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Friday, March 12, 2010 Y 8:23 PM

Caught Alice in Wonderland recently. Have been aiming for the show since I saw the trailer and with the essence of Johnny Depp present in the show, it was a must watch and must not miss show.

Didn't know that it was by Disney, so nothing much too scary, as you will expect. However, coming from Tim Burton, it is expected to be slightly darker than normal fairy tales.

Alice didn't really look like Alice, a little too ghostly pale but getting better as the show goes on, with more colors in her face. No idea why but she looks really horrible when the show started. It's like a fashion show for Alice, changing multiple clothes, all rather sexy than fairy tale-y. However, love looking at the clothes and her hair! Very pretty curls and very pretty clothes too. The actor herself, well she did an average job, nothing too impressive but decent enough as a main character.

The Red Queen speaks with such funny words, it kept me entertained in the show. "I love my fat boys!", classic sentence of the show. The way she kept her voice monotonous and ever shouting with "Off with their heads" or "idiot!" was more hilarious than scary. While the Red Queen was entertaining everyone with her words, the White Queen was impressing us with her body language. She has to walk like as if she's dancing, making a twirl everytime before she walks, glides with her hands up in the air and making vomitting gestures when she had to deal with something disgusting.

However, the one that really caught my eye and kept my attention on him was the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter himself has been a character that I'm fascinated about (besides the Cheshire Cat) and was even more so, after I watched Pandora Hearts. Somehow, the Mad Hatter became less of an irritating mad person but more of an emotionally real person. In the movie, the Mad Hatter was so much more attached to Alice and he was loyal to the White Queen. Johnny Depp's excellent acting skills brought out the insanity of the Mad Hatter. Not forgetting that he was really well make up which kinda put him in a really mad position.

March was the month to catch Alice in Wonderland and some other nice movies, like Cop Out and Nodame Cantabile. March was also a feasting month. With 2 of our colleagues leaving us, there were multiple feasts. We already been to T.G.I Fridays and Tao's Restaurant for farewells and we been to Fullerton Dim Sum Buffet at Jade Restaurant for department gathering. The good thing is, all the places we been to have not failed to disapppoint us. However, I do feel that I feel really sick after eating at T.G.I.F, the food was nice but it was till the extent you wouldn't feel like returning to it so soon. Tao's was as usual, up to standard and charmed everyone with it's 7 course, with people feeling that they have to return soon. Fullerton Dim Sum Buffet was fantastic! I'm a Dim Sum Lover and I really had a happy time feasting, so much till I have to go back in 3 months time for another round!

March was also a difficult time, with problems appearing up here and there. Kinda worried about the future too. My favourite hammie, Olympic passed away too and I was grieved with so much things happening around. Thank you for the dear friends who were there to listen out and was there to find out how I was. It will be very difficult to walk the journey without all these people.

Maybe it's time I should really start out again, go meet new people rather than dwelling.


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