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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Y 7:38 AM

Mon and Tues are precious times with Mr Lim after not seeing him for so long! And this week is a happy week too because Ivy is back home to Singapore too! Haha, the office is back to being noisy again with her around! Plus, Bonnie announced that she got a proposal from her bf!

I finished my exams scripts but 1/4 of the class didn't meet the borderline, which was quite depressing, but the lecturer said that was kinda expected for those grades. So I was more relieved after that. I got good feedback for my module evaluation too, except that I speak too soft.

Funny lil thing happened today, got hit on a by a little boy in school, thinking that I'm some student too. Wonder what would be his reaction if I told him I was a lecturer?

Haha, Mr Lim probably will go and whack him with all his might huh.....Hahaha like I wish, my bf where got so nice to go whack other people who hit on me right? Haha but I will be very happy if he does voice out he will go whack that fellow.

This reminded me of what Shawn said last Sat, when I told him I was going for teaching, he looked at me in shock. He said no one will be focusing on my teaching, but will be focusing on me instead. I don't know that is a compliment or is that an insult. Then when I told him that my students didn't do so well, he was like "See, I told you they are focusing on you" and asked me whether my class got alot of guys. And when I said my class are majority filled up with girls, he said "see, they are lesbians". Hmmph!!!!!

Got to see a patient who has multiple fractures going for physical rehab today. I was supposed to write a report and I freak! I totally couldn't remember anything much about physical. Luckily I didn't need to assess for MMT or what, just do functional assessment. Phew.

Hee, ate very nice frog porridge today, courtesy of Mr Lim. In case you are wondering that he made it, nah, we had it in AMK central. Mr Lim is not so good in cooking, he only knows how to eat, and I really mean that. But it's okay la, even if you are fat, I still like you okie? Hahaha.

Saturday, August 25, 2007 Y 9:07 AM

I'm feeling really tired from marking scripts.

Good thing was that I still managed to wake up to attend Kar Lock's farewell lunch. Although I was up real late, luckily I got woken up by hedgie's call.

Managed to make it to Cafe Cartel at Bishan at 2pm. KL was already there and Kris juz arrived. Haha, got my belated birthday prezzie from KL and belated thank you gift from Kris for our help in her wedding last year. KL's prezzie is with Dede, so we couldn't give her any present today but we treated her to lunch. It seemed like ages that I seen them and I was so glad to have this farewell lunch with them. Hopefully KL will do well her masters in HK!

Lol, Kris said her student asked her whether she knows me and when Kris replied that we are even in the same batch, her student was very shock. Kris said she didn't dare to ask her why she is so shocked about it as she is afraid that her student will tell her that "why is she so old and I'm so young". Haha, I was secretly hoping that she didn't ask in case the answer is "why I'm so old and she is so young".

Haha this reminded me of one incident whereby I went to school for classes and I was in the lift and one nursing lecturer came in and asked me why I didn't wear my lanyard. So I said: "Oh ok, sorry" and took out my staff lanyard. When she saw my lanyard, she was like "Oh, you are teaching here ah?" and I replied "It's compulsory for staff to wear lanyard is it? I'm sorry I didn't know that as I was part time". Fortunately, the lift door opened and I said bye before she could reply.

Went to Yishun to exchange for the t shirt that Kar Lock gave me. It was a lil small yeah, haha, she really has confidence in me that I'm small, bought me an S size. Managed to change it to M (I think I'm seriously growing fat as compared to JC times, when I'm still an S size, or am I growing old and prefer less tight fitting clothes?). Pop back to Causeway point to meet my cousins for a movie. The guys wanted to watch Secret and I didn't mind watching it again so we caught the movie again.

Was trying to search for the soundtrack but it's all sold out and I heard it's only Limited Edition. So if you can find it, please tell me asap okie? I really want the soundtrack!

Friday, August 24, 2007 Y 1:12 PM

Indeed, marking Question 2 is killing me.

"Shawn forgets to shower daily due to his illness = Shawn does not knows to to bathe himself"

Hello, I nearly fainted....if I forget to bathe daily, it's probably because of my memory problem or I have lack of motivation to do things, NOT because I dunno who to shower myself.

And someone even wants to cue him physically to shower, I would like to see that.

Y 10:24 AM

10 reasons that I hate being a leader:

1. You have to fork out your own money for events first, as little as few bucks to as more as few hundred bucks (I really mean few hundred).

2. You have to always update the department fund monthly, which is about figures again.

3. You have to constantly be bugged by external department big shots and you go back to bug your staff.

4. You have to ensure that people actually meet the department objectives and set datelines.

5. You have to hold countless meetings.

6. You have to attend countless meetings.

7. You spend more time doing admin work and your boss expects you to meet clinical load.

8. You get to hear alot of people complaining to you.

9. You have to attend to those complains.

10. You have to come up with new ideas to spoon feed your staff.

I haven't found anything appealing in being a leader, despite of the monetary increment, which is too little to account for the huge increase in workload.

10 reasons I hate marking exam scripts

1. You have no idea what they are writing about.

2. They crossed out the right answers and write rubbish answers.

3. They come up with weird names that sounds like the correct one but totally different meaning.

4. They answer the question totally wrongly.

5. They smoke their way through but end up writing rubbish.

6. They write one whole chunk of long answers but turns up that everything is wrong.

7. They write long answers for something short and something short for long answers.

8. They write everything together without spacing or paragraphing.

9. They explained alot but it's all about the same thing.

10. They attempt to write one sentence for an answer that they don't know but the answer is wrong anyway.

You know, I enjoyed marking those that:
1. Doesn't write anything at all, cause I can just score them zero.
2. Or they answer everything correctly.

P.S: The biggest reason why I hate marking exam scripts is because I'm only given 2 evenings and 2 full weekend days (Sat and Sun) to mark the scripts. Who the hell marks scripts fully on weekend? I know I don't have a weekend but still, who does that?

Update: I have marked question one and three, only the killer question two have not been touched. I don't even want to see that seeing how badly they perform for the 2 questions.

Plus, my students who are attached to me in Sept will totally hate me if they failed the paper or did badly. I was trying to look out for scholars when I was marking the paper but hmmm, I don't see anyone who answers the questions perfectly so far, except two.

My TPM targets are really really alot and long this year, I have so much rubbish that I have to fulfil...clinical, admin, quality improvement, supervisory. I don't even know whether I can meet it. Plus, my boss kept bugging me to submit my application for Masters and she wants me to do it for Nov (compulsory since I missed the last two). She even gave me contacts on whom to speak to. I don't even have time to manage myself, my patients and my staff now, where got time to study?

Thursday, August 23, 2007 Y 7:16 AM

Words flow easily but the impact on the receiver end ain't that easy as how words can freely flow.

It pierces deep and hurts so much that tears can fall.

Y 5:09 AM

I saw this phrase today:

Did you know that when people appear in your dreams, it's because of their feelings wanting to see you, that they escape their bodies and enter your dreams.

Do the people that I often dreamed of always have the feelings to see me then?

Although we know according to Freudian theory, that's your subconscious or unconscious level acting up in your dreams.

Sunday, August 19, 2007 Y 1:43 AM

Got these from my friend, the piano scores from Secret.

This one was played by Xiao Yu, the female lead in the show.

This one was the score for Secret, the score that you play and it brings you across time.

This is played by the 2 main characters in the movie.

This is my favourite score from the movie. In the movie, Jay Chou written this for the female lead. It makes me feel sad when listening to it.

A guy who plays a piano can really capture your heart. I still remember when Sharon played a music piece for me on the piano, I felt so touched till I wanted to cry. I appreciate it that you played the piece for me. It's a memorable experience, to be play for you solely.

Saturday, August 18, 2007 Y 11:49 AM

This is a clip from Mind Your Language, haha Xm and Ken were telling us about it. It's so hilarious!

Y 11:44 AM

Haha, my cousins and I can't stop laughing at this part in Rush Hour....damn stupid and lame.

Y 11:41 AM

My bf likes this Spider pig thingy a lot. Lol...I can imagine how stupid he is. Hahaha.

Y 10:15 AM

I want to shoot you to death. Bash you up so badly till you drop dead. Pinch you so bad till you are swollen up. Kick you to death and send you screaming. Bite you so hard till you bleed. Slap you till your face is swollen. Sliced you up till you cannot breathe anymore. Starve you to death. Break your heart till you cannot mend it again.

Serious, this is really what I feel like doing to you, revenge is sweet...right bf? My hate score for you now is like 100/100. You score the bull eyes! Aren't you so happy now that I have so many things waiting for you to experience? I can't wait to put you up a ring stage and torture you badly yeah. I will feel so much better after that.

Works magically to ease my anger rather than me hitting my pillow or crying or complaining to anyone else.

So come quick, I'm waiting to have my own fun.

On second thoughts, why do it myself? Might as well hire someone to assassinate you better. At least my hands are clean still.

Y 9:11 AM

I saw a really weird couple today when I was having desserts with my cousins at Pizza Hut at Lot 1. I suppose they are cosplaying, cause they are wearing similar costumes, that's black and white and they had lotsa chains around them.

The guy actually had like a dog collar with chains on it, linked to his wrist band...which is linked to the gf's wrist band....so basically they are chained together. Are they like afraid that each other will run away? Siao, even if one of them wants to run away from the other person, a chain is not going to stop them.

Plus, the guy had his nails painted black...and I think he put on kohl on his eyes....he looked like a woman and I thought he was actually a woman and that they are lesbians. Until we tried very hard to eavedrop on their conversation and he sounded real manly...those man voices which can't really be a female voice.

It's interesting how people dress up like that...and since they are dress up like that, they are obviously asking for attention. So I'm not wrong to keep looking at them and commenting on them.

I didn't get to have my dim sum today, so I contented myself with tomato ramen from Ajisen ramen. At least, it kinda make up for my craving for dim sum. I think the tomato ramen in Hougang Mall taste nicer than the one at Lot 1. Seriously Lot 1 Ajisen Ramen sucks big time. The food is totally off as compared to other branches. Even the lemon tea was so sour.

Pizza hut is even worse, they served us this frizzy delight drink as their lemon tea maker burst and couldn't give us lemon tea...and I felt like I was drinking plain water although it's supposed to be soda.

I thought I was the only crazy person who found the food tasteless since I was in a bad mood but I'm normal after all. My cousins found it horrible too. Haha. Lucky me.

Y 1:25 AM

I felt insignificnt, unimportant and invisible today.

Insignificant, umimportant and invisible.

Not a very nice combination of feelings.

I feel down on a Sat.


The most dependable people are still your family members, at least, they are willing to spend time with me when they know I need it.

P.S: I hate my bf at times, after all he is still a man, and men sometimes cannot just understand women!

Thursday, August 16, 2007 Y 8:24 AM

It's Grandma's death anniversary today, the 1st anniversary since she passed away last year. Time really passes by real fast. It felt like just yesterday that we went through that horrible experience of losing someone closed to us in the family. In just a blink of eye, one year has passed and we are now holding her anniversary instead. Those times that we used to spend with her, being raised up with her, taken care by her. It was a very simple ceremony, just went to my uncle's house to offer prayers and burn paper money and clothes and other stuff for her. Then the whole family had a simple lunch together.

I missed Granny, was sleeping with Lat on my bed yesterday night and I suddenly remember memories of her taking care of me. Somehow, I grew up so fast and she grew old so fast. Words can't describe how sad I felt yesterday, and I teared as I think of her. Although it was like so long after she passed away, sometimes we still get emo when thinking about her. That's how people impact upon your life so deeply. You still feel alot for them even if they are no longer in your life.

Emo day today.....and some thoughts are bothering me too. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Y 11:20 AM

Someone told me that Qi Yuwu and Xie Shaoguang got married. I read that news in some magazine too but someone's friend actually attended the wedding. Hmm, I dunno whether it's true or not but it sounded really funny to me, and the thought of imagining them getting married to each other sure look very funny.

Imagine that Shawn and Ken got married? Wahahaha, that would look very funny and XM will be very happy.

I'm hooked to this song by Jay Chou at the moment. Must be because of the movie Secret.





Mr Lim is sicked, hope you get well soon! Take your vit c tablets regularly yeah and good luck for exams!

Y 9:42 AM

My cousin, Lat Lat, told me that she can't wait to die as she is afraid of her future. And that she can't wait for her life to be over because she is so sick of doing working for Maths. I was thinking that she is really mad, I don't even dare to think about when I'm old and frail and dying. I'm so scared of dying now, scares me whenever I imagine myself old and dying. I will wonder where I go to after death and whether I will ever have chance to live life again.

Been watching Honour and Passion on MobTV, it's very nice yeah! All about army and it's comical and funny and it's one of those Mediacorp shows that will attract me to watch it.

Reminded me of someone whom was wearing Army T Shirt when I saw him, ahaha, for a moment, I thought he was a freak okay. Kinda reminded me of my uncle (Dar and Shawn's father), who is in army and wears army T Shirt and shorts all the time. No wonder XM wanted to slap him if he is like Uncle. I would slap him too if he is like my Uncle.

Monday, August 13, 2007 Y 9:12 PM

I had lunch with the OT Office 2 girls and Joyce, and their fellow bfs on Sunday, at Cafe Cartel. Had my beloved pork chops again! Yummy Yummy!

It was supposed to be meet LS's session but ended up as "suaning" Ivy's session haha. Even Ivy kept saying that we kept teasing her. Pls, she's like so blur, dun even know what we are talking about.

It was quite a good session, we haven't gather for so long and work wise, we haven't really got a chance to chat much, and we haven't seen LS for sometime too.

Haha, Mr Lim is a hedgehog btw.....according to Ivy.......and Bonnie and Eddy is real happy that they found someone even greater than them in terms of sleeping skills.

Had lunch with Ivy, Bonnie and Eunice on Monday at Ajisen. Guess what? They were talking about relationships and I found out lots of juicy news huh huh. I had my tomato ramen! Yummy yummy, the tomato soup is so so so so so so nice. I love tomatoes yeah!

Oh, did I tell you I have nice yoghurt at my house too? Courtesy of Mr Lim.

And I have sore eyes on both eyes, Bonnie asked me whether I look like a rabbit. Nah, I have perfectly normal eyes, just infected on the upper eye lids. Early stage, not like a rabbit yet.

Saturday, August 11, 2007 Y 12:04 PM

Caught 2 movies today, it's like a movie mania day. I have watched 2 movies in a day for such a long time.

Caught Rush Hour 3 with Mr Lim and my usual gang of 6 cousins (including me that is). What a lame plot the story has, it's just a show for laughter, basically for you to laugh non stop throughout the show. Worth the laughter, but not worth the plot. Secret is much better than this.

Caught Bourne Ultimatum with Mr Lim in the evening. I never watched Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy before, so it was like watching something out of no where. Fortunately, my highly intelligent brains has helped me to somehow understand the plot and what is going on. It's very action packed, and some highly intelligent people are in the show. Mr Lim says Bourne 1 and 2 is even better, and I suppose it must be true then. Bourne 3 is a little bit confusing at some parts, not because I couldn't understand but because the images are flashing from one to another, too quickly till I couldn't catch the full picture of it at times.

Lunch with the girls tomorrow! Hopefully all turn up this time.

Friday, August 10, 2007 Y 11:06 AM

I remember telling my bf that there was this Malaysian male singer that was robbed and raped by 2 guys, and he was like "Is he gay? He can't even fight off 2 guys?!". I suppose he must be very proud and confident that he can fight off 2 guys.

Turns out that when I read the newspapers a few days later, it was actually 10 guys that tried to robbed the male singer and 5 raped him. And the oldest suspect was 40 y.o and the youngest suspect is 12 y.o (i certainly hope the 12 y.o didn't rape the singer). Now, I'm pretty sure my bf wouldn't think he is gay now, try asking Mr Lim to fight off ten guys and have 5 guys raping him, I'm pretty certain he isn't gay either right?

Btw, what has the world gone to? 10 males suspects trying to rob 1 bloody person?! You need bloody 10 persons to rob one guy????? 10????? Omg, it's either they are too lousy or they are too amateur yeah, and fancy having 5 guys raping the poor fella, and if the 12 y.o raped him too, the world certainly has been too corrupted.

I say, guys out there better be careful, the world has certainly taken a change in preference, with guys raping guys instead of females now. And, it's not one guy that conducts the rape, it's multiple guys. Better learn to protect your ass and pick up some self defense skills that will help you fight off 5 rapists and 10 robbers.

Y 9:18 AM

I just caught "Secrets", directed by Jay Chou, written by Jay Chou and starring Jay Chou. Seriously, I wasn't expecting it to be very nice considering that it's written by him (although yeah I know he is supposingly very talented). Truth is, it turned out be a real surprise. It was very nice, very sweet, very heart warming, a twisted ending and beautiful music throughout the whole show.

I must say he impressed me this time, with the story and as well as his acting. He was much better than his character in Initial D, whereby he doesn't talk much. This movie, he was more cheeky, more youthful, more cute and more decent for people to like him. This, should be how Jay Chou should be like.

I like Huang Chiu Sheng though. He's so mellow down in the show but every appearance, he just catches your attention. A father who cares for his son alot.

A good story to catch it with your loved ones, hee hee, Mr Lim, you should seriously watch it. Jay reminded me of you yeah! Ahaha, you are like him in the movie, not the real Jay Chou okie, because I don't like the real Jay Chou.

Thursday, August 9, 2007 Y 9:42 AM

Thanks Sharon for the lovely and sweet sms you sent me today. I was really happy to receive an sms from an old friend to console me.

Spent the whole National Day sleeping away, doing facial and massage for Mr Lim, and yeah, eating. Never watch the parade as usual, not my cup of tea anyway.

Back to work tomorrow again, sianz.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Y 9:01 AM

Inconsiderate dog owners should seriously be banned from rearing dogs. Stupid dog owners that let their dogs shit all around the place, especially shit and mess up half of the lift. How can people even use the lifts like that?! They should have their dogs shit on them, mess up their whole body when they shit on them.

I simply cannot stand some people whom, according to XM, I should term them as the female dog. Do so many things for them and yet they still want to criticize you on any single fault they can find. If they think their life is miserable and every single sec, they have to come into my room to rant to us, my life is even more miserable, having to hear all this and break my brains trying to solve the problems. If you rant to other people, other people rant to me, so in the end, I hear like 10 people ranting to me, and who do I rant to? The wall?

And I sickeningly tired of changing the stupid TA timetable over and over again. I don't even know whether I'm running 2 sports groups now or I need to run a Job preparation group. Which if I am running, it starts next Monday? This is shit, I am not even given time to prepare for the group. People really think that I'm almighty or genius leh, that I can pull through shit just by using my brains in one day.

Guess what? My ward MO is super nice. This is like the first time a doctor came and ask me "Shirley, do you think I'm very harsh to write this in the case notes?". Seriously, a doctor asking an OT for opinion! Whopee, most doctors wouldn't even give you any notice or bother about your comments at all. And any doctors who care about an OT's opinion is a good doctor, ahahaha. And how he has to stand my persistent chasing him around to create a memo for my patient.

The consultant was really nice too! He bothered to explain every single case to me after the patient left the room. He even asked for my input and comments. And the other 2 MOs are super duper nice too, they are so friendly and keen on OT's opinions. Guess I'm gg to like my wards after all yeah!

P.S: The 1st mentioned MO was being targetted by Bonnie to be Ivy's potential target.

P.S: To the one who said the word "exclusively", if you are dumb, then I don't know what I am, I still have to check the dictionary for a certain word.

Monday, August 6, 2007 Y 11:57 PM

It's Mommy's Birthday today, so,


P.S: My bf was really sweet! Muacks!

Y 1:48 AM

Okie, I'm more awake today so I can tell you more about Corinne May's concert.

Caught it at NUS, some cultural hall building, I forgot the name (as usual). It was like 2 hours plus? But she sang alot of nice songs, she played the piano, and she had other people playing instruments for her. She can really sing very well in live when most people can't really sing live. While people are focusing on how good she sings, my bf is focusing on how tall she is. Seriously, I dunno what is he looking at or paying attention to, ahem ahem.

Sunday lunch with OT office 2 girls was cancelled cause the main character was sick. Went to Coronation Shopping Centre with Mr Lim instead. Seriously, he sucks in pronouncing it. He told me it was Carnation Plaza, and I was thinking that this place really must have a lot of carnations in it or they sell flowers or what. Turns out that it was CORONATION Shopping Centre, not that I know where it existed whether it was Carnation or Coronotion.

Anyway, we had lunch at this Prince Coffee House? I can't remember the name except the Prince part. They had really nice and yummy pork chops okie! And it was a huge huge huge serving, and in all it costs us $37.40 only (for 2 set meals, one drink, one soup, one large main course and dessert). And the setting was like those old coffee house (speaking of this, Mr Lim was like so excited over the vintage setting, see I think he is getting old. That's one of the symptoms of getting old, you start to get excited at seeing vintage stuff), with very ancient English oldies playing in the background. They sell Chinese food too! Next time must go try the food again, yummy yummy.

So we pop over to the Wine Connection (beside Coronation shopping centre) and got a birthday gift for my mom. The wines there are pretty cheap and reasonable and the manager was very nice to explain to us patiently. They have other branches in East Coast and Robertson Quay too.

Hee, I'm a sick cat today (not chicken okie, sick chicken sounds so gross). I have an eye infection, a throat infection, a flu and a headache. My eye vision is badly obscured. I can only see blur images with my left eye. The stupid medicine is blurring my vision.

Kudos to the one eye pirate! I'm joining Pirates of the Carribean soon.

Saturday, August 4, 2007 Y 8:49 AM

Caught a concert on Friday, Corrinne May's concert.

Slept through the whole Saturday at Mr Lim's house. After which, he slept the evening away at my house.

It's only 11.56pm and I'm already very tired.

Been feeling really tired and really really tired. I'm so tired that I dunno how to blog more.

Sorry that I didn't do ya facial for you okie?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 Y 9:56 AM

I'm in a really really really lousy and bad mood today. I hate being accused of being incompetent and not doing my work. And there is no one to hear me rant or console me.

I hate this totally.


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