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Saturday, April 28, 2007 Y 12:58 PM

Aye! I missed Ozzie, was going through some photos and came across my Ozzie photos. Miss Ozzie life so much and missed my dearie housemates!

My Hostel! Lachu is still staying there, miss her yeah!

My Room (no 2), hiak, so messy, and so much food heh heh...I was the only one with a printer cuz the girls put it in my room. I can't rem why it ended up in my room anyway.

Bestie and Me at King's Park! Muacks! Bestie was staying in Room 3, just next to me and she calls me on the phone every weekend to wake me up keke.

Yoges and me! Wearing Indian costumes during Deepavali. Heh, she's staying in room 6 but we took this photo in Denise's room.

Da-ni-se (Roomie 5 girl), hiak hiak, still remember why you are called that? "hello hello, may I speak to Da-ni-se please?". Azi: "Sorry, no such person".

Lachu, the youngest girl in the flat, think she was like 19 when we went there. She stays just next to me in Room 1, and I could always hear her laughing and making alot of noises at night when I'm sleeping hehe.

Joyce, Roomie 4 housemate, taken during our last dinner at Flat 3. Silly me was trying to imitate her smoking style (me dun smoke kay) and she was laughing at how stupid I was.

Bestie carrying the wombat, I was so afraid that it will shit or urine on me, so I made her carry it instead LOL.

Aye, this funny Swiss guy started to talk to me when I went on a trip alone to Pinnacles. Spent the whole day talking to him when I couldn't understand 3/4 of what he was saying. Hiak hiak.

I love this photo! Caught this pretty sight at "The Pickled Fairy and Other Myths" shop at Fremantle and I got the girls in lovely costumes to take a photo.

Xiaowen came to visit me in December before I went back to Singapore. This was taken at Albany.

The girls brought so much soft toys to Ozzie to accompany them. Mine was the little pink bear.

This photo is hilarious!

This is the little notice board where we leave messages for each other. I always leave them a message to start off their days.

This group of people are like my class jocks and babes. From the left, Elesha, Sara, Callum and Matt. The girls heart Matt lots and left me with Callum (duh, cuz he was in my project group. He sat on my bed after walking around EUH without shoes!).

That's Yvonne (She reminds me of HuiLing), Taryn and Erin (at bottom right)

Grace (my senior at NYP), Anna and Shannon. I tell you something, this ang mohs, they are really really tall! Most of them are taller than me. Yoges and Denise are always complaining that they are like midgets.

This was the last photo taken on the 25th December, at Perth Zoo. After which, I flew back to Singapore.

Heh, there's lots more photos! Silly us having pyjamas parties, dressing up in Malay costumes, having pot luck and stuff. I miss Ozzie, I wonder whether the girls miss it too?

Friday, April 27, 2007 Y 8:31 AM

Happy Birthday to the one that is crossing over the mid twenties line, and turning one year older! Heh Happie Bday to Krisie dear!

Guess she must be really happy becuz we bought her one whole range of anti aging products (which she has been talking about it cuz she felt that she was aging). So we bought her the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream from Bioessence and Olay Total Effects moisturiser. All about anti aging, face firming and decreasing wrinkles. Soon, she can then advertise for the products' effectiveness heh heh.

We went to Earle Swensons at Vivo City to celebrate her birthday. Earle Swensons is just the normal Swensons but a higher class Swensons, with price ranges of $20 plus to $30 plus. They have this buffet salad, which is really nothing much impressive, as least not as good as Sizzler's. I had a Chicken Delight, which was nothing impressive, besides a lot of fried flour and skin. Sharon and I felt so pukey after eating it. Think Denise's was the healthiest, cuz she had some grilled or bbq chicken which I helped her to choose yeah. You should thank me, Denise. We had chocolate fondue for desserts. The fondue was still quite okay, at least one thing good.

It's a very simple celebration, with only dinner and all of us went home around 9 plus cuz everyone was tired. Guess we are all getting older and losing the momentum to have wild and crazy bdays. A simple dinner seems to be good enough nowadays and we are contented with it. Next up, Kar Lock's, Doreen's and Azi's bday! Soooo many people are May babies! Including Jayson, my partner in crime! Heh, I'm gg to be real broke yeah.

Friday, April 20, 2007 Y 10:16 AM

Ever wonder why people turned lesbians? I know why, because girls understand girls better. It's a girl's thing after all.

It's true that girls are more sensitive creatures and dating each other only makes things more complicated but girls, being girls, still understand their same gender too. It's things about them being sensitive that makes them respect their partners.

I'm starting to think that I prefer to date girls than guys (I'm not lesbian though, just a thought).

P.S: I'm not lesbian. Just a lil thought sparked.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Y 6:18 AM

Miss Tong said I looked like those porcelain dolls with my pretty curly hair and lacy top! Haha, she said I look just like one of those on display in the shops with my hair and dressing. I tot her comment sounded very funny but it kinda made my day! Yay!

Yay, I'm so happy because I have 4 patients moving out to work this month! The highest number for the 1st time! I'm hitting my target finally! And my cute lil student was smsing me to tell me the details as I wasn't in office, heh heh but she was too slow, my patient and my HA called me before that to break the good news.

Officially got my lecturing notes and stuff from my ex lecturer, whom will kinda be my supervisor now instead. So many things to plan but I feel so lazy to get started. I have to get started somehow next week and plan the notes, presentations and case studies.

Freaking realise that I have to wake up at 5am and get myself to work by 7am this Sat. Don't know why I'm so suay to always get such kind of good deals. Only 3 therapists had to come back to work on Sat because they are in charged of certain programs. And the Corp Comms lady kept on sending me emails for coordination, funny I only called in to ask for tables and she kept sending me emails now, thinking that I'm representative in charge from OTD.

Lalala, it's Darryl's birthday on Fri but we celebrating it on Sat. I hope he don't nag his celebration away! Maybe I should bring masking tape to the outing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 Y 8:15 AM

This is pissing. Some nothing better do person, claimed to be my blog reader, criticized me on an non existent post, long past one year overdue supposingly should be there blog post. I don't want to be overly suspicious and straight away jump to conclusion that this nothing better to do person is THAT person but certainly, it's freaky scary to be so called "stalked" like that. And how coincidental that the main character in the non existent blog post actually sms me after I ended the conversation with this nothing better to do person.

And why this nothing better to do person knows I block this certain person in msn when I din even say anything about that? What it's a girl's natural reaction to block someone in msn, my foot, and what is it about me taking things literally only in face value? It's so pissing that I'm being criticized by some unknown person in the dark, who knows about me and I know nothing about this person.

Well, if you really read my blog, then I tell you something okay? I WILL NEVER UNBLOCK THAT PERSON FROM MY MSN, PLUS I CAN'T UNBLOCK HIM BECAUSE I DELETED HIM. AND I HAVE NO INTEREST TO FIND OUT WHY HE SAID THOSE THINGS TO ME BECAUSE HE SIMPLY DOESN'T MATTER TO ME AT ALL. Why do I need to waste my time on some useless person who does not concern me?

This ain't the only pissing incident. I found out on Monday that I was really stupidly and naively deceived by my colleague whom was dismissed from work. He's really a wolf in sheep skin. Acting like an angel in front of us but behind that, he was already planning his route out. Sigh, you really wonder whether you can trust people especially people at work place after all these.

And Monday didn't exactly ended in a nice way either. I had a really lousy and terrible time in the wee hours of Tuesday morning but I'm glad that things were okay again after that!

Saturday, April 14, 2007 Y 9:41 PM

Received a really really shocking news on Friday. I was already disturbed by a scene that I saw earlier on in office and then my friend told me a really shocking news, which was further confirmed by my boss on Saturday, when she broke the news to us solemnly.

I felt sad as I have lost a dear colleague and friend. Although he did do something wrong but we didn't fault him for his mistakes. He's a close friend after all and we could understand why he made that silly mistake. Although it's not forgivable to make such mistakes, we still felt sorry for him as his life is just gone like that. A police case, job termination, a family waiting for him to support on, whole life gone just like that.

My colleague broke down and cried when my boss broke the news to us that this fren/colleague was terminated whereas my other friend and I were trying to look as best as we could to handle the situation. Alot of people were upset by the whole issue. Dreading Mon now as it will be the day, the official news will be conveyed to the whole department. Guess things will get emo and stuff during the meeting.

Back to a more cheerful note, met up with Cy, HL and Xw on Friday for dinner. Haven't seen them for such a long time esp HL! They are still the same....so many years that I have known them and nothing changes much, except probably looking prettier and change in marital status. Went to Menotti for dinner (never been there before) and City Space Bar to chill out later. It was my first time going to Equinox/City Space and I was awed by the pretty sight of the city landscape! 70th storey high and I could see most of the city landscape. The ambience was also very comfy and romantic! I recommend you people or couples to go try out the place, get snugged together, chill out and relax.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Y 11:40 AM

I have frigging allergic dermatitis on my feet....CRAP that new pair of sandals....i have awfully bad rashes and blisters all over the area near the toes.

Those blisters are so big and filled with lotsa water. Doc says those are an allergic reaction. Freaking itchy and painful now and I can't wear shoes!

Whoever knows that you will be allergic to your own shoes? And get dermatitis from it?

Sob sob, I wish someone can soothe my bruised heart and feet (i'm so sad becuz my feet is so unpretty, itchy and painful now, and that water keeps oozing out and that I can't go to work). Sigh! My poor feet disfigured now...sob sob.

Sunday, April 8, 2007 Y 7:38 AM

Being in a shirt and pants looks great indeed and indeed looks smart!

So I went jogging today with my cousins. I don't know how long I actually jogged/walked but believe me, it took almost 50 minutes to complete the whole thing. My cousin said we jogged for 4km! Can you imagine that?! 4km for me is like ALOT! Especially for someone who hates jogging.

And we caught "The Amityville Horror" after that. Stupid lady actually gave us the older version of the movie and we were falling asleep during it. So much of us expecting it to be horrifying but it turned out not.

So I went home and drop dead after that. Had a great sleep! Exercising always make me sleep so much better!

Can u actually believe that someone refused to admit entry for me for an NC16 show?

I went out with my cousins to watch "The Reaping" at CCK cineplex. The lady was like "I need to see your ICs as it's an NC16 show". Bloody me forgot to bring my IC that day cuz I changed to a smaller wallet. And she was like "Sorry, I can't sell you the tickets if you don't have an IC". WTH???!!! I'm a bloody 26 y.o looking female, with permed hair, make up and in a dress! I don't freaking look like I'm under 16!!! My stupid cousins were like so laughing at me after that. They were like commenting on my dressing that I looked like a barbie doll and stuff, which is why the auntie refused to admit me. I say she is crazy and blind till she can't see my age.

That reminds me of an incident whereby I took a taxi out to watch movie late at night once. I was wearing bermudas and t shirt and the taxi uncle started to lecture me on going out late and should be staying at home and study. He then proceed on to say that he has a son who is 16y.o too. Suddenly, he just turned towards me and said: "You looked like my son's gf, are you his gf?" and I was "Sorry uncle, I don't know your son because I'm 10 years older than him". He was so appalled and he said that I couldn't be more than 20y.o! I think he was blind really cuz it was at night and most probably he couldn't see properly. Me 16????

And to end things better with the day, I got hit by young boys at my void deck, asking to know me. WTHHHHH!!! I had enough of being refused entry for the NC16 show, I don't need younger boys to hit on me. And plllllsssss, I have freaking permed hair.....it's supposed to make me look older....what exactly has happened???!!

Friday, April 6, 2007 Y 10:40 AM

I made spaghetti today! Haha, I know this sounds silly cuz it's so easy to make...but considering that I haven't been cooking for 2 years, this is actually a major achievement that I even take an effort to cook something.

Fortunately, perhaps I do have good family genes, I still remember how to cook a proper spaghetti, although I don't have fantastic cooking skills. Thanks to Ivy for giving me additional tips in cooking it. Even went to Pizza Hut with her yesterday to look at the different types of spaghetti and trying to create my own from there.

End results: Taste good! At least for those whom have tasted it said it's not bad.

I'll attempt to cook Japanese food on the next round then heh heh. So I do like cooking after all, nothing beats eating your own food, but I don't like the hot and sweaty feeling though.

Btw, I got my letter of appointment for my lecturing post. Getting ready to start lecturing next May. An official lecturer now! Heh heh, I even took the challenge of supervising a final year student for her attachment (nv have the courage to cuz they are supposed to be very good and I'm afraid that I couldn't teach them well).

So in all, it means more work, more shit and maybe not so much fun or maybe some fun after all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Y 6:52 AM

Qing Ming Festival

1st time that I ever had to so call "celebrate" this festival. Mom and I woke up real early on Sunday morning and made our way down to Mandai Crematorium, with huge bags of paper money and flowers. Took a cab down and got a call from my Aunt halfway, telling us to alight the the back door cuz the front door is badly jammed.

True enough, as we sped past the front entrance, we saw one long queue of cars, stretching over 2 traffic lights till the way into the entrance, and I happened to see my uncle's car amongst them!

Finally, everyone managed to get past the jam and we made our way up to where Grandma currently resides in. I'm in awe that people actually bring tables and lots of food for offerings. Managed to squeeze our way in and pay our respects to Grandma, follow by us fighting for space to burn the paper money at the fire grounds.

Growing older has certainly bring about many changes in life. I'm now missing a family member but yet having closer family bonds with my cousins. I still remember that once we were so close together while we were being babysitted by Grandparents and how we splitted apart when Grandma got a stroke and everyone had to stay at their own homes, to how we grew closer and hang out with each other again after Grandma's death.


I had been a very very happy girl for the past one month, esp the past 2 weeks. Thank you for making me so happy. I really appreciate it!


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