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Sunday, October 28, 2007 Y 7:36 PM

This week is Clarke Quay/Liang Court hogging week. Been there like 3 times this week. Went with Ken on Tuesday to Liang Court to have our favourite udon as usual, this time we had the cold udon, which was really nice to have a hot weather. Tried this new drink called Shandy also, a little beer in it and definitely nicer than Jolly Shandy.

Then on Friday, I met up with Xiaowen they all at Central to have curry udon, yes udon again, the place that Ken and me went to last time. I tried vegetables tempura curry udon this time round. Not bad, but I find the vege a bit too oily. Cy met up alot of friends that time, haha, it's like all her friends are in Clarke Quay area. Xiaowen also announced that she will be getting married this year! We walked around the whole Clarke Quay and eventually went back to have Azabo Sabo ice cream, then waited for Cy's bf to pick us up to CCK. I was so tired by then, having slept little and survived 20 hours awake. Took a cab home and knock out in the cab.

On Sunday, Ken and myself went out with Mom and Latricia to the same two places again. We brought them to have our udon at Liang Court. Mom was so ecstatic about it, she shopped alot in Meiya Supermarket. Bought so much things and poor Ken has to carry all. We also went Central to eat ice cream again, keke, Latricia was so happy with all the food especially the ice cream.

So that was the Clarke Quay outings, 3 times in a week heh heh. I also had other good food this week. Went with Ken to Bukit Timah to have Indian Food. We had naan, chicken korma, tandoori chicken and this spicy cauliflower. I still prefer the chicken tikka masala. The tandoori chicken was too dry and tough. The cauliflower is nice though. I think we ordered too much, I got scolded by My Lim for it, boo! We couldn't finish cause it was so much. Not my fault what, the Indian guy said "It's very little only, comes in small dishes only". Turns out the small is quite alot yeah. Still had food to my heart content and felt satisfied with my craving for Indian Food.

Went to Ma Maison at Bugis with Ken, his friend, Eddy, Bonnie and Ivy on Saturday. It was supposed to be some special event heh heh. Anyway I always like that restaurant. i find it very nice for the ambience and the food is nice too. I had the hamburger steak while Ken had the stragnoff, which reminded me of the beef stew we had in Wiener Kaffeehaus. After which, we popped over the The National Museum Muse Bar for chill out. It's a very small bar, and they had Halloween party going on. I say if you want to go to a quiet place with not so much people, then this is the place but if you are looking for something hip and happening, you will find it boring. Saw lots of people dressed up in funny costumes, V for Vendetta, Jap soldier, this cult religion (forgot the name), devils and stuff. We also bought stuff at the entrance to put on ourselves.

Courtesy of Ivy's halo and wings

Ken was wearing this specs that he bought, with the angel suit, look real weird.

Feeling frivolous, I took Ivy's halo and put it on myself and snapped some pics.

Myself, Ivy and Bonnie with the little tinklets that we bought.

This photo reminded me of Miss Pageant. Ivy looked like the Crown Miss Pageant while Bonnie and me are the runner ups. Not referring to my looks but my little tiara. It's good to have a little dream once in a while right? Heh heh.

Poor Ivy was probably drunk that night and sprained her ankle. Poor Ken was also affected by the alcohol and couldn't sleep all night. Kept tossing around, for a moment, I was so worried that he might break his neck with all that stretching in a subconscious mode. Thanks dear, for chilling out with my friends although you can't drink. It was a great night tat night though, we all had fun and we looked forward to more of such events!

Monday, October 22, 2007 Y 11:37 PM

Can't remember when was the last I blogged and dates too but I remembered that last Wednesday I went to Tao Restaurant with Ivy. Had a sumptuous dinner where the waiter was busy flirting with Ivy, I'm not pretty enough to get his attention and he didn't call me pretty too (too bad), and we talked to our heart content during the dinner.

Mango sorbet, I wonder why they served us the sorbet so early? It would be nice if they served it after the main course for digestion. The drink was nice though. Soury and sweet.

My favourite potato gratin! Taste extremely good with the bread! The bread is so thick and crusty.

My curry yogurt prawn salad, new on the menu, never tried it before. The curry is not pedas though, but a little sweet.

Ivy had fruit salad, my favourite amongst the menu since last time. The tasty crabstick mixed together with the sweet fruits is simply irresistible.

We had grilled mushrooms too which Ivy didn't took photos of it, so I couldn't steal it off her blog hee hee.

Our soup, hers was the Chinese melon shark fin soup and mine, like me, creamy and kiddish mushroom soup!

This is my main course, baby lobster pasta with white wine. New on the menu too. However, I don't really like it cause it's very creamy. And the lobster is so so only. Still prefer my beef steak and pork ribs.

This is what Ivy had, baked flounder with cheese. You know it wouldn't be my main course cause I don't like fish. Ivy said it tasted too fishy for her liking though.

I had most of their teas before, so this is something that I have tried but Ivy's having it that night. Lavender tea, comes in a warm pot, and very calming, soothing and destressing.

This is my favourite rose apple tea! Still like this the best! It comes in an iced pot.

Dessert was chocolate mousse. Agreed that I had better desserts than this before too, plus too small for me to satisfy my hearty dessert appetite, but still tasted good enough.

Pop over to Clarke Quay Central Mall, to have dinner with Ken on last Friday. We went to Wakashachiya, as requested by me as I wanted to try the curry udon. It was pretty expensive, and we only ordered like 2 udons and topped it up with 2 extra dishes. The curry is nice though and I added cheese to mine, making it sweet and thick. I love the fried brinjal, so crunchy and tasty. The curry wasn't hot, like the horrible experience I had at Central's Waraku, it was much more sweeter, more like Japanese Curry. Bought my favourite little doughnuts and then we had ice cream from Azabu Sabo, this time we tried sea salt with caramel. Interesting combi but it tasted real good!

Went to meet Kris, Denise, Ernest at Vivo on Sat evening. Haha, it was more like Kris was talking to Denise and I was entertaining Ernest while Mr Lim was trying to act like a vase hahahahaha.

Ken and I are both hooked to Pirates now! Don't tell you what it is, if you join Facebook, you will know it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Y 6:53 AM

"When life gets to the stage where you are back to square 1 again, what do you do?"

In a state of confusion and rumbles, don't know what to do. Feeling really bored. Too many changes happening around. Getting restless from waiting. Losing interest and motivation in certain things.

Sometimes, it's good when everything is just simple and easy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Y 7:28 AM

Hello Peepers! You know what, I think I have short term memory, I couldn't rem what I did last weekend at all until I thought very hard and remembered what I did. Think my memory is failing me.

Heh heh, anyway I accompanied Yoges to buy a new phone on last Fri evening. She bought the N6120, so thin and pretty and sleek and girlish! I prefer it over 6300, that one is like more guyish yeah. We went to dinner at Delifrance with Min too. Oh you know what, she is officially not a vegetarian anymore since this Monday! Yippee! So we don't have to think so much of halal and vegetarian places at the same haha.

Min came to stay over at my house and we watched "Nada Sou Sou" on dvd. It was really sad, I Cried and cried so much. Oh see, my memory failing me again, we watched the show on Sat morning...heh just remembered.

Btw, I managed to wake up on Sat morning and went to jog! Min sat down and read while waiting for me to finish jogging. Heh heh.

Went to meet Denise for ktv later. Received some very good news. Went to celebrate at dinner time at Pasta Cafe. Silly us!

Ken came over to my house to stay overnight, omg, he is such a pig lor, he slept like 15 hours straight till Sunday, went for like lunch/dinner, and then slept for another 2 hours. Chronic sleeping disorder really.

Had a really good lunch with my colleagues today. Well session spent...had a good dinner with Ivy today too. Heh heh,bought new shoes after being nagged by Mr Lim that I should wear proper shoes.

Heh heh, eating strudel away now, straberry strudel, yummy yummy.

Monday, October 1, 2007 Y 9:53 PM

Y 8:35 AM

A lot of things happened over the past week that I haven't blogged. Didn't have the energy and heart to blog, busy spending time to myself, family, friends and him.

Over the past week, where I went back to work, I made a crucial decision on my last week of leave, decided to finally go for a new change, to try out something new, to venture out to something more. So here I am, going through interviews, getting excited with new offers. Very soon, I will be moving on to something new, a change that I'm glad of. Thanks for those whom have sat through with me, helped me out, and supported me of the decision.

Denise was a babe to help me out alot during this period. She could be an angel in my life, helping me to seek opportunities and gotten me an interview. Ernest and Kris for helping me out on the locum prospects. Azi for praying and well wishing for me. Ting was really great to gave me advice on other career paths and advised me to stay on path. Xiaowen encouraged me to move with my heart, see what my heart and mind is telling me. CY simply just sorted me throughout the process. Even Jarvis said as long as I have thought it through, go ahead. Not forgetting my dear colleagues whom felt sad and wanted me to stay on, but wished me well for new prospects. And my mother whom said just do what I like and I'm happy with. Even my cousins are supportive of it.

And thank you You for guiding me throughout the process, teaching me patiently on what I should do. I enjoyed discussing my plans with you, cause it was so fruitful. Thanks love!

Spent time with my Office 2 colleagues on Sat, only Lee Sian, Yoges and Ivy turned up in the end. Bonnie was sick. Ivy was terribly late though. Waited for her for so long but the catching session was good.

Had steamboat later in the evening with my family, XM and Aunt Jenny's family. Was so full after eating, but started feeling hungry by 12 plus. Haha such a glutton.

Spent the weekend with Ken, I like his cosy little home and room, haha although my room had more space and lotsa of empty areas to roam about. I like both our rooms, cause all nice to sleep in! Hahaha, speaking of sleep, I'm sleeping more and more, so tired yeah.

Btw, Denise, thanks alot of accompanying me, waiting for me to finish the interview. It felt great to have support! And thanks to Dear for coming to have dinner with me, meatballs and chicken wings are simply great! And the cosy little children's beds that we saw, I wish I owned them man, in adult size though! Haha!

And thanks Denise for helping me to do my office work, helping me to screen the names out yeah. You came to wait for me in my office but I made you do my work too, so sorry for that! And thanks alot!

Got happy news today too, hee hee, got called for second interview. Yippee! Wish me luck on Wednesday!


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