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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 Y 6:57 AM

It was a really really hectic week last week! Had never ever been out everyday for the whole of my work life...since Monday to Friday, I have been going out after work everyday. IT REALLY DRAINED ALL ENERGY FROM ME. Heck, it was Christmas so I had to rush for last minute shopping, as well as hanging out with friends for dinner and family members for dinner and celebrations. I went home at 11pm everyday and slept at 12 plus to 1 plus everyday. I had only 4 hours of sleep everyday. Plus, I have to rush Ern's and Kris's wedding powerpoint presentation.

Saturday to Monday was crazy totally. Rushed through the powerpoint presentation on the whole of Sat and rushed to meet Kris at Harbour Front for pedicure. Did my nails for $55 at Nails @ Lacquer Room, which comprises of a mango tango scrub and moisturizer, shaping and nail painting and nail art on the big toes. Hee, I got one little cat with footprints sitting on my 2 big toes now. After which, we went to Kris's house to stay overnight. Funny that we, the sisters, actually slept earlier than the bride. Haha, even Kris asked why the sisters are actually sleeping earlier than her.

We slept for only 3 hours and woke up at 6 am to prepare for the day. Geez, the best part was making the 3 obstacles for the groom and the brothers. We were making this concoction which consists of this stinky vegetables (courtesy of Denise's grandma), chilli, salt, soya sauce, sweet sauce, vinegar and corn flour. It smells terrible and I bet it tastes horrible. Next, we prepared the wax and wax stripes and lastly, courtesy of Kris, she provided this video that she wanted the guys to dance to.

The whole day zoomed through like a rocket. Good things happened. Unlucky things happened too. Is it me or I'm really plain unlucky for all my life? Trust me that my dress got cocked up last minute, that it was so loose until it can drop down my chest. Trust me that I got stucked at level 58, which required card access but I didn't have the card to access it. Don't ask me why I got stuck there. I knocked out immediately when the whole event was over and after I showered. Missed the gift exchange with the girls totally. Sorry girls, I was really tired.

Rushed home on Monday to have another party with my family. My cousins stayed overnight at my house on Sunday. Again, I fell asleep while watching them and knocked out all the way till 12pm. Well, at least I managed to wake up to celebrate the rest of the party with my family members.

Sad to say, Christmas is not only about good things and all about festive mood. I remembered I had a sad Christmas last year and this year, though it was all well and festive and I had fun alot, I still received depressing news. Rest assured, I'm not dumped (technically not possible in the first place since I'm still single) but it's something worser than that (to some ppl whom are close to the person at least). My elderly colleague who has been fighting against the deadly cancerous lymph nodes for this whole year, has passed away on 24/12/2006. It really shocked me to hear that because last I know, she was doing chemotherapy and undergoing op and her cells are cleared. I knew she was in palliative stage when I visited her in November in TTSH but I didn't expected that she will pass away so fast. She still looked well and good when we last saw her.

Sigh, I didn't experience death before and this year, I experienced the deaths of 2 loved ones and it's sad to say that they both died from cancer. Kudos to my elderly colleague for putting up a brave fight against the deadly disease, from the start of OT Day 11/1/06 till 24/12/06. I salute her for her bravery and I respect her with all my heart. Your memories will be remembered by our OT dept dearly.

Friday, December 15, 2006 Y 7:42 PM

Backdated entry from last week cuz I was toooooooo lazy and tired to even blog heh heh.

8/12/06, Friday
Jesse (D's girL) has been working in this restaurant called Charcoal for her Shatec attachment and so DeDe asked us to try out the food on Fri. Pretty funny cuz we had to get tickets to go in. I was quite surprised when she told me about the tickets and I paid like $26 dollars for it. For a moment, I was shocked. I thought it was some students attachment and I was paying so much (probably my brain not registering when De msg me that time). $26 is not a lot actually when she told me it comprises of a appetizer, soup, main course and dinner...and then I understood.

The restaurant is actually located near Funan Centre. We had soft shell crab for appetizer, shark fin melon soup, fish or lemon chicken for main course (I took chicken with no questions) and this cake (can't rem it was chocolate or cheese) for dessert. The food was quite decent especially for the soup and dessert. They even served us free tea and a lot of biscuits!

So if u are keen to try out this restaurant run by Shatec students, do pop down before January to give it a try. Don't ask me how I got tickets cuz I'm not the one who did it.

9/12/06, Saturday
It was our Dept's chalet day! My cousins came over to stay over at my house on Fri night and I brought them to the chalet on Sat. It was Hawaii's night theme so I wore a Hawaii skirt that nearly tripped me to death. We had a bbq over at the chalet (thanks to the food and efforts of Jamil and Rahman).

Fortunately I brought my cousins along to stay overnight because no one stayed overnight except for Lee and myself. It would be kinda scary to stay in such a big house with only 2 miserable people.

Jay, Rupa, my cousins and I tried our guts test and went to OCH for a night walk. We only managed to walk around OCH cuz my cousins were too freaked out by the dark and the ghostly spirits. Gerald was chanting louder and louder and even louder when Rupa accidentally tripped over a hole. It wasn't the hospital that freaked me out, it was Gerald's chanting that was more freaky LOL.

15/12/06, Fri
Picked up the bridesmaid gown for Kris's wedding at Santiago. It's some peach dress, tube top with a string of beads as one shoulder strap. It was a short dress with the extension of the back to the floor.

And Sharon is back from Ozzie, though she flown to Japan but let's hang out when u are back huh!

Sunday, December 3, 2006 Y 6:09 AM

Do u know wat is hypnotherapy? Is it those swinging pendulum watches that you see on tv and then the person goes into a trance? Fyi, the world's greatest hypnosis, Mutant Erickson, can make u go into a trance just by you stepping into his office.

I went for a talk on hypnosis and that was wat I learn. I still dun really know how it works since u have to actually be certified to use it. Well for 2 hours talk, it was not bad that I learnt so much.

Went to Alex Su's performance at Tan Chang Ren after the talk. I'm sure he wouldn't want to invite us again after that cuz we were busy talking rather than listening to him haha.

Nothing much to blog this week cuz pretty tired. More up next week.


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