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Thursday, February 22, 2007 Y 5:34 AM

I got my part time lecturing position. Waiting for them to appoint me officially of which I will officially become a part time lecturer.

Spent lengthy hours today discussing with HB about my schedule and how I would structure my modules.

I still feel very incompetent and too fresh with this whole lecturing business. Not equipped with enough knowledge and skills and yet trying to be a lecturer? I hope I'm not building my own grave stone.

This means, it's going to be tons of reading for me now. I have to figure out what to call myself cuz HB still calls me Caiwei.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Y 7:11 AM


It's CNY again! Can't believe time flies so fast!

This year, we had a rather poor CNY cuz we didn't give or receive ang baos, or bought too much new goodies or decor. We were missing granny but I'm sure she celebrated with us in one way or another.

We went around with our usual visitations though. I had my reunion dinner with my Grandpa on Sat eve, then went to my Aunt's house to watch vcd and then went out to watch The Protege (This is good! Do catch it if you have time!).

On Sun, we went to Grandpa's place for visiting. I wonder will he be feeling lonely at home without Grandma? But the whole family swarmed his house from day to night to keep him company.

After which, my family went to Uncle William's house for dinner. He cooked really big prawns, beef, salmon and dumplings for us. My eldest uncle can cook really well and I always enjoyed eating his cooked food. Fell asleep at his house while my parents are playing mahjong with my cousins. Really too tired.

On Mon, we went to Uncle Chee Seng's house for lunch and dinner. My second uncle like to cook Ba Guk Teh always and yeah, we had that for dinner. Haha even Uncle TY was exclaiming on Sat night whether we are going to have that again when we go to his house.

Went out with Uncle TY/Aunt Connie's family, Aunt Jenny's family and my teen cousins for a movie on Tues. We went to watch "Just Follow Law". It was very very very funny! After which, they came to my house for dinner and mahjong.

I caught a flu in the end with all these late night sleeps and visitations...probably from my cousins too.

Going for interview tomorrow for the part time lecturing position tomorrow. Phew, I hope I really will lecture well. Good luck to me!

Thursday, February 15, 2007 Y 10:06 AM

Officially on leave till 26th Feb! Heaps of relief!

I got a great news that I could only share here with everyone...I got offered an opportunity to lecture in my school. They asked me to do 15 hours of lecturing! I'm going for my informal interview next Thursday to confirm everything. I'm quite scared though cuz I'm afraid that I will screw up everything! Oh well, if that's my calling, I will not reject the opportunity given to me.

Things seem to be getting better...boss bugging me to go sign up for masters and apply for scholarship. She agreed to let me teach if I don't mind too! Yeah! My patients all found jobs and they are moving out! Another good thing!

I was upset the last week but now I'm feeling soooo much better!

Oh oh, and Denise and Ivy are going facial with me to Skin Revival on 26th Feb!

And that I managed to clean up my room for at least 3/4 of it! And I shall continue tomorrow.

I'm gonna hang out with my cousin tomorrow at Bugis to buy her new year clothes and eat steamboat with her, Mommy and aunt!

And Denise asked me about skincare and makeup suddenly! And CY is finally back from Ozzie.

Life is looking beautiful at this moment now =) Don't you think so?

Who cares now that I'm single and dateless? I'm happy with things in my life that are occupying the free time. I'm a wretch to make myself tired ha....I like self torture!

Oh, I found this really catchy song and I really like the music and lyrics. Reminds me of how things can go real bad at times but yet, we still love each other no matter what.

Heart - Stars

Time can take it's toll on the best of us
Look at you you're growing old so young
Traffic lights blink at you in the evening
Tilt your head and turn it to the sun
Sometimes the T.V. is like a lover
Singing softly as you fall asleep
You wake up in the morning and it's still there
Adding up the things you'll never be

Alright, I can say what you want me to,
Alright, I can do all the things you do,
Alright, I'll make it all up for you,
I'm still in love with you,
I'm still in love with you

Time can take it's toll on the best of us
Look at you you're growing old so young
Traffic lights blink at you in the evening
You tilt your head and turn it to the sun
You disembark the latest flight from paradise
You almost turn your ankle on the snow
You fall back into where you started
Make up words to songs you used to know

Alright, I can say what you want me to,
Alright, I can do all the things you do,
Alright, I'll make it all up for you,
I'm still in love with you,
I'm still in love with you,

The hard luck god
You never had a chance you know
Incurable romantics never do
He held the flame I wasn't born to carry
I'll leave the dieing young stuff up to you
You get back on the latest flight to paradise
I found out, from a note taped to the door
I think I saw your airplane in the sky tonight
Through my window, lying on the kitchen floor.

Alright, I can say what you want me to,
(I want more)
Alright, I can do all the things you do,
(Give me more)
Alright, I'll make it all up for you,
I'm still in love with you,
I'm still in love with you,
(I want more)
Alright, I'll say you want me to,
(Give Me More)
Alright, I'll do all the things you do,
(I Want More From You)
Alright, I'll make it all up for you,
I'm still in love with you,
I'm still in love with you

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Y 6:33 AM


It's not a place that grows mushroom but rather it's a restaurant that serves mainly mushroom typed food. We went there today on Vday to have a mushroomy dinner and we ended up feeling really mushroomnated!

We took the Economy Set Meal which costs $26.80++, and consists of side dishes (yes made from mushroom - mushroom shreds and fried mushrooms), starter (mushroom sashimi - abalone mushroom), 6 types of mushrooms (pine mushroom, monkey head mushroom, tea tree mushroom, black pearl mushroom, xue gu, bai xue gu), meat (we took chicken and pork and vegetarian for Yog), vegetables, dessert and ba bao cha.

The ambience was nice and it's not crowded. The food was so so to me, maybe I'm not really a fan of mushrooms only. U need to classically condition me (just like the dogs in Palvo's experiment) before I dare to eat such texture, I probably have tactile defensiveness.

It's a well spent Vday with dear frens after all, and yippee, I'm on leave tomorrow! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Sunday, February 11, 2007 Y 8:21 AM


It's Denise's birthday celebration today. We (Krisie, Yog, Azi, Dodo, KL and me) bought for her a standard makeover package at The Makeover Inc, at Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

The package consists of 4 4R photos and 1 8R reprint photo. If you wanna buy the rest of the photos, u can either convert it into cd for $10 per photo (without touchups), if u choose 10 photos or more, OR u can print it out in loose for $10 like that.

We waited for DeDe for 2 hours plus. She looked totally fabulous and different after the makeover, and they made her wear a really sexy golden sequin top that showed alot alot of her assets! Weee wee....the photos are really nice and alluring huh.

It's pretty worth the price. So if u wanna go for a makeover, can try that.

If u wan a cheaper alternative and equally good in standard, try Beauty Box. They even have a birthday package! Really worth!

P.S.: I got this song from Fahrenheit's blog, it's not by them by playing it reminds me of them heh heh. I love Fahrenheit!

Y 8:18 AM


Aspirin, as the name suggests, is a pill that helps to curb headache. However, aspirin can also be use as a mask for the face! Or rather, it can be a scrub and mask at the same time. If u wanna have clogged free pores, radiant skin, remove blackheads/whiteheads/clogged pores and smooth skin, u should try aspirin mask then. I'm gonna teach how you can DIY your own scrub and mask by using aspirin and a few simple skincare products, and a simple skincare regime to help you achieve beautiful skin.

Items needed:
1. Aspirin pills - u can buy it from guardians or watsons, either Bayers Aspirin or Dispirin.
2. Your cleanser/Aloe vera gel/Cetaphil/hydrating wash off mask/Clay mask/honey
3. Toner
4. Serum/Moisturizer

Steps in making aspirin mask
1. Place two aspirin pills onto a small dish.
2. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the pills (I really meant sprinkle, too much will make it too watery). The pills should start to dissolve in water.
3. Add in your own cleanser/aloe vera gel/cetaphil/honey if u wanna make it a cleanser cum scrub cum mask session. The amount of cleanser/aloe vera gel/cetaphil/honey that you should add would only need about 10 to 20 cent amount OR add your clay mask/hydrating wash off mask for a scrub cum mask session.
For the first choice, u should use it straight after u use your make up remover to remove make up or sunblock. For the 2nd choice, you should use it after your cleanser.
4. Mix the few things together using your finger or spatula.

Applying Aspirin mask
5. Apply the aspirin mask to your whole face. The texture should be grainy.
6. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes.
7. Wet your palms and fingers and sprinkle a few drops of water on your face.
8. Gently scrub your face with the aspirin grains.
9. Rinse off the aspirin mask.

Final step
10. Apply your toner, if u are using cotton pad, gently massage your face in circles to remove dead skin.
11. Apply your serum and moisturizer.

If you find aspirin mask too drying for your face after using it, follow it up with a hydrating wash off or sheet mask.

You will find your face real clean and smooth after using it! Use it 2 to 3 times a week for beautiful skin!

Monday, February 5, 2007 Y 6:33 AM

I'm going to blog about 1st experience at Skin Revival! Why? Because I'm full of raves for it. It's the best best best salon I ever went. Why? Because I had a painless extraction....and u know the definition of painless? It means I can even sleep during extraction. That's how painless it was!

First of all, let me talk about the setting. It's located at 49B Kreta Ayer Road, quite out of reach from where I live. Takes about 1.5 hours for me to get there....and got to walk a stretch of road. When you reached the place, u gotta climb up one long flight of stairs. As I was climbing up the stairs, thoughts of how the beauticians will comment on my face raced through my head. Then I saw the 2 beauticians and the thought that went through my head was: "Damn, they are so young and they have such baby smooth skin, I'm gg to get a hell of a time with them commenting on my face". To my surprise, they sat me down nicely, offered me some nice tea and something to ask me some questions and asked me to fill a form and all the lady said was: "I will do a skin analysis for you and try to cater the facial session to your skin needs". And the best was, she asked me what is my budget such that she can cater it to my budget!

She didn't commented anything at all about my face during the whole facial session. She just patiently did everything for me. Although I know she must be screaming her head off when she was trying to extract for me (I have lotsa dirt, I knew that cuz she have to extend my extraction time). Yet, she didn't said anything about my face being bad or clogged or whatsoever.

I spent 3 hours there in total and here was what I did:

1. Face cleansing with flora fusion (their wash for sensitive and mature skin...sob i have mature skin)
2. Facial steaming (to open up the pores)
3. Jojoba citrus scrub (very mild and nice scrub)
4. Extraction, with extension of time (extra $10)
5. Cooling gel/Aloe vera mask (to calm down my face after extraction)
6. Enzymatic blemish masque (for pimples)
7. Vitamin cocktails masque and berry berry vit c mask (the first mask was to layer on the face such that the 2nd mask doesn't stings alot. They helped in whitening. My face is loaded with loads of vits!)
8. Neck and Shoulder and back massage with essential oils
9. Face accu pressure massage with essential oils
10. Head massage
11. Eyebrow trimming (i did this before extraction actually)
12. Aromatherapy
I didn't do a facial firming massage cuz they dun want to aggravate my condition.

In total, I only spend $90 for everything, 12 steps altogether for 3 hours. I even bought from them their facial wash, tonic and moisturizer to use together. I'm going to go back for my next facial session in Feb. Really love the service there and I realise I relaxed and slept so well after that! Nothing pays more than having beautiful skin.

p.s: the nice beautician even answered my emails patiently. 10/10 for ratings yeah!


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