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Sunday, March 30, 2008 Y 4:53 AM

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Monday, March 17, 2008 Y 10:36 PM

Been ages since I last blogged. Have been tormented by a strange illness for nearly a month. Firstly it started off with a flu, then I started to cough and couldn't sleep at night, then it went back to an infection again of the nose and throat, and now I'm down with 2 asthmatic attacks, which I have to be put on the machine and I'm now given an inhaler.

It was a horrible experience. I remembered on last Sunday, I was hyperventilating and so short of breath, I felt so uncomfortable, I started to cry in the clinic, in front of alot of people. I wasn't embarrassed during that time as I was really uncomfortable but after I got better, I felt so embarrassed. I could understand how asthmatic patients feel when they are having an episode and really, it's not a nice experience at all. I feel like as if I'm fighting against some barrier, try to break through the barrier so that I could breathe better. The attack on Monday was much milder but it equally freaked me out, and I hope it didn't freaked Min out. So sorry that Min has to be there to go through that experience with me but luckily for her, else I would be alone.

Anyway, enough of all bad talk, let's have some positive updates for the ages that I have not blog.

Chalet at Costa Sands

My family had a chalet at Pasir Ris Costa Sands on the 7th to 9th March. It has been a year since we had a chalet and this time round, we booked two units, learning that we need more space for a bigger family to sleep in.

The first night was quiet as not everyone was down there. Dinner was BBQ prepared by Mom, Second uncle and auntie. I have to say I really admired my family. They bring all sorts of things down for chalet. They have like a bunsen burner, their own bbq pit, pots and pans, skewers and tongs, basically everything brought by themselves. Can you imagine waking up at a chalet and you have fried eggs and otah sandwiches prepared by using a bunsen burner and a pan and frying stick? Totally cool and awesome, you don't have to worry about food at all!

So first night was more quiet, just dinner and we watched a horror movie "Wolf Creek" and then it was bed time. Woke up early the next morning to have a nice breakfast then off we head to the bicycle shop. Rented bicycles for the whole day and we went off for a 4 hour cycling trip. Cycled throughout the park and stop over to play at the playground and with the sea.

Last year, we had a funny incident whereby my cousin, Ken said he wanted to show us some stunt at the flying fox and ended up sliding his bum throughout the sand. This year, we tried funny stunts of pushing the flying fox and flying up vertically 90 degrees and hitting the ground back again. This time I was the one doing the stunt. I felt so scared when the flying fox went up vertically that I jumped down from it. Amazingly, I landed on my feet pretty nicely so that it looked like I was doing a pretty stunt. Thankfully I didn't land on my bum like Ken instead.

So after cycling, it was swimming. Taught Ken how to swim and he finally learned how to swim a bit using breast stroke! Hooray, an achievement for me! Afterwards, we had bbq for dinner again, this time round with more food. Saw 2 vcds, Norbit and Stardust also, played mahjong and cards till we were all sleepy and slept. No night cycling this time round because the adults were fearful of the incident last time (losing the key and cutting the lock haha we younger ones found it more funny than scary although the adults didn't think so) and plus the so called "Alamak Salamat" on loose. You must be wondering why that name right? Our dear cousin, Ken forgot his real name and thought he was called "Alamak Selamat" and wanted to catch him to claim the rewards. Naturally we all laughed at his mistake and we know he will never get his reward cause there is no such person.

On Sunday morning, we woke up very early and we went to cycle again. This time round, we cycle to places we never been before. It was raining slightly when we went out then it cleared off. We went to this little pond that we never been before but the tracks were real narrow to cycle. By the time we were coming by, it was raining cats and dogs and we were drenched.

Went back and we started packing to leave the chalet but the day did not end there. The cousins (females) went back to my house while the male cousins helped to bring things back to my Second uncle's house. Then all gathered at my house again and we went to Causeway to catch a movie. Wanted to watch "L" but the guy said no more show slots so we caught "10, 000BC" instead. Although the reviews for 10,000 BC was simply bull crap, we enjoyed the show nevertheless. Perhaps we didn't bother too much about history, or whether cavemen speak English or not. Perhaps the trick is to view it in the eyes of a child and enjoy the movie as it is. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I saw this movie with the eyes of a child, maybe because I was with alot of children, so it turned out to be quite nice to my opinion and I enjoyed it.

So after the movie, we all went for dinner and then the wonderful weekend was over.

1st Anniversary
Despite our trip to the Singapore Flyer, it was my turn to do something nice for Mr Lim for our anniversary. Booked him and myself for a massage at Spa Elements. Thanks to the lovely CY who offered to let me use her voucher, we actually got a good deal and enjoyment from it.

The massage was an hour and it was so nice! We got a couple room and we had two therapists. I like my therapists, it was painful and firm but yet after the release, my body felt good and fresh.

The only bad thing about it was they didn't offer us to shower and we ended up looking so greasy and feeling so sticky all over. So next time, I doubt I will frequent them again although the massage skills are good. Nevertheless, I think Mr Lim had such a good massage he felt so tired he slept the whole day.

After the massage, we went to this Jap restaurant at The Cathay to have lucnh. Had a very yummy lunch. I had Chicken Katsu Curry Don and he had the same smelly unagi don again. We also had shitake yaki tori, potato koroke and maguro/salmon/prawn sashimi. Was so full after that.

It was a pity that Mr Lim was very tired after the massage, he was so tired he only wanted to go home to sleep so we spent the evening separately. It's a spoiler though, so unromantic of him and I didn't enjoyed it but then seing how tired is him and how freaked out he was when I had the asthmatic attack and how caring he was for me when I needed help, I forgive him for his unromanticness. After all, it's more important that he is there for me when I needed someone.

I hope he liked the present I made for him though, though he seemed to like it.

So that's all for updates. I have been sick for a long time so didn't go out much or go to work much and I'm bored of staying at home, yet I'm paranoid of getting breathless. Anyway I also heard a piece of not so good news from dear Ivy and I'm so sorry that she has to be so sad recently. Hope she feels better.

As for now, cheers to my recovery!

Sunday, March 2, 2008 Y 6:31 AM

I'm a sick cat. Sick for two weeks plus already, from a common cold, it become a secondary bacteria infection that cause me to lost my voice, to have lymph nodes infection, fever and lots of phlegm and mucus and wheezing. And in the end I spent like in total $100 plus to see doctor, the latest one being $60 dollars and I am on 7 types of medication now, with one being a medicine for asthma. Can you imagine it? I never have asthma my whole life and now I have to take this stupid asthma medicine just because my airways are choked.

Anyway the good news was, I went up to Singapore Flyer on it's first day of launch with my dear Zhu Zhu, who was so lovely to give me a surprise. He actually bought the tickets last year in March, which we only were just starting to date each other. It was really sweet of him to plan this for me. So we went up to Singapore Flyer, our first time. It was really interesting to see the tropical rainforest setting in the shopping arcade at Singapore Flyer. Then we also saw this Fish Spa at Kenko Reflexology, which is really interesting cause there are fishes eating off dead skin from your feet. I wonder how it feels like huh?

We went to queue for it finally at 6.30pm. We had to go through this system which is like the airport security checking system, where they will scan your bag and you have to walk through the detector. Then we were brought into this place where we were taken a picture which they then superimposed it to a background of us being in the capsule of Singapore Flyer. After we we walked along this bridges that will allow us to board the capsule. The capsule was still moving as we were trying to board it so I guess children and elderly will have troubles running after it.

So up we went, up up to as tall as 40 storeys. I was a bit scared at first cause I'm afraid of heights and I had to grab on to the rails. Then it became better and we started taking loads of pictures. I saw the city skyline in a bird eye view. Saw the ground that they are building the future casinos on. I saw the floating stage from high up in the sky, and how the roads curved and turned. And if the sky is clear, you could see Sentosa and Indonesia too. There was also a dining table in the capsule which I assume must be for functions and events. The flyer was lighted up in blue neon lights when the sky turned dark and it was really pretty. I saw the city view in daylight and I would like to see it in the night also and when the casinoes are up. That will be so cool!

After that, we went to The Cookie Museum. It was Ken's first time dining there hee. So we had this Polynesian Romance tea made up of apples, strawberries, kiwi and lemon. We also had a Polish Dog Quiche and the LooLoo or Lulu Cherries Cheesecake, which both turned out to be super nice!

A pity though we had to go home early as I was sick cause I'm really feeling not well but overall it was a good date!

So, now it's time to pamper the sweet Zhu Zhu who has given me a lovely surprise and took care of me when I'm sick, although I was frustrated with him on Friday night, much owing to the fact that I couldn't sleep well and I was in bad mood. Sorrie yeah Zhu Zhu, thanks for being so nice to me.


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