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Monday, October 26, 2009 Y 9:38 AM

My fren called me a hypocrite n tat i'm jealous when we called her atas as a joke.

Now she calls me cheap in real.

Like wtf? We called u atas as a joke n it's wrong, yet u can call me cheap.

Seriously, are u even really my fren?

Saturday, October 17, 2009 Y 1:39 PM

Ever tried going into JB but having your car breakdown right in the middle of the causeway? Ever had millions of pairs of eyes staring at you strut down the causeway in polka dots top and shorts, like as if you were catwalking? Met a friendly bus driver who stopped over and gave us his 1.5 litres of plain water? Pushed a car in the middle of the causeway with big lorries and buses and trucks just barely touching you as they drove past? Sat in a car that was being towed?

Well I did. It just happened yesterday, Saturday. I just became a celebrity overnight. It's funny how we still persisted with our JB trip despite of the earlier car breakdown incident. We just went on to take someone else car and drove into JB AGAIN!

It was funny that it was a RED car that broke down and when we finally successfully entered JB again, it was a GREEN car. It's like RED for stopping and GREEN for go.

Nevertheless, it was a truly interesting experience, although tiring, I didn't mind it at all. Not to say I hope that cars will breakdown again though.


Yesterday is history
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But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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