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Thursday, July 31, 2008 Y 5:57 AM

Ken has never failed to spice my life with funny little things that I never experienced before. This time round, (yeah I know what you are thinking if you read this, you will be saying "see i told you so that you would blog about it), he brought me to a soccer match at good old National Stadium again. Last time round we saw Lions vs Malaysia and Australia vs the Lions. This time round it was Lions vs Brazil Olympic Team.

All those people that you read in the newspapers, they are there real life, playing soccer in front of me. Needless to say, we all know who will win the game. However, I certainly believe that SG team must have been so honoured to have a chance to play with Brazil team. Although I daresay, SG team skills is no where comparable to international standards.

Interestingly, where I hated watching a game whereby 11 guys are chasing after one ball (make that 22) on tv, in real life, it's really exciting and interesting.

Now I'm wondering, it must be really cool and awesome to watch F1 then.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 Y 10:52 PM

Made a trip down to Holland V on Friday night to meet up with my bunch of IMH colleagues, at Essential Brewz.

Heard of raves of that place before but have never tried it before.

Stepped into the restaurant and headed upstairs, where my gut feelings tells me the ladies and gentleman were most likely to be up there. Beholded the sight of a group of them sitting in a little dark corner, all on the group. So I kept my shoes at the shoe cupboard provided and walk towards them, to realised that the lights has gone off cause they were spoilt. We got candles in the end, to make up for the lost of lights, and it made it more romantic than ever. Jayson T came to join later on, which I tot he has gone away to Burger King again before coming to join us. Alas, my mistake. Sorry dude.

This is my second time that I went out with them and we end up sitting on the floor (the first being Ambrosia). I must be getting old because I don't remember that I have such terrible soreness when I was in Ambrosia, or the physical setting has really been killing me.

Had a variety of food, Fish fillet with oolong sauce, chicken with oolong sauce, steak with earl grey tea, rice balls, tofu steak, baby potatoes, seafood pasta and desserts. I think it was tiramisu, cream brulee and one yummy thing with corn flakes which I don't know what it's name. My favourite dishes are the baby potatoes, fish with oolong sauce and chicken with oolong sauce.

Caught up with the bunch of them on some gossips personally and work wise. Well, not all of them hahaha.

Moved on to StarBucks after that. Had a horrible Pina Colado Drink. Please don't ever get that, horrible mix of pineapples and coconut. Didn't taste so bad as a cocktail but as a blended drink, horrible. Talk about our usual out of topics topics again. 10ish saw the breaking up of the group as everyone headed to home or another place to continue on Friday night. I belong to the former as I had to work the next day. Goodbye to July's outing and hello to August outing.

Terribly pissed on Sat, felt that I had lack of staff, too much patients to see and A class patients are too demanding. Was affected awhile but then off work saw a different side of me. I need to relax and forget about it. So I went with my cousin to had a nice meal at Mos Burger then walk around a bit, where I gotten my L'oreal Kids shampoo and conditioner.

Still not feeling enough to cover for the dissatisfaction, I told Mr Lim that I would like to have Botak Jones, and off we went there with my cousins. Had my favourite F & C!! And beef cheese fries, and I stole a bit of this beef steak. Ah, that does the deed of fulfilling my satisfaction.

Went back to grandpa's place and played games with my cousins, they never fail to make me laugh.

At the end of day, I was happily satisfied. And what makes it best? finally i can go online on Sat night and talk to people on msn, especially Zhu! Hee.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 Y 8:02 AM

Mom's gotten 8 tickets to NDP so I'm going to watch my first ever NDP! At the floating stage, a new location! I don't think I will like the crowd though but I will try my best to bear with it.

Luckily I ever caught a soccer match at National Stadium before so not that bad, i still get to have scenes of it, minus the times I visit Ken at his old workplace.

Went for facial on Tuesday. It's been such a long time I had facial and I honestly tell you, I was horrified by the outcome. So red and dotty. I simply didn't feel like going to work the next day but luckily it subsided the next day to a bit of redness and dottiness. And now I have some pimples popping out. The rest of the skin is clear though. The extraction process is still really painful! Well at least Ken wouldn't always comment that I have alot of blackheads now and keep asking me to go facial.

The beautician actually told me that if she look at me normally I appeared to be in my early twenties but when she look at my skin then she knows I'm about 25. Sigh, my skin is aging already. Luckily she said 25 and not 30. At least it's still younger than my actual age. I really need to be less lazy and take care of my skin. Also need to start applying sunblock on body but oh gosh, I can't stand the sunblock smell on body. Nothing is worse then having wrinkles on the face!

I was very happy recently cause I received comments of being a good therapist from the patients and family. It picks me up to know that I'm not failing as a duty of a physical therapist yet.

Oh yeah, I discovered that Honey and Clover has Japanese and Taiwanese drama series! Of course, I would prefer the Japanese drama series more. Horrible, the Japanese one made Morita san look so horrible!! But Takemoto and Mayama looks real good! Haagu is really pretty in the drama serial, didn't look so childish as in the anime. And I realised that I read Zettai Kareshi in comic version before haha. Thanks to CY for telling me stuff, I got to rewatch the old "Itzunara no Kiss" (Taiwanese also got one version called Er Zhuo Ju Zhi Wen, of course I prefer the Jap one). Although I have to admit that Kotoko in Taiwanese version looks more like the one in the anime compared to the Japanese one where the girl was so loud, has such big ears and thick lips. I bet you hundreds that if Ken saw that girl, he will tell me that I look like her (because of the stupid ears, he's really horrible). Still I love the guy in the Japanese version, he's good looking! And the show was super sweet! I'm also watching the anime version on Crunchyroll now heehee.

An outing with my dear ex fellow colleagues tomorrow. They are so kind and sweet to me, and I really appreciate it. Thanks ya peepz!

N.B: Sorry Zhu for flaring up at you when I understand that you really have a tiring and hard time recently. Good luck k?

And this is random but Strawberry Oreo bubble tea tastes really great!

Monday, July 21, 2008 Y 7:36 AM

It was a date out with Mr Lim over the weekend. We hadn't done that in ages! And I really mean ages! It's usually him lazing at my house or I snoozing away on his bed while he fattens up his fishes. Or hanging out with my cousins or family at grandpa's house or the gym.

So we went to City Hall, where he brought me to Marvelous Cream (French Parfuit) to have my favourite dessert...Ice Cream! It was this new pinkish Japanese shop that opened up in City Link mall whereby you are greeted in Japanese by a guy standing next to the door when you stepped in. So you can choose different types of ice cream and I chose a Rocky Road classic....super chocolatey stuff. They mixed the ice cream, chocolate, marshmallows together like as if they were frying stuff on teppanyaki. I choose a chocolate waffle basket too! The chocolates were really nice, Belgium chocolate and the ice cream was just nice too, not too sweet! It's a takeaway though, so you have to walk while you eat or find somewhere else to sit down.

I didn't realised that the construction of the underpass to Suntec City was already completed. That shows how long I hadn't been to town. And Suntec City looks kinda different now.

We caught a movie "Red Cliff" at Suntec, after I told Mr Lim that I would really like to watch the show. I was glad I watched it. Really intrigued by the battle techniques used by the different leaders. They are all very smart which lead me to thinking that how interesting that such genius people existed multiple centuries again and how come they aren't that smart now? Maybe they are but I wasn't exposed to it. It was a pretty long movie so I'm waiting to see part 2 of it, where Cao Cao and Dong Wu goes into the battle at Red Cliff.

As usual, we went into arcade and Mr Lim played his Jap drifting care game again whereby he got the "best looking car" title. Hmm, I wonder why....it's just some orangey stuff that don't look very fanciful to me? See, he will come and kill me after reading this.

It was a short date out but nevertheless I enjoyed it as we hadn't had much of a date out for a long long time.

And today, I made my first foot splint. It was horrible, so difficult to do it. Plus I got scolded by the consultant....but that is work...we all make mistakes....just have to learn from it and take it from strides.

Friday, July 18, 2008 Y 10:27 PM

Hail to online surfing life again! 4 months without internet, only borrowing it from office computer (which now I can't even borrow from my new office cause it's like old granny that is 80y.o, moving that that speed and processing that slowly) and Zhu's computer.

Now I have my own new computer and own internet!

So Zhu stayed up all the way till 3 plus at night to help me set up my com while I sleep away happily on the bed behind him. See, that's what happens when you have a trusty someone that helps you fix your com and yet allowing to snooze away. Thank you Zhu! Thanks to you I got to use my fast processing, wide screen computer now to play with the internet and chat to others on MSN.

Met up with the poly girls last weekend to celebrate my birthday and I saw dear Baby Lionel at his 2 months soon to be. He looks really good now! Super chubby with double chin, a round round face and he's definitely very alert and not cranky and crying all the time. He allowed me to carry him at least 10 minutes and smiled and interacted with me in baby language. And you know, he has good head control, so I'm sure he must be a really physically strong baby hee hee.

Played this game called The King's Game at my grandpa's house with my cousins. Poor Mini Ken and Gerald had to do the Gatsby spray advertisement in front of the whole family for getting the forfeit. It was simply hilarious. Shawnie wants to play it again today. I suspect they really got addicted to it haha.

And we caught Hellboy together too! Can't imagine I actually watched Hellboy 1 and 2 when I think in the past, I would think this is a horrible show.

Zhu is very happy now as he is now happily surfing away on his lappy using the wireless connection that he has been nagging me to get it fixed so that he could come over to my house to use it. And he is eyeing to install his games onto my com. I bet he will be very happy shooting people if he did that.

So hello world, you will see me very often from now on!

Sunday, July 6, 2008 Y 7:55 AM

My dear colleagues from IMH, ex colleagues, now friends, surprised me last Friday with a gathering to celebrate my birthday. Plus flowers from Ivy and a nice dinner from all of them. Thank you Geri, Chiu Ling, Eliz, Ivy and Jayson Thomas for the lovely treat! I had very nice baked rice, pasta and stew and desserts that night and I'm certainly delightful to be enjoying the company again, something which I dun get at my new work place.

My dear JC friends also celebrated Cy's and my birthday on Sat at Ma Maison and I gotten nice prezzie from them! Very lovely prezzie and I liked it alot. Thank you girls! Most importantly, we met and caught up a bit with each other and it was nice hanging out again.

Mummy gave me a nice pair of Soo Kee earrings too, diamond earrings. Too early in advance but it's okay, I love the present and I don't mind getting it earlier. Thanks MummY!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Y 8:19 AM

I tot I would hate the idea of working on a Sat after many years of pampering of being not working on Sat. Surprisingly I wasn't that resentful towards the idea. Perhaps that was because it happened that the Sat that I was working, I was home early on Fri and I fell asleep early.

Only started to realise that I didn't had enough of a weekend when I ended work late at 2.30pm and on Sunday night where I still did not have enough fun.

Well at least it was alternate Sat and this is a non working Sat! Such bliss to be nua-ing at home for 2 whole days.

Been sleeping at 10 plus and 11 plus recently. Hee but I only wake up at 6.40am or 7am (depending on where I'm located). So sleep is enough! And sleep for me, the sleeping beauty so called, is very very important. Otherwise I will get cranky and irritated.

Been told by my sup that I seemed to be coping well, given that I usually end at 6.00pm. Huh! I end work at 5.30pm and 6pm is considered the norm haha. Query coping well, haha esp today when I saw something that not even the doctors can understand why it was so. Felt incompetent today, but picked things up slowly.

Celebrated Yoges's birthday over last weekend, with pizza, a crying baby and our dear friends and bf's husband. Realised that gathering is always at Kris's house now due to our baby Lionel needing his Mommy alot hee hee.

After that, got to rush to Grandpa's house to celebrate Aunt Jenny's birthday. I always enjoy gathering with my family and having fun together with my cousins. They are such a lovely bunch to be with, just sitting there and talking to them brightens up my day too. And they get me involve in sports, which is really important.

Just caught L change the world on dvd with Mr Lim, thanks to him for renting it. Not too bad, I didn't mind seeing L running around...although I'm not too used to him being such a hero...like he can run that fast? Or he can jumped on a plane and try to drag himself up although he's falling from the plane? Or stopping a plane? It's like he's so smart and heroic. Can't really imagine that.

Yawnz, tired....gtg Zzzzz....way past sleeping time already....bad...but hey it's 7am wake up call tomorrow haha! Wooo hoo!!!


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