats when you dress up occasionally though but nv for too much. You will eventually get sick of it one day. '

I missed my lil Latricia and Gerald. I haven't been seeing them for so long! I miss my babysitting days and now as they grow older, I know eventually they will not stay cute anymore. Isn't it lovely if lil children nv grow up? Then again, if they dun grow up, there wun be us, and life wouldn't be the same cuz we wouldn't experience it. I wanna c my cute lil darlings! Make them come and see me! Or make me go and see them!

I'm so tired. I can't think properly. I can't feel my inner feelings. I'm blunted. Overhwlemed by fatigue. I need proper rest. Not one with dreams about work place and people at work. Grant me a good slp and sweetie dreams pls =).

Thursday, March 23, 2006 Y 3:58 AM

Would you date someone who is 10 yrs older than you? Tat's like so weird for me, becuz he will only be 10 yrs younger than my mom.

And he will be like is his mid thirties...marching towards the forties...that's like so old.

I will consider dating someone 10 yrs older than me if he is charming and still attractive LOL.

And I agree with HL that guys whom are older are more attractive, though I do not wish to date a 40 y.o guy. Tat will be really old for me.

So I conclude, I will date anyone from at least 3 yrs to 10 yrs older than me, cuz they will be more matured and stable.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Y 7:12 AM

Time to reminisce a bit. It's been coming to a year since I have been working in XXX hospital. All along, I have been doing inpatients, meaning those that are warded in the hospital. Juz recently this month, I have been transferred to outpatient sector. Still learning to pick things up as I try to managed what I have now.

Looking back, I have many wonderful memories with my inpatient team members as well as the patients. I gained alot of experience from running group therapy sessions. I learned to mix around with my patients and liked them for who they are. I learned to work with fellow colleagues, supervised my assistants and had fun building relationships with them. I loved the parties and fun that we had from holding parties and celebration for our patients.

I dreaded the time when we had fights and arguments over discussion but yet, hold it dearly tat I learned alot from all these disagreements. I've growed to become a therapist with good clinical experience and team work spirit. I had my fun running the OT concert in January. It was a achievement to finish everything in such a short time and yet received good replies on our hard work and efforts.

I missed my patients and time working with my dear colleagues. Even though, I'm no longer there but I'll remember that we have came a long way. I'm enjoying what I'm doing now. Learning customer service, teaching and also working with new colleagues. It's something which I have been hoping for and I hope with experience and guidance, I will bring the program further.

As I listened to the song "Forever", I can't help remembering the memorable times I had with my colleagues during OT concert. Though next yr, I may not have the chance to run the committee with my fellow inpatient colleagues again, I will definitely support you all if you are holding a concert!


Juz go to that website if you wanna know how the song sounds like. What's so special about this song? It was a song sang by our hospital staff during OT concert. They were so sweet to agree to perform for us. I especially like this song, as I find the lyrics and tune alluring.

Back to today, LS and I had fun trying to matchmake our colleagues together. We had a new colleague, with an extremely interesting and unique English name (sidetrack a bit, why would anyone call themselves that name???), whom is still single and available. So we tot he would be a promising candidate for one of our fellow colleagues, whom is also single and available, and whom looks very compatible to him. I supposed KY overheard the whole conversation and he was attempting to hide his sniggers back at his own table. So as you can see from the totally irrelevant paragraph, I am totally gg bonkers with my new workload, till I'm so free to think of such stupid ideas.

Oh yesh, I watched Dorm today. I really admired the director. He has a real witty brain, creative ideas and each time, he impressed me. It wasn't as scary as the previous movie he made but it was so touching and sweet. Reflecting on it, how many close and dear frens do we have by our side? Those who will make you cross boundaries to stay as frens and help him/her all the way out. As I remembered from the movie, Chatree said in the movie "Everything is different when you know you have a close fren by the side". I'm real touched by the movie and I have to say that the "ghost" is really really very cute (I'm not a fedophile)! In fact, my colleague and I tot he looked so much cuter and good looking than the main character, despite that I also like the main character.

Today, I also decided that I will continue to run the welfare committee. I lurve my colleagues and it will so hard to give up welfare and let everything be as it was before we came. Everyone has grown used to the activities and having us as welfare committee. I'm thankful for those that have been in the committee. Though you may not be joining us in the latter half of the year, it has been a wonderful time working together with all of you. Let's keep our precious memories dear to our hearts.

I'm been real happy recently. I want to stay happy or become more happy =)!

Monday, March 20, 2006 Y 6:15 AM

THANK YOU JARVIS!!!! I'm soooo happieeeee!!! Why? One fine day, as I was surfing the web, I saw Jarvis's nick and I saw this song "I wish you love" by Lisa Ono playing on his computer....and viola, everything clicked!

Wat's with this song? Ever since I watched that show by Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep, as you can see, I have cleanly forgotten the name, I heard tat song playing in one of the scenes. Since then, I have been humming it to everyone that I know, with only one sentence that I could remember, that is "I wish you health, I wish you love", or perhaps not fully tat.

Unfortunately, since last yr till now, no one know what the heck I was humming about and today, I finally found the desired song!

It's weird, I know but the immense and intensified feelings of acquiring that song is so powerful. I was overjoyed =). So let me share with you my desired and beloved song through my blog. Well, only lyrics...you shall guess the tune since I hum it to you all so often.

I Wish You Love

Goodbye, no use leading with our chins
This is where our story ends
Never lovers, ever friends...

Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day
But before you walk away
I sincerely want to say...

I wish you bluebirds in the Spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss, but more than this, I wish you love!
And in July a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health, and more than wealth, I wish you love!
My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never ever be
So with my best, my very best, I set you free!
I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
But most of all, but most of all...
When snowflakes fall, I wish you wealth
I wish you health...I wish you love!

Hey, I juz suddenly remembered...I heard tat song ages ago in this show by Aaron Kwok and Kelly Chan.

P.S: Sheesh, I tot Barney was a hippo...well apparently he is not. How the heck did I remember him as a hippo? Crap, anyway I nv like him...he's too purplish for my liking.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 Y 8:38 AM

I was so pissed today. Tat really spoilt my day but fortunately I had a good time after tat which kinda of cheer me up.

I was waiting for the time to come so tat I cud meet DeDe. So I walked around in CWP after my cousin left me. I was looking at some facial products when I saw this brand, SilkPro. Feeling curious, as I tot SilkPro is a hair care product, I picked up the facial care products and started reading it.

There was this SA that approached me and started publicizing her products (SilkPro) to me. I wasn't keen to buy so I told her I was only reading to find out what it is. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her taking the toner tester and started putting it on her hand. I tot she was gg to put it on my hand to let me try the texture so as to convince me to buy it. To my horror, without my acknowlegdement and awareness, she juz suddenly put her hand on my face and juz spread the product on my left cheek! Tat was not all, she took the moisturizer and put it on my right cheek b4 I could say anything!

I was so damn angry. How cud she do tat w/o asking for my permission? Besides, you all know that I'm very particular about my face and I dun like ppl applying unknown products on my skin if I'm apprenhensive about it. Plus, she should have the courtesy to first ask me for my permission b4 she start doing anything. And which idiot will actually try the products on your face directly? The only acceptable areas to try is on your neck, chest or hand in case any sensitive reactions happen.

Not tat I'm gg to blame her for sensitive reactions. I wouldn't have been so mad if I was the one that put it on my face. I was only mad becuz she violated my privacy. Not bothering to ask me for permission and did things as she wants. Of cuz, I would have been real mad if something happened to my face.

In the end, I juz walked away becuz I was too fuming mad to tell her off. If I wasn't that mad, I would have told her, thank you very much but I will nv buy your products becuz you have kindly demonstrated a bad customer service to me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 Y 6:19 AM

Mommy was so sweet to come down on Mon to have lunch with me. Well, sweet was what my colleagues said. I was only very surprised to see her there, for juz one hour of lunch. She was nice to visit me though =).

Been real tired these few days. New job responsibilities, lack of sleep and trying to learn as many new things as possible. Sometimes I think my boss has a screw loose. She expected me to take over one colleague who is gg for her honey moon for quite a number of duties. Here I am trying to learn the new stuff and I still have to take over 3 days of assessments for my colleague and to orientate the new students coming for attachment. Nevertheless, it's wat boss said, so I have to do as told.

It has been one week since I started in the new area and I get paged like every 5 mins. Every time, something will cropped up or clients or their family members want to see me or talk to me. It's only Wednesday now and I'm deadbeat. Probably attributed to the fact that I didn't had a good rest during weekend and I didn't had enough slp these few days.

I will really cry when my partner goes on holiday in April for 2 weeks. I have to run her program, my program and help to orientate my fellow colleagues to their new work areas. Work, is nv ever good, and I am ever so tired. Rest, is nv enough, and a break is not possible. I seriously can't understand how some ppl can be workaholics? It's not as if I'm not keen to expand my career. I do want to excel and I do participate in things or go an extra mile to do well but overworking is not my cup of tea.

Even my brain has stopped functioning and my words and sentences doesn't seem interesting. I guess I really need 24 hours of slp =p.

Sunday, March 12, 2006 Y 5:32 AM

3 days of suicide prevention conference, an evening of Nanny Mcphee, an afternoon of Breeks, one new bag of Butyshop items, one dream matte foundation by Maybelline, 2 Maybelline blushers, one Maybelline lip gloss, one new GAP bag by mail, one pair of C & K shoes, 2 nites of not enough sleep and 3 days of emotional torments.

I'm tired, happy, sad, lonely, appreciative and dreadful. How is tat you can experience such kind of emotions in 3 days? So many different types of emotions. I forgot, there was pain too. I hurt my left ankle and I can't plantarflex my left feet now. Retail therapy was directed at relieving all these emotions.

I'm not cheap dirt. Dun feel good to blog. Shall blog another day.

Thursday, March 9, 2006 Y 5:02 AM

I thought of Kubler Ross Grieve and Bereavement Process as I was helping my family to deal with the impending death of my granny. Tat's when I really truly agree with Elisabeth Kubler Ross that this stages do occur. However, on another note, these 5 stages may occur in conjuction. My family went thru anger and depression at the same time and they did not attempt to bargain for more time.

Anyway, as I was thinking about it, 2 funny tots came to my mind...how about using the theory on relationships and self esteem? As we go on to my ridiculed ideas, I shall first present the 5 stages of grieve and bereavement process.

Stage 1: Denial
Refusing to accept the news of impending death

Stage 2: Anger
"Why me" stage. Anger at God, others or environment

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will do more good deeds if I have more time"

Stage 4: Depression
Mourning for losses

Stage 5: Acceptance
Accepting death

Imagine if you translate this 5 stages into a relationship. Let's call this Kubler Ross Recovering from a Relationship Process.

Stage 1: Denial
"No, I dun believe that he/she wants to break up with me"
"He/She still loves me"

Stage 2: Anger
"Why me? Why did he/she did that to me?"
"What is so bad about me?"
"Why did he/she hurt me?"

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will be a better boyfriend/girlfriend if you give this relationship a chance again"
"I promise I wun do it again"

Stage 4: Depression
"I am so sad. I want to die. He/She dun want me anymore"
"I lost him/her. I can't live anymore"

Stage 5: Acceptance
"I am able to move on with life"

As I was fiddling with my tots on this, another tot strike my mind. How about if I translate this 5 stages to Kubler Ross Discovering Yourself Process?

Stage 1: Denial
"No, I dun believe that he/she said I'm ugly"
"No I'm sooo beautiful"

Stage 2: Anger
"F***, how dare he/she say I'm ugly"
"He/She muz be blind to say I'm ugly"

Stage 3: Bargaining
"I promise I will be a good boy/girl if God makes me more beautiful"
"I promise I will do more good deeds if I become more beautiful"

Stage 4: Depression
"I'm ugly. People dun like me"

Stage 5: Acceptance
"I'm ugly but I have a beautiful heart. Life still goes on."

And with that, the ingenious me will conclude this entry with one sentence. The ultimate end is that you should come to acceptance with whatever crisis you are facing, otherwise you will only be lying to yourself.

Y 12:31 AM

Was helping a fren to search for hotels when I came across 3, very interesting hotels. If you are looking for a unique, artsy and vintage place to spend with your loved ones, I would highly recommend you to consider these 3 hotels. Besides, it was so irresistable till I feel like gg there myself!

Hotel 1929

The Scarlet Hotel

New Majestic Hotel

Check out their websites! I know it sounds a bit weird but I fell in love with the bathroom facilities in New Majestic Hotel. Guess what, they have an outdoor shower facility! Imagine yourself soaking in the bathtub, surrounded by wooden walls and an open ceiling, where u can gazed at the starry sky while showering. That's not the most attractive part! They even have a room where the bathroom is located in the middle of the room. What's more, the walls of the bathroom are transparent, which means, you get to see the person showering! Okie, I know, sounds kinky, but that's perfect for couples, ain't it?

I guess, if I'm gonna go with my frens, I will have to stick to normal bathroom shower facilities. So perhaps I may then have to consider Hotel 1929. Revamped from old architectural building, this hotel is definitely artsy. Look at all those cute lil chairs they have! Besides, the room designs looks impressive too. They even have a room where the bathtub is in the hotel room. Okie, I know, I'm gg on about shower facilities again. Well, this juz means that room will be out for me if I'm gg there with my frens.

Couples out there, listen out. If you are looking for a real romantic hotel to spend your time, you may seriously wanna consider Scarlet Hotel. Apparently, it's a favourite hang out for couples. Personally, the only thing that attracted me was the suites. 5 different suites with very lavished designs. The other thing that so totally caught my attention were the restaurants, Desire, Bold and Breeze. Heck, did they really named their restaurants these names? Cool as it may look but it didn't sounded like it was elegant or romantic. Chuck aside that, the restaurants do look pretty tempting and irresistable.

And as I was searching through the webbies and losing my head over hotels, I realised that when it comes to booking hotels, there are 3 main things that will attract me to stay there.

1) Lovely room designs
Dumb as it may sound to be, I can't help noticing about hotel room designs. Yes, I know, the hotel is juz a place for you to stay in while you are on rampant on the streets. But think about it. If you are booking a hotel room for a special event or occasion, wouldn't it be nice to stay in one with beautiful decor? Even if it wasn't for a special occasion, a nice roomie design would make me feel more comfortable and cosy to sleep in the room. Besides, the designs of the room set the mood of the day. Seriously, if you are looking for a place to rendezvous with your partner, you should really consider the decor and ambience. I know, you can say tat it's the things you do that makes it romantic, but trust me, a good room sets the romantic ambience.

2) Bathroom Facilities
I'm particularly OCD about this factor. Even if the room designs sucks or the room space is crap, I wouldn't mind if there is a good bathroom. Let me tell you about an experience that I have. I once went to this hotel room, where the toilet was over flooding. Can you imagine how gross that is? You paid $100 something bucks and all you get is the stupid toilet overflooding with sh*t and wasted water on the floor?
Showering is the most relaxing and enjoyable moment of the day. I dun care if my hotel room looks like crap, it only matters that I have a good bathroom for me to take my shower. Plus the fact that I'm OCD about bathroom, thus, it's very important that the bathroom muz be clean, looks presentable and appealing.
Adding on top of that would be a bath tub. I am extremely attracted to bath tubs. It's like heaven, to be soak in a bath tub after one long day. It would be paradise, if I can soak in bath tub with flower petals, outdoors and sipping a glass of red wine.

3) Breakfast
Now, a good hotel should always serve good and appetizing breakfast . Isn't it pampering to stay in the hotel and wake up the next morning, having a nice buffet breakfast awaiting you? And I really mean nice buffet breakfast. I can travel from one hotel to another juz to have nice buffet breakfast (I did tat b4 with Dede in Genting). I can't stand having pathetic breakfast when I'm on relaxing trip. A good breakfast will wake me up and start my relaxing day perfectly.

Now dun get me wrong that I can't take sufferings or torture. I'm perfectly fine with poor and cheap motels, little and miserable breakfast or plain shower facilities. I can take all that if I'm backpacking or on a super saver trip but we are talking about good hotels, which means I would most probably stay in one if I'm on a relaxing or lavishing trip (lavishing refers to shopping lol). If I'm there to relax and enjoy being rich, why would I succumb myself to stay in poor hotels? I might as well invest the money in a good one and give myself a treat.

Besides, if I'm gg to book a hotel in Singapore, I would spend it on a worth stay, because the only reason why I would book a hotel in Singapore is to have a quiet and near getaway with my frens or partner. So why waste it on cheap hotels rite?

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 Y 5:21 AM

Saw this article in Female Mag today and tot it was pretty interesting.

Why Do You Keep Attracting the Wrong Men?

"Why do I find myself attracted to the wrong person? Why do I seem to find the same kind of relationship over and over again? When I get rid of one unsuitable partner, I find I'm off again, dating the next person whom I'd swear is a clone of the first one"

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. There are real reasons for being attracted to the wrong person. We're either attracted to partners with common characteristics to our own (homogamy) or people who are very different from us (heterogamy). "The worst reason to date anyone, and one of the biggest reasons relationships fail, is to expect your partner to make our lives complete - something that we alone can do".

And when it comes to failed relationships, there are five relationship attracttions that inevitably have problems. Although things may worked at the surface, these problem pairs also have the highest break up rate. "When the system within a relationship changes, it no longer works".

"The answer is to avoid these relationships in the first place or get out of it if you're in one. Reaslise that there are some self esteem issues you will need to work on to stop yourself being attracted to the wrong relationship in the first place". Free yourself up so that when the right relationship comes along - one in which there is an equal amount of sharing and carying and one in which there is mutual respect and freedom to express yourselves - you'll be ready and available to go into it.

Problem Match #1: "Me Tarzan, You Jane"
The Tarzan is often the responsible, a good achiever, and someone who works hard at being strong. He despises weaknesses in others and himself. Jane becomes a sweet, passive person so that she won't be rejected by anyone.
Tarzan masks the inferiority he feels by surrounding himself with people who are more inferior to him. He thus chooses a woman who adores him. But although he feels superior, he actually detests her. The paradox is that she needs to be strong enough not to be disparaging and weak enough to be threaten by him.
Once he gets bored with her passivity, he's likely to go off and have and affair and start all over again with someone else. Intimacy is impossible. "Change usually occurs only when Jane gets out of the relationship and finds out she's not so bad and he's not so hot".

Problem Match #2: "Role Reversal"
She is strong and dominant and often makes money in the household. He is agreeable to everything, while she is frustrated. Sex, very often, is plain bad.
"The reason a woman turns out likes this, is due to mixed messages she received about her feminity as a child, often from her father. He might have teased her on her developing body or let his hands wander when he touched her. She grows up wanting to be a man she can feel safe with and she ends up marrying a wimp because a mature man would challenge her feminitiy. She will almost nv be orgasmic because that would means she'd have to trust, and she's not afraid of that. On the other hands, when he husband falls apart, she is there to hold him up. She can be the strong one."

Problem Match #3: "The Reclamation Project"
The reclamation project is the type of relationship where one partner, often the woman, falls for someone in need of help, whether it's an alcoholic, drug user or abusive partner. She often ends up making excuses for her partner who, under his boyish charm, is just a disturbed little boy who never grow up. He has potential and she will bring out the best in him, she tells herself.
Feeling needed is good for her self esteem and she imagines he'll be grateful that he'll stay. And even if she doesn't admit it, she enjoys being superior to him. But this relationship falls apart when she realises she can't change him and if she doesn't leaves him, she'll end up frustrated and depressed.

Problem Match #4: "Squabbling Kids"
The relationship appears to be that of two children who have gotten married and are playing house. Each wants the other to accep them, but they both have the same needs. The relationship is fraught with terrible jealousy, severe dependency, and lots of "gimme, gimme" characteristics (he needs lots of toys, like cars, gadgets, and a host of friends; she is the same with material possessions and her own set of friends). Each wants to be recognised as an adult without the responsibilit of being grown up, but the relationship falls apart because both are too needy and unable to satisfy the other's needs.

Problem Match #5: "The Detached/Demanding Relationship"
This is the single most dysfunctional relationship. He's detached and she's demanding. He is unemotional and dull, but dependable and always there, while she is sociable, efferverscent and people love her. She neds to attract attention and stay the centre of attention.
The problem here is that her display of emotion and her social skills are really saying "please love me, don't ignore me. But he sees her sociability and thinks she'll will require little from him. The more he doesn't give her a response, the more it drives her crazy and the more it drives her crazy, the more he retreats into his shell. She ends up getting the attention she craves outside the relationship.

No More Dysfunctional Relationships!
1. Make a list of all the traits - loving? attentive? funny? - you'd like your ideal partner to possess
2. Write the sort of relationship you wish to have and, more importantly, believe you deserve
3. Identify the sort of dysfunctional relationship you keep finding yourself in with each new guy. Were they all emotionally distant? Did they talk down to you?
4. How and why do you keep landing the same type of guy? are you emotionally needy? Too demanding? Identify aspects of your behaviour, habits and/or personality you'd like to change
5. Work on addressing any self-esteem or emotional issues you might have. Only then can you break that dysfunctional-relationship pattern once and for all.

Time for self reflection then =). I did become smarter that I learn to identify people whom I want to go out with and reject ppl whom I dun want to.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 Y 6:50 AM

I swear tat Sharon and Dede nv fails to make life better. They have a way with words, and De I'm impressed, your sarcasm has increased by 10 pointers scale.

Sharon's quote:
"She is soooo gud, and precisely she is sooo gud, she wun settle for anything less, and that's why she dun choose you."

Dede's quote:
"Pieces of shit, no, they dun even qualify, the plants will die if they try to fertilise them. All dry, wrinkled and limp."

Aren't those sentences golden and shiny? Not to mention they are real hot, sarcastic and meaningful. Poetic too perhaps?

I swear that ladies around me are spicy...they speak like as if the fire has juz been set up on you. Geesh, you can see where I get all my training from?

I love my ladies in marmalade!

Y 5:42 AM

Let's juz say I know this fucker that likes my fren, but used me to get to my fren. So frigging a**hole!

I swear, Big Moo Moo, you better tell your fren that he suxs.

Get a life, if you like my fren, said it so. I rest my case.

Monday, March 6, 2006 Y 4:11 AM

Oooh, after every bad thing, let's talk about something good!

I went to Secret Recipe @ PS on last Friday with the musketeers. Yes, the 4 musketeers, that's wat Yog, Azi, Dede and I used to be. I simply adore Secret Recipe, everything about them is so fantastic, esp their desserts. I'm already lemming for their desserts again after going there last week.

We reached there @ 6.20pm, technically speaking, it was only Yog and me. Azi had not reached yet and Dede is waiting away in Kimage. When we finally settled down for dinner, Dede is still missing in action. I suspected they probably blew her head off in Kimage for juz a haircut and coloring. It took her 2 and 1/2 hours before she came out of Kimage and joined us for dinner. Lolz, we already had our desserts by then.

Btw, Ben recognised me. Lol, probably thinking that my hair has grew longer but still looked like crap. Doesn't matter, I'll frequent him when my hair is long enough to do a perm. He's great! Talkative and professional, and the cool thing is, he remembers me, which makes me feel even happier, given that I only allowed him to cut my hair once.

I found my prettie GAP hobo bags in yahoo auction! Lurve them, adore them, simply can't take my eyes off them!

My comp is still infected with spyware though clever Ernest has suggested me to create another user so that I wun have to be irritated by that constant popping to remind me that my comp has been infected. So technically, part of the problem is solve but I still have to get rid of that stupid thing.

I'm truly happie...truly =).

P.S.: I miz my favourite song by Gabrielle "Out of Reach"

Saturday, March 4, 2006 Y 9:36 AM

Goodbye to normal voice. Hullo to sexy, low and anytime can break, voice. I'm spotting a really 'nice' voice now lol.

I miz my old voice. When is it coming back?

Friday, March 3, 2006 Y 8:43 AM

It has definitely not been the best day for me. I heard a bad news in the day and I went out to enjoy myself in the evening.

Yes, palliative care, that is. Final statement. I wasn't thrown off by the news. It's kinda expected.

Thanks Sharon, Kris, Denise, Yoges, Azilah, and Xiaowen for sending regards to me and checking up on me to see whether I was better. Thanks to PBH brother for being the 1st sensitive and sensible guy which actually bothered to ask how I was feeling and what kind of help I needed. Thanks Jarvis for juz saying take care.

It's things like this that really makes your heart warms.

I'm sorrie to my friends if I was a lil imprudent becuz I'm really having a bad time. I wasn't born to be a saint with a very good temper...I have a bad temper and I know it and I'm trying my very best to control it. So if I snap at you, it does not means that it's personal, I'm juz ventilating my frustration. Sorrie Sharon dear, for snapping at you but you know, I really love you for bothering to ask despite you are so far away in Ozzie Land.

Life still goes on, I'm still strong.

P.S: My comp has went bonkers, so u may not c me online as often. I've to find a way or someone to help me fixed it 1st =). Jarvis, your adaware didn't work. I'm still having that stupid thing popping up but thanks for always answering my idiotic comp questions. Meanwhile, slack a bit then look for some comp expert to help me fixed it.

Thursday, March 2, 2006 Y 7:01 AM

Let's talk about sincerity. Recently, I got a call from X, informing me that she is getting married. She was asking whether I could attend her wedding and if I could, she would then send me the invitation card. Oh please, if you are so frigging rich, you should have juz send out the cards. You dun even have to bother asking me whether I can make it.

Pls dun tell me you are not rich and you have to save on that amount of money. If you can spend a bomb on your house and your gown, which you have been bragging about it in your blog, you would be able to send a card to me. Ï dun plan to be mean but I juz rejected her happily, saying that I will get back to her the next day, knowing that my answer will be I'm not free to make it to your wedding.

If you are going to get married, and you are sincere to invite me, you better juz send your card to me as early as possible. Dun you go scouting for ppl last minute if you can't get enough ppl for your reception. I'm not someone who is juz available upon request. Of cuz, I'm only available upon request to ppl whom I think are worth to be.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 Y 11:55 PM

Granny has CANCER. Tat's really quite a difficult fact for all of us to accept. Given that nobody ever has cancer in the family history. Granddad is not even a smoker.

They are saying they wanna discharge her tmr. Tat's really funny...we dun even know which stage she is in and they are discharging her. No mention of any operation or watsoever. It's weird that we took 67 years to find out that she has cancer. It could probably only mean that she is last stage of cancer.

I always tot granny will survive till she saw me got married and probably have children. Tat's not gg to take long anyway, say like another 5 more years. Perhaps, that day may not come after all.

Tat's just life. A moment of grieve here and a moment of happiness there.

Y 6:21 AM

I was frigging pissed with XXX hospital's doctors. They called and said my grandma could be discharge. What? It's simply ridiculous. They suspected of her of so many things and the results are not even out yet and they said she could be d/c? Besides, she has more tests to undergo to confirm what she has.

Anw, my aunt went down personally to speak to the doctor cuz she was real pissed. Turns out that the consultant told her my grandma couldn't be discharged at all. The stupid doctor that said she could be discharged, I wonder is he really professional enough to judge?

The sad part is that they said grams most prob have lung cancer and it's 80% chances. If she had cancer, she would most probably be in the last stage. Sob...things are really not going that well as I think it is.

I'm really grateful to Azi and DeDe for being there. Thanks DeDe for volunteering to visit my granny with me. I was really hoping someone would be with me cuz ultimately, I still have times when I'm weak. I really felt weak yesterday when I was real sick, I heard that my mom was sick and granny is sick too.

I dunno wat to ask for now....

Y 3:00 AM

Check this out! Min send it to me and it was hilarious.


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