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Saturday, January 23, 2010 Y 8:23 PM

So I know I have not been posting for like almost a month plus! I rather kinda forgotten that I own a blog but in life, there are many things that happened to us everyday that we can always talk about in our blog.

There are many things that happened to me over the months that passed, things of happiness, sadness, joy and tears. Sometimes I'm not sure whether it's really appropriate to post certain things up. However, I shall make a constant reminder to blog more and keep it more active. Sometimes when I look back, I will be wondering, do I want to look back at a blog filled with happiness only but would that be just self lying to myself, as I only remembered the things I done right and not done wrong? Then again, I will be wondering if I read through the sad things again, would I felt that I had lived life wrongly?

So back on track, what have happened lately? The biggest change probably is marching into 2010 and making new year resolutions. Seriously I don't really have new year resolutions so far. Perhaps I will make some as I go along although I do hope that I can save up more this year and travel to a few places with friends or family. Love life, hmmmm, we leave that to nature and fate. If it's bound to happened it will happened but then again, people says you have to make effort to make it happened. Meaning, you will have to go out and look for it. I'm a rather poor sociable person, so I'm not really sure how much that works but we shall see.

New Year started off with a fall and a neck injury, tsk tsk, really a good start huh! Terrible neck muscle sprain which made me giddy, headache and nausea for so many days. Glad it's so much better now already! New Year also started off with a terrible home visit which really makes me wonder am I jinxed with home visits in my current work place. It seemed like there are always bad things that happened whenever I bring someone for home visit.

However, the good thing is good friends are back and all hanging out together with me. Yes, I lost some friends over last year, I don't know whether it's right or wrong for me but some wise wisdom from my close friends have straighten me into some direction. Some people are only on the train with you for a short journey. Despite being on the train journey with you for that period, we may not have known each other that well or fitted each other personalities. It's all about miscommunication and misunderstanding. I do regret losing those friends but perhaps, it's the me personality where I may run away from things rather than fix it. Being the weaker person that I am, I will get suck into it rather than having my own reasons. Well, at least now I known clearer and I will treasure my close friends alot.

Well New Year so new hairstyle. I decided to say bye to short hair for time being, it's time to have long hair before I get really old. So I permed my hair too, don't really care I look auntie or nice but I really wanted to have perm hair, as I like it. However, it also means I have to be more hardworking in managing my tresses rather than just rebonding it for manageable reasons. I really like perm hair and I shall try to keep perm hair no matter what others say. Haha, at most, find someone older so I don't look that auntie =).

January is moving rather fast and soon it will be Chinese New Year soon. It's time for spring cleaning! I really hope the new year will be a much better and fruitful one for me considering how much has happened last year. Hope it will be much more brightened and joyous!


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