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Saturday, November 28, 2009 Y 9:21 PM

Had a really eventful long weekend. It started out with something nice and ended with something not as nice.

Woke up really early on Friday to go to East Coast Park for cycling with my family. It has been ages since I got exposed to morning sun rays, healthy fresh air and cycling. It was simply great to have 2 hours of pure cycling and fooling around with my family members. $6 for 2 hours is worth alot in my case, since I enjoyed myself so much. We even thought XH to cycle! Haha after so many years of cycling on 4 wheels, she finally can cycle on 2 wheels! So the next time round we go, she can cycle on her own =).

Popped over to Haw Par Villa for a visit afterwards. It was my first time visiting Haw Par Villa and it was truly a rewarding experience. I have to admit was quite shocked to see so many naked women figurines, and I thought Chinese were conservative. The 10 Courts of Hell was rather disturbing though, although it was nicely depicted but everyone came out of it feeling disturbed by the facts that the smallest sin can get you the worst and gruesome punishment. Made wishes upon the wishing well and I hope mine comes through haha.

Went to Malaysia on Saturday with Sharon and her beau. Had our usual Fish Head Curry. It started out with a good mood but however, times were not going so well as it progressed on. Honestly, this is the first time I had such experience. Sharon's bf car was being robbed while we were eating in the restaurant. They broke his window, pulled out his back seat and took Sharon's bag from the car boot! Honestly, how would they know there is a bag in the car boot? And all they took from the car was the bag and nothing else. I kinda suspected that we have been marked from the moment Sharon took her bag out to keep it in the boot. Luckily our passports were with me still and I took my valuables, so we could still proceed on to make a police report. Seriously after visiting the 10 Courts of Hell and after this incident, I can tell you that people who commit crime will surely suffer in live or death. It is really sinful to commit such crimes, causiing such grief to others. May those people who committed the theft be caught. I shall not curse them or what but what goes around comes around.

Saturday, November 14, 2009 Y 6:41 PM

Blogging seemed to have died down because there is nothing new to blog about or maybe I'm too lazy to blog about it. By the time I remembered about blogging, I kinda forgot the events I been to.

Michael Jackson This is It
This is what I meant by too belated blogging because apparently this movie has been off screen already. I was very glad that I caught the show on the first day of opening. I've only witnessed a MJ's concert over TV before, and that was really impressive. In the screen shots of him in the movie, you could really see he was really talented, being very much in sync with his music, knowing what he wants, being able to direct others to achieve what he wants. The effects that he has for his concert, the dancing, the music, the dancers, the backup singers, everything was so impressive and amazing. In fact, I very much think that if he did not passed on, this would have been his most fantastic concert ever. It's a pity that we will not get to witness it and I think those people who have already bought the tickets to his concert will feel really upset, for they had just missed the best concert of 2009.

Halloween Party
Second time that I went Halloween partying, first time was with Ivy they all. First time I dressed up though. Went to Zouk with a nurse costume with a white wig, like some anime character. Took lotsa photos with people and caught my cousin in Zouk dressed up as a witch too. It was rather fun, hanging in the crowd and dressing up and I wouldn't mind doing it again, only except that I'm probably getting a lil too old =p.

Baby Visiting
Dear Xiaowen has given birth to a Lil Baby Boy last month and I went to visit her and her baby. She's looking really good and happy and the baby boy is simply soooo cute and lovely. All well wishes to her and her baby!

DVD Watching
Yup, caught up in the craze of watching DVDs every weekend, be it olden shows by Stephen Chow to newest shows like Star Trek those kind. Been watching movies all weekends. Kinda gotten addicted to it now.

As for now, nothing much except that I'm really waiting for Left 4 Dead 2 to be launched and I can start experimenting with the new equipment. Correction, the CD is actually out! Waiting for pay day so that I can get it! Hee hee!


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