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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 Y 11:54 PM

Cette entree est consacree a vous. Quelle merde est celle au sujet des filles et des types etant egaux ? J'etais malade comme l'enfer hier, avec la fievre et la gorge endolorie. Je ne pourrais pas meme parler et vous attendez-vous a ce que je vous appelle?

Si vous etes dans une mauvaise humeur, c'est votre probleme. Si vous vous inquietiez vraiment, vous auriez pris la peine de vous enquerir de ma maladie. Vous n'etes pas le type que je recherche. Une fois qu'et une fois, vous me deceviez et me faisiez vrai triste.

Mes meilleurs fren et les amis pourraient appeler moi ou des sms je pour decouvrir comment j'etais et vous, vous etaient juz dans votre mauvaise humeur. Si j'etais a la mauvaise humeur comparee et malade d'ami a un vrai, je consacrerais plutot mon temps a l'ami qui est malade.

En outre, j'ai ete concerne que vous etiez reellement dans une mauvaise humeur, tat juste que j'etais trop malade et vraiment blesse pour entendre cela de vous. Soupir, quand j'etais nuit vraiment en difficulte d'hier, j'ai espere que quelqu'un serait avec moi. Ce matin, je me suis reveille et j'ai realise que ce ne serait pas vous que j'espererai pour.

Y 11:21 PM

This afternoon, I opened up my yahoo mail and I saw an invitation from someone, asking me to join Multiply. There I was, racking my head, trying to figure out who the heck is this person (couldn't rem the name though it sounds familiar) and then TA DA! It dawned on me who this person was and momentarily, I was shocked. I didn't expected that one day, she will finally contact us again.

She was like a kite, the strings severed, flying higher and higher in the sky, till it disappeared and we couldn't see it anymore. One long year it has been, and she was no where to be found. No replies from her through email or phone. I didn't even know whether she is still alive, in Australia or what. There, you get the clue. We knew each other in Ozzie Land. Dun get any wrong ideas, she was juz my housemate. Someone significant enough to cause an impact on my life and my friends' lives.

I'm not gg to elaborate on how she had became so significant in our lives. She always said that we are like a family and that we should always stay in contacts. Somehow, I'm glad I wasn't really close to her...else I could c how hurting it would be that she juz disappeared into thin air. Anyway, this sparked back memories that we had in Ozzie.

Many a times, we had fun in our flat in Erica Underwood House. Many times we did things that were funny and silly. We each had our own favourite songs and out of no where, someone would sing it out loud and the rest would join in. There was tis song that SHE liked and eventually after hearing it so many times, we grew to like it too.

I happened to hear it on my ipod juz now as I was browsing the web and I thought, perhaps I would post it here...as a rememberance, for someone whom I have long forgotten but perhaps may be remembered by my frens.

One day, we may meet again or maybe that day will never come. Let fate unravels itself.

Gabrielle - Sunshine

Made a wish, I can dream
I can be what I want to be
Not afraid to live my life
And fulfil my fantasies

I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life
You helped me find my paradise
When you came I saw

Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel like
I'm on top of the world
Telling me I'll go far

Reaching out, for the highs
You inspired me to try
I felt the magic inside
And I felt that I could fly
I'm looking at the world in an optimistic light
You made me appreciate my life
'Cos when you came you were my

Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel like
I'm on top of the world
Telling me I'll go far

You are the calm
I am the storm
You are the breeze that carries me on
When I said a truth
You wink at me
You're there for me

Sunshine (oh yeah)
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel I'm on top of the world
Telling me that I'll go far
Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star

(Sunshine) Making me feel I'm on top of the world
Telling me that I'll go far
Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel I'm on top of the world
Telling me that I'll go far
My star, my star..

Y 8:46 PM

VIOLA!!!!! I finally got my desired Charmed Bracelet! Dearest is so nice to remember that I have always wanted a charmed bracelet since the times I kept mentioning to her in Ozzie. My belated vday gift from her =). She also gave me this really sweet pendent, sparkling yeah, and as the same every year, she will nv forget to give me a rose. I'm pretty fortunate that I have her as my best bud cuz she nv forgets to give me a rose every year. That makes up for the lack of roses from male genders.

I'm now spotted with a really cool voice. I can kindly say it's attributed to the my really red and swollen throat. I woke up yesterday morning and discovered that I have a real painful throat so I saw the doc at my work place. As nite falls, I started to have a fever and it juz wun go away, so I saw the doc at my house there. Now, the only common thing b/w this 2 docs were that they juz like to give me many days of MC. I rejected one doc for giving me 2 days mc, and I say, I regretted it, becuz the 2nd doc gave me 3 days MC!! He said I really had a very bad throat and fever and ought to stay at home.

Funnie thing was that my mom also got the same thing as me. Lolx, it's kinda bad but I'm glad she did cuz she can accompany me at home now. I was so hoping that someone will accompany me yesterday nite when I was having that horrible fever but there was no one there. Mom was working, my frens stayed too far away and I have no special someone too.

It's only at times when you feel real vulnerable then you wished you have someone. This morning, when I woke up, I was feeling better and that feeling was gone.

Monday, February 27, 2006 Y 7:37 AM

I saw my granny yesterday and my dear, she looked so shrivelled...think it's due to the poor appetite and all those constant testing. The doc suspect she may have cancer becuz of that black shadowy thing in her lungs...which they claimed that it's not infection now. That's weird when she is like that old and nobody in our family ever had cancer.

She's due for testing today and she vomitted from really bad migraine. Poor granny, such a torture to see elderly suffer. Guess that's why when I was working nursing homes, I felt like crying every day. Seeing all those elderly got abandoned by their family and having to stay in nursing homes everyday.

Went to Beacon Bar with Dede today to visit Jesse. The place is real cool and the food and drinks were nice. Jesse was really nice to treat me..thank you sooo much! Guess it's another place that we can hang out too. I suddenly got reminded of Cosy Bay when I was there (and btw Cosy Bay is real near to Beacon Bar). At the spur of the moment, I juz text Xiaowen and asked her whether she wanna go to Cosy Bay this week. Viola! She said she was free and yippee, Cosy Bay, here we come!

I asked you questions and attempted to talk but you juz say bye. Fine...since you have a problem...I dun have much to talk to you either. Too bad I was stupid enough to ask you whether you were better. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. The moment had passed and it will not come back again. You had your moment, you lost it. Maybe it wasn't a lost to you either. Maybe I was the one who was too egoistic to think that you had lost the chance.

I think I should be a lesbian one day. Seems like girls are more caring and direct than guys nowadays. At least, they are less desperate than guys and play less hard to get than them.

P.S: I was juz kidding about the lesbian part. I wun become one =p...Xw and dearest will kill me lolx.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 Y 8:43 AM

2 sentences that I heard today and I found it real meaningful.

"I can live without you. I juz dun want to". That's so true isn't it? No one will die or can't live without another person. Somehow you will juz survive.

"They say you should always marry your best fren". I agree, cuz they know you the best and treat you real well. Juz like my dearest but she's a girl so I can't marry her but we will stay as buddies forever.

So from this 2 sentences, I conclude, you should nv attempt to die if you lose someone. That's juz silly. Especially if it's becuz of a relationship. If it's your loved ones, I suppose they wouldn't want you to choose that as your path too. Your future partner that you will be with for the rest of your life should be your best fren. Even if he/she wasn't your best fren initially, make an attempt to know that person real well and become best friends.

To those I know whom are attached, to you, is your partner your best friend? Can you tell him/her everything in the world? Can you share your secrets with him/her? Can you accept this person as who he/she is and vice versa? If your answers are yes, then I'm really happie for you =).

Y 7:55 AM


Friday, February 24, 2006 Y 6:35 PM

This entry is dedicated to dear Sharon.

Dearie Sharon,

I know it's tough to be in Ozzie alone, without your family, bf and your close buds. I've been through that before and I know how it feels, although I was fortunate enough to have 3 other friends with me.

I know you feel lonely and miss people in Singapore. I know it's real cold and hot over there till sometimes u can't sleep. Having to face tons of assignments and probably lousy lecturers or housemates.

No matter what, we are not that far away. It's juz a phone call away. If you need anything, pick up your phone and drop me a call. I will be glad to hear your voice and listen to your complaints.

Most importantly, you are doing yourself proud by studying there. I'm sure we will all be proud of you when u come back.

*Juz suddenly tot of writing this entry for YOU cuz you were so upset the past few things, cheer up gal okie? =)*

Y 9:35 AM

Did I tell you that I did a very silly lil thing today? It's real silly but I dunno why I still did it anyway =p. It's not the 1st time I done that and half of the time, the outcome is appalling. Anw, I already did it so it's too late to regret.

I found my cute lil tortoise hp accessory. He's sooo lovable! I'm really so tempted to get the lil tortoise soft toy for myself. Anw, it's sooo cheap...haha...and he's sooo cute....it's as if it was telling me to buy him. I know you guys said that the one with the flower on the head kinda look retarded but it's sooo sweet to me heh heh.

Gosh, if ppl are addicted to coffee, I'm addicted to milo. I have been drinking sooo many cups of milo today, and rite now, I'm waiting for my mom's specially made milo. Isn't milo supposed to be energizing? Why is it I dun feel more awake after tat? Maybe I have been desensitised to it already.

I wanna be a robot. I hate it when I feel. I hate it when I feel too much or too less. I hate it when I'm having mixed feelings. I hate it when I dun even know how I feel. These past few weeks have been allowing me to experience all different types of emotions...till the point I juz feel like giving up. Well, I already gave up on some things, gave up stop trying to feel for it. Life would be much easier when I dun bother to think about those stuff.

Whoopee, I'm off to drink my milo...lovely!

Y 6:19 AM

It's a really weird day today...everything juz seems to go wrong...well it was mainly in the morning, and THAT itself is really STRESSFUL.

Let's start with me receiving dearest's msg that she is not coming to IMH. Sob, that means we are going to have a mass headache as we will be short of 1.5 people to cover Rupa and my job. Followed by silly us whom forgot to put up community outing forms for some patients or that the forms didn't get through, so we had some problems getting patients to go for outing.

It was juz one big confusion in the early morning. Tat was already bad enough to start with. My patients have to behave inappropriately during outing. One juz wandered by herself and got lost half of the time. The other one refused to go back.
I'm so glad that I was blessed with the persuasive power to reason with them till they accept my explanation and followed my back to the hospital.

I was really zonked out by the time I came back to the hospital. The afternoon went well though. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Ain't I so glad of that. Boss asked me to try to convince dearest to come to IMH. Tat's so hard yeah...I mean we would definitely like to have her but I dun wanna force her to make a choice that she does not want either.

Dede, I'm very touched to see the entry in your blog about me. It's really nice to say those things. I'm glad that I have been helpful to you and that I'm being appreciated. Yeah like you say, even if I can't find that someone who treasure me, I still have YOU and other dear frens that will love me. For that, I'm really thankful that I was blessed to have nice people like you all around.

Hope ya neck will recover soon, Miss Dede hammie!!

Monday, February 20, 2006 Y 7:02 AM

Sigh....these past 2 weeks have been horrible. 1st, I lost my phone. Then I lost my feelings. Now, my granny is admitted. After which, my family quarrelled over some idiot whom does not know how to keep his mouth shut. Lastly, I even heard bad news about work that makes me feel even more stressful.

Sigh, and who said...you lost your phone you earned back some thing....what have I earned back so far? Nothing...I juz keep losing things. It's bad enough to lose my phone and I felt so sad...then I lost my feelings which made me kinda of emotionless...and now I feel worried about my granny and yet angry and frustrated with other things gg on.

I JUZ WISH ALL THESE BAD THINGS GOES AWAY FAST AND GOOD THINGS COME MY WAY. I can't cry anymore for anymore...the last time I cried for someone was last Christmas...I juz can't bring myself to ever cry for someone anymore...it's funny isn't it? When I can juz cry like that when I lost my phone but when all these things happened, I juz can't cry. I feel so horrible about it. Sometimes, it's better if I can cry...then maybe I will feel better. Or maybe I'm juz like wat ppl says, when the most harshest things come your way, I will be real strong.

Thanks sweetie for accompanying me today. You never fail to cheer me up whenever I'm down. Seriously, you better stay as my best bud for as long as you can cuz you did too many things for me that makes me wanna stick to you forever. I'll marry my Ian to your Rianna or my Lea to your Rian.

You know, there are many times I hope that someone will comfort me but it always turn out to be you that will comfort me instead. Tat makes me realise that those ppl whom self proclaim to be my bfs or are interested in me can't be compared to someone who is my best friend. That's juz kinda sad then rite? Cuz when you tot they meant something to you, they failed to be there for you. I rest assured to you that I will only find someone whom treasure me as how you treasure me. To those whom treasure me as friends, thanks dears, you guys are great! Yepz yepz, I will find someone whom you guys really like so that you will pass him like how we pass your bfs and husbands and partners!

I pray for my granny to be well, that work problems will go away soon and I will find happiness =)

Saturday, February 18, 2006 Y 5:13 AM

Back to Soteria again =). This time went with Xw instead. Christina wasn't there but apparently I heard that she is really wanting to have lunch with me. Hmmm, wonder wat's the occasion?

Anyway, the western set lunch was fantastic =). I loved my raspberry ice cream most! I juz counted that I haven't been watching movies for a month...haha unlikely for a movie freak like me. Anyway, the off movie diet period is ending soon cuz my cousin wanna watch Pink Panther.

Kate & Leopard on tonight...muz watch it...lurves Meg Ryan!

Friday, February 17, 2006 Y 9:25 AM

I saw Mr. W today! A very nice, friendly, chatty and funny guy. I always find that guys whom can communicate with their gf's friends have already pass the test of meeting the friends.

Mr. W can communicate to Cy and me really well. Makes us feel comfortable to be with him and Xw too. He's also real nice and caring to his gf. Hehe, Xw is one lucky girl.

So with determination, I think if I'm gg to look for a bf, it muz have Cy's and Xw's and Azi's bfs characteristics cuz apparently they are all pretty good bfs.

Oh and I really adore guys whom are frank abour their own feelings...like being in touch with wat they feel and being able to say it out. Of cuz, I totally dislike those whom are over frank and keep bugging you with "I really like you" that kinda nonsense. Everything juz have to have a limit.

I dislike ppl whom aren't earnest enough in going after girls. If you like, means u like. If you dun like, means u dun like. Dun play games. Dun suddenly show interests and then dun show interests, it's plainly irritating, like u are trying to play hard to get and nobody understands the heck about how you feel that kind.

If you like someone, show that you like someone and make that someone feel it. I can see for Xw, Cy and Azi, their bfs are truly able to show their feelings and I admire them for being able to do it. Plus, they are not jerks that chuck their gfs aside and juz focus on work.

Seems like at the moment, no one is earnest enough or too earnest till overwhelming, so I shall have to remain contented with singlehood. Besides, I'm juz plain lazy to join activities to know ppl lolx!

It's plain frustrating when u dunno how someone feels about you, so if you dunno wat you feel and you are unsure, dun come and bug me...cuz you are juz making me irritated. I like it when ppl are frank and are certain about how they feel, so if you are uncertain, dun treat me like someone that is to help you pass time. So if you think I'm not good enough, then kindly open the door and leave my house. Dun do things that juz make me feel uncertain of what is happening.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 Y 7:53 AM

Oooh, I juz love tis song! 1st heard it in Princess Diary and when I recall the song and how she said "Because you saw me when I was invisible", that was so totally sweet!

You dun need a beautiful gown and a prettily drawn face to make you different...you are juz you...Different and unique to yourself...What makes you different is what makes you beautiful to others =)

I am different, beautiful to my frens.

He said: Let's meet up, of cuz it's for work.

Me: Of cuz for work, what do you think? I'm stupid?

Such a jerk....look who is barking now? I'm not leeming for you...YOU ARE HISTORY...can't u juz get tat into your head? Like as if you have so much charm in you till I still have to be in love with YOU? Geesh, bring your papers and you out of the door.

He: As your financial consultant, that's the best I can do for you.

Me: (thinks) the best is you stop bugging me with your idiotic papers and work based meetings. (says) sorrie, but i'm not interested. if i free then c how.

He: okie, update me when u free to mit tis week.

Me: sure, if i'm ever free in d 1st place (thinks to herself: I will nv be free for you, too bad)

He always say tell ppl that your bf says no and they will leave you alone. Next time when I have a bf, I will tell him that my bf says no to you and your stupid papers, so will you leave me alone?

Thank god that Vday wasn't spent with you. You wouldn't have left such nice memories as I had yesterday.

I'm juz real pissed that I was insulted. I bet you lovelies will agree with me and slap him too. Peepz, I'm so glad that I have you lovelies!

Y 5:55 AM

Check it out lovelies! Let's go Mt Faber Jewel Box next time to chill out =). Quite a nice place to hang out and chit chat. My colleagues and boss are already tempted by it.

Rem Faber Point? The place where alot of things happened on my 1st visit to Mt Faber. Somehow gg back there reminds me of those memories. Well, ain't I'm glad that it's all over for Xw and me. Speaking of Xw, I'm gg to c her bf on Friday! The long awaited ta-da of the year =).

Thank you Mr. H for bringing me to Mt Faber. I had a nice time =).

As you have requested, I've written about it. Read it happily =p.

P.S: I'm gg to get killed lolx.

Monday, February 13, 2006 Y 8:04 PM

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovelies! =)

Sunday, February 12, 2006 Y 9:57 PM

Sigh, so sad...tis is the worse day of the whole year, even worser than last Christmas. I lost my precious N70, the one that I treat it like my baby.

I left it on my table while I went to the ward. Forgot about it cuz was in a rush. When I reached the ward, I rem and called my assistant to go keep it for me. Sigh, it was already gone by then...it's only less than 30 mins and it's gone!

Sob sob....

Friday, February 10, 2006 Y 11:37 AM

I don't really like MOS. I think Hooters food doesn't taste nice.

I only like R & B music. I have a bad temper.

I'm been bombarded with questions on Vday. I think Vday has nv been special b4 in my whole life except once.

I think the significant date matter and not the number of dates you got. I think love and relationships can be nice yet unpleasant at times.

I have 3 colleagues whom are getting married these year. I'm gg to be so broke from giving wedding red packets for 2006. I'm getting old as I finally received my 1st wedding invitation and I have received 3 and maybe 4 so far.

I hate ppl whom ask me questions on why I'm still single or comment that I have high expectations. I have no stringent expectations as you all think.

I hate how the fact tat sometimes u attract ppl u dun like but ppl whom u like, juz doesn't notice u and reciprocate back.

I think make up is such a hassle, especially removing it. I think my hair needs nutrients to grow longer and faster.

I hate taking taxis as they always make me feel pukey. I like the taxi drivers whom are committed to drive me to a place in time.

I love the soft toys and flowers that I'm seeing everywhere but I have bought enough stuff toys for myself to accomodate another sin more.

I love the love shaped butterfly necklace from Tian Po Jewellery but it can only be admired from far.

Some things are juz meant to be admired from far. If it's not yours, then it will nv be yours, no matter how hard you try. Tat's so true isn't it? For everything in life.

I dun really understand how you know it's the one for you when the one appears? Who tells you this? My frens said your heart will tell you so. I guess my heart is not functioning well or it has stopped to function.

I'm juz having a bad day and trying to rant off all feelings that I felt. Sad to say, theré has nv been a person whom can treat me better than my often mentioned friends do. I guess it juz explain why everytime they dun the person is not good enough for me. Cuz it can't be due to me, I'm not really tat good...I have all the above bad points.

Who will learn to accept my flaws and will awed my friends? I guess we juz leave it to FATE to find out. All I know is I dun want to be a 30 plus woman who has only dated 2 weeks plus and planning to get married soon due to age problems.

P.S: Sorrie Dede for losing my head off you...sorrie okie? Anw Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, February 6, 2006 Y 7:54 AM

I saw my darling bf today! Awww...she looked so tired! I juz saw her on Sat and she looked great and one day of poor sleep led her to look like half a dead woman. Poor bf, I sayang u okie? Hope you will pass IMH interview and join me! I will really be very very very happie to have you work with me.

Oh yesh, and happie anniversary on the special 14th Feb with your Iz. Though I know it's the last day of work for you, but you know wat? I know the best will chance upon you cuz you are such a wonderful fren! Don't be despair okie? I'll always be there for you if need my support.

It's gonna be a special Feb for me cuz it will be the last month, most probably, that I will be in inpatient sector again. Aww, I miz my dear patients! I felt so bad to tell them that these will be the last few sessions that I'm gonna spend with them...they looked so sad to know that they are changing therapist again...sigh...nevertheless, I will still c them in OTD...so I guess I juz have to be contented with that.

Arrgh, one week MIA from work and I got molested by this patient when I came back. I was walking by the corridor when I saw him and he offered to shake by hand to wish me Happy CNY. After shaking my hand, he was still holding on to it while talking to me, and that was when he said:"Your skin is so smooth", and he went on to proceed touching me. Fortunately for me, I quickly withdrew my hand and jumped out of his vicinity and walked away.

For the whole session of gardening therapy, he kept coming near to me, wanting to touch me and made kissing actions. I think he's probably relapsing. The last time he did that he was forbidden to come down to OTD. Geesh, imagine I'm doing social skills training with him tmr? And wonderful Yoges has to tell me that I better be careful of him cuz he has weird tots in his mind about me. Tat's so great ain't it?

P.S: Dede I love you lots yeah! Because of you, I finally can go to MOS this Friday le! Happy Bday to you in advance 1st. Muacks!

Sunday, February 5, 2006 Y 8:57 AM

Sometimes, when I looked back to my past entries, I really feel silly that I was once so foolish. Looking back at those entries really made me embarrassed lolx...I'm just real glad it was finally OVER.


Can I have more of this?

Saturday, February 4, 2006 Y 7:25 AM

Since the last time that I have been for clubbing, which is last yr and I dun even rem which month it was, I was back to the grounds of club again. Went to MoMo on Friday nite with Jimmy's and Cy's friends. I managed to one of the last few that got the free entry but Cy and her friends had to pay for it...oops sorrie about that girl.

Anw, the music in the club was real loud...and I meant real loud..I was practically deaf when I went outside. Besides the flashing lights were really irritating...they really like to use alot (really alot) of flashing lights. Besides that, it was quite an okie club...music is coolz to me though I was hoping for the R & B music to churn up but it nv did.

Tried something new...lychee martini...not bad...quite light though..no kick...Oh yesh, I muz mentioned this...the toilets are so flashy! Lolx! The toilet rims and cover were like painted gold with shimmers! My 1st impression of that was that it really looked like some drag queen style toilets. Like the cushions in the toilet though...at least u could sit there after you puke.

I'm still waiting to go to MOS!!!! Heard that it's really nice...can't wait to go but can't find anyone to go with me.

Anw, Cy and friends and me left around 12 plus to Jazz @ Southbridge. Tried drinking caiprini and surprisingly, it was really nice! Some limey fruity taste and real real light. Dunno what alcohol it contains though I suspect it's probably vodka. Like the jazz music, the lady can really sing well.

I guess I'm really growing old...there's a part of me that likes to be wild and fun and frequent hip clubs....but there's also a part of me that longed for a quiet and nice place to sit at and juz chill out. Maybe it also attribute to the fact that none of my friends are the clubbing type anymore!

Everyone juz seemed to have settled down with their own lives and partners and juz dun savour the past interests that we used to have. Think about it, when was the last time I went stargazing? When was the last time I been to a chalet? When was the last time I been to a bbq? When did I last went cycling? Have I been to Wild Wild Wet?

I've been starting to realise that I have stopped enjoying life as I used to be in the past. I guess it's time to really pick up things again and start living life.

Btw, I did eyebrow implants today and it hurts like hell now! I dun even dare to touch it...ouch is the best word I can use to describe the intensity of pain. It looked so totally fake now! Still got to wait for 5 more days to let it fade off and become more natural...I dun care about the fakeness I juz want the pain to subside fast now.

A couple of friends also came to my house today for CNY. Saw Sausage for the first time and I have to admit, he is pretty cute! Love his cute lil puppy face though he whimpers instead of bark. I can see the maternal instinct of Kris surfacing slowly...girl time to think of a time to really start a family already.

Oh yesh, thanks to all my dear dear friends that came to my house okie? I really really enjoyed your company and I'm really very very happie to c all of you! I miss all of you!!!

Friday, February 3, 2006 Y 3:56 AM

You Should Date An Italian!
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Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 Y 2:47 AM

Finally got a chance to trample on the grounds of Geylang again! Heh heh, after the long awaited thirst of tasting Geylang's food, I finally returned yesterday to conquer the beef hor fun and frog leg dishes! The taste of great food still lingers upon my mouth YUM YUM.

Thanks to dear Nick, I also got to visit the infamous prostitutes of Geylang...dun get the wrong idea, I only travelled in a car to see how they are like. Have to say some of them really look pretty and busty lolx. And the way they go up to guys and hook them up, unbelievable, really seductive!

The most beneficial of the whole visit was the great food haha...who cares about prostitutes? I dun need their service anyway but it was great to experience how the glum side of Singapore is like.

CNY is pretty quiet tis year round for me. Didn't get to visit a few relatives houses...sigh...as one grows older, politics do get more...I'm glad that I have a small family and I have great relations with my cousins...juz hope that as we grow older, these bunch of cuzzins still bond together.

Friends were also really busy tis yr...the usual gatherings at my house or my friends' house has significantly tone down. Everyone is busy with their own things and friends and couldn't find a time to meet up together. Sigh, maybe really growing old.

This yr, I finally got my first taste of lashing from my relatives, about marriage. Finally they have stopped from saying "Still young, wait longer than find one" to "I wish that you will settle down soon" or "When are you going to get married or find someone to settle down?". Mischievously, I gave my answer "Oh soon, juz need to wait for 5 more years" and they were like "Oh okie 5 yrs.....huh wat? That's so long". Haha...like I can find any Tom, Dick or Harry and juz settle down. Ppl that I like dun like me but ppl whom I dun like falls in love with me. What is it I can do?

Christina from Soteria called me today and asked me down for lunch tomorrow. She's real sweet to offer me a lunch date. I suppose for a 5 star restaurant like Soteria, they are really doing a very good job in pleasing and satisfying their customers.

A pretty wasted day today, considered that I slept away half of the day...sigh...should have taken Friday off too.

I wish that I will get wat I want...if only whoever has heard my prayers and know what I want.


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