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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Y 9:11 PM

I just caught the lovely and simple Japanese movie "Accuracy of Death" on Tuesday. Had been wanting to watch it since I saw the poster and fortunately, I managed to catch it before it stopped showing. I'm always a fan of Takeshi Kaneshiro, imagining him to be a shinigami is such an easy thing to do. He suits the role perfectly. I still remembered that he acted as an Angel is this Chinese show with Kelly Chan. He definitely has those looks and charm that can allow him to be an innocent Angel or shinigami.

Interestingly, this shinigami (grim reaper in English, i prefer the Jap term though, sounds more innocent) is totally lacking of emotions and does not know things that happened in human world. He is learning things and picking up knowledge as he goes on with each mission. Music is his greatest love, he will pop into the store occasionally and swayed to different types of music.

It's always "proceed" or "suspend"....whether the person has fulfilled the purpose in life. His favourite phrase was "What do you think about death?". Death to him was nothing special but to us, living humans....it's something special and important. For him who has not seen how humans live before does not really care.

I like the last story the most....and it was interesting how each story was actually linked to each other. I like the part where he wanted to listen to Kazue's song but it always stopped after a few chords. I like how cute he looks in his short hair in the last story, that dopey eyes and innocent look. I love the ending, where the sunflowers brightened up and the old lady and him stood together to look at the beautiful blue sky.

It was actually a very simple story, not overly dramatic but yet it can touches your heart.

Caught Indian Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull too. Have always been an Indiana Jones fan since young. I watched all of his movies and I remembered the nostalgic tune of the movie. This new movie is not as nice as the previous 3. There are still some similar parts of humours and Indiana Jones style. I like Henry Jones Junior III acted by Shia LeBeouf. He goes around combing his hair even in the most inappropriate situations. He never fails to amaze me whether it's in Transformers, Disturbia or Indiana Jones 4. Overall, I still find that it's worth to catch a Last Indiana Jones movie (although they say there is a fifth one that they were saying were coming up).

More movies down to catch it for me: Prince Caspian, Sex and the City, The Mummy, Batman, maybe Incredible Hulk if Ken wants to watch it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 Y 10:54 PM

New phases New Life.......

New phase 1: Leaving current job and moving over to new job. Organising the farewell party for Bonnie this week but will be attending mine soon next week. Better get my computer acces soon as I can longer access work computer.

New phase 2: Completely different job setting, so gotta use different knowledge.

New phase 3: Leaving my dearest friends behind in IMH and getting to make new friends in St Luke.

New phase 4: Going to be an auntie soon, by this week. Godmother in fact.

New phase 5: This is not supposed to be know until like June or July, so by then I will share the news with all of you!

New phase 6: Getting hamster from Gerald! New pet!

New phase 7: No more Senior OT but back to miserable normal OT. Ha, dunno good or bad.

New phase 8: Picking up jogging twice a week again. Hopefully I sustained.

1 more month to go!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008 Y 8:56 AM

Happy Things that happened this week:
1. Gotten my new skincare products from Paula's Choice - pretty skin again!
2. Gotten a new top and bag from MissyPixie although I have yet to receive it
3. Signed the offer letter on Wednesday
4. Ate nice prata from Bt Gombak with Ken
5. Bought 2 new Sony Ericsson phones, one for myself and one for mom
6. Rebonded my hait for only $70 with a home hair stylist
7. Made a new friend with the home hair stylist
8. Caught Iron Man with Ken and my cousins

Happy Things that are going to happen this week:
1. Going back for a color treatment with the hairstylist on Sat to make my hair even prettier
2. Meeting up with Kris, Denise, Doreen, Azi and Yoges.
3. Ken staying over at my house on Sat
4. Visiting Grandpa on Sat
5. Lunching with my mom and Ken on Sun

Only bad thing that happened this week was I had gastric problems on Monday, while but too many happy things to cover it.

Lastly, belated wishes but I hope everyone had a Happy Labour Day!


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