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Sunday, November 26, 2006 Y 5:21 AM

I had a WET and WILD Saturday this weekend! Got 4 free tickets when I stayed over at Pasir Ris chalet and went there yesterday with my cousins. They came to stay overnight at my house on Friday night. As usual, with them around, I will end up sleeping real late cuz we will be having late night suppers and playing mahjong and watching vcds.

It was raining heavily when we reached Tampinines. Got drenched before we even got into the water in Wild Wild Wet. Luckily, the rain cleared up when we reached there so we had a jolly good time sliding down all the slides. Xiaohui was mortified by the Ular ride...the one where you go down in a group in a float. It was pretty scary when I first tried it but then I got addicted to it and I bugged them to do it again and again. Xiaohui cried and nearly fainted by the roller coasting on the slide LOL. So bad of us to actually make her do it again and again.

I didn't try the U mobile too...it's really steep and scary...I probably really will faint. I tried the other normal slide and the tunnel slide, as well as the Sky rider (where u ride in the sky on a bicycle), and the wave pool.

Spent there 2 hours plus before we left, as it was raining again. Went to watch Happy Feet after that. It' a really good show and you really ought to catch it if u like cartoons and animation. It was really funny!

Speaking of which, I watched Silent Hill at home yesterday with my cousins. It was really gory and sick. Yucks! Movies adapted from those video games are always so gory and sick, like Residential Evil (except Tomb Raider which isn't gory and sick). I wonder why ppl like playing gory and ugly video games. I suppose they get the hang from shooting and killing them.

I slept the whole day today...so tired from all the activities. Bleah, didn't get much done but oh well, there's 4 more weekends to enjoy before 2007, and then which I will feel I'm so inacccomplished this year. Sigh.

Monday, November 20, 2006 Y 8:57 AM

Fish Leong's MTV


Oooohhhh so cute! She looked sooo pretty here and the guy is soooo cute hee hee.

Y 6:19 AM

I'm now suffering from extremely sore right arm, shoulders and legs. Blame it on too much exercising on the weekends. And it's coupled by the drowsy effect of flu, which has been attacking me for 3 days.

Met up with Darryl, Shawn and Ken and we popped over to Auntie Jenny's condo for a swim on Sat. Did ridiculous things at her house - pretending to play volleyball and tennis with a soft sponge football which ended up falling to the ground floor due to Shawn's extremely powerful hit that caused it to fly out of the window; started a human tug of war game at the swimming pool slide and played charades with all sorts of stupid themes given.

We ended up staying overnight at Auntie Annie's place where we watched Death Note on youtube, had cup noodles at 2+ am and ended up sleeping at 3 where I was seriously delirious with the flu. Woke up at 9 am the next day, feeling groggy yet couldn't sleep anymore. Watched "Independence Day" and ate sandwiches, played mahjong and then went to the court to play badminton. We played badminton for 3 hours...and that explains why my arm is so sore.

I borrowed my cousin, Gerald's rollerblades (I have no idea why he bought such a big pair of rollerblades) and attempted to blade around the badminton court. Well, I did quite well, falling down only once and managed to blade a lil . Boy, I prefer ice skating more cuz the shoes are so much lighter. Lol, I didn't know that the blades can roll backwards so I was sliding backwards while stopping to rest and I had no idea how to stop it.

By the end of the day, I was worn out. I went to bed at 7 plus to 8 and slept all the way till 6 the next day. Boy, that was the first time I went to bed that early since I graduated from school. And this morning when I woke up, I couldn't function, probably because of over exercising and the stupid flu that was still with me.

I'm gonna exercise again this Sat, but not so tedious, just gonna play at Wild Wild Wet. Gee, I'm becoming darker and darker, soon I will look like a monkey...a really skinny one...and that is totally yucky.

Friday, November 17, 2006 Y 10:41 AM

The Great Expedition was today or rather yesterday evening (blogging at 2.31am in the morning as my hair is still wet from shower). As expected, ppl were dressed in casual wear like jeans and cargo pants. My table didn't go as Lara Croft or The Return of the Mummy. Due to costs constraints, we went as The Amazing Race instead. Of course, that simple dress up ain't going to kill anyone or get us a table price either. The point is, we still dressed up and have fun as a dept despite not winning anything.

There were Arabians and Red Indians in the D & D. As well as pirates too. The Red Indians won the best dressed table in the end. Poor Arabians that were wrapped up and covered from top to toe and had to struggle to have their food.

It was much more enjoyable than last year D & D where the games were boring and nothing was really entertaining...and I nearly tot of missing it this year as it was so boring last year. Well since tickets are free anyway, just went ahead to have some fun and it was great. They had funny performances, a good deejay, good music and alot of entertainment.

We had our D & D at Neptune Theatre this round, big place that is going to be demolish soon, so I guess it kinda marks it memorable. I drank alot and danced alot and ate alot and laugh alot. It is the most unglamourous D & D I went to with ppl in jeans and bermudas but it was a relaxing and fun one that I enjoyed myself.

Of course, not forgetting that I spent $15 for my top and $1.90 for the cute little pink cap that I wore to the D & D...and I'm simply in love with them cuz they are so cheap and yet so pretty!!!

Till then, let's c whether I will be around in IMH for the D & D next year.

Sunday, November 12, 2006 Y 7:29 AM

NHG Family Day was a total piece of crap on Saturday. I really wonder ppl planning this event ever tot of something called "wet weather plan". Knowingly that they chose Sentosa as the venue, I would highly anticipated that they would have known that there may be a possibility of rain hence there should be a back up plan.

To my disappointment, there wasn't any wet weather plan at all. The tentages set up were just enough to cover the game stalls and sponsors stalls. There weren't any extra inch of space for the people to hide from the rain! Everyone were like cramped under the Sapphire Pavilion and the only tentage set up for Children's events. Great, basically, it meant that there are not going to be any fun and games because there weren't space for people to have fun and games. Even under the pavilion, there weren't any games carried out to at least entertain ppl. So much for my frisbee and kayaking plans.

So basically, Lee, my cousins and I were just trying to avoid the heavy downpour, looking for a food to have our free lunch. The only thing we probably gain was the free lunch and goodie bag, which the goodie bag wasn't even useful, becuz all it has is 2 bottles of Nivea moisturizers (anti aging and oil control one) and sweets and a thermometer and oh yeah, the plastic bag rain coat.

And ppl are so rude and kiasu. Yes damnit, it's raining but it doesn't means u can cut queue or even push ppl till they nearly trip, just to catch the shuttle bus back. There's this stupid lady that kept pushing us and you know what was the best part??? She placed her baby on our bags so that she would be ensured that she will get a seat while we are trying to board the bus. Because of all their pushing, we got separated. Freaking Singaporeans who are so inconsiderate.

And there was this stupid bunch of ppl who crammed up all the stair way. I was trying to get into the pavilion with my cousins and I told them that they need to shift aside to let us get in. The stupid lady asked me to go by the other way, which is to the front, through the stage and walk one big round back to where I was seated (which is the back area just right behind her!). I got so pissed I just told her that I'm frigging sitting right behind her only, does she expect me to walk one big round just because she is so freaking lazy to move aside? She can somemore make noises at me while she shifted to the side. What the hell???!!

It's so disgraceful to see Singaporeans behaving in such manners and it's total shit. It's such a pissing place to stay in till we decided to leave early. I'm totally glad we did cuz I enjoyed myself more after we left.

We went to Vivo City to take a look at the place and went back to Causeway Point where we met up with Gerald and Latricia. Went to watch D.O.A together. Watching the movie together is such a better option than staying at that stupid pavilion.

I'm glad that I had a nice day after we leave the place. It's a pity we didn't get to play frisbee and kayak together but at least we enjoyed ourselves eventually.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 Y 6:09 AM

I have 6 free tickets to Sentosa!! Whopee, given to me by my colleagues whom have signed up for our company's family day. I'm just gonna use it on my cousins, to have fun and also celebrate Shawnie's bday. So all turns out well now that I have a venue which is free of charge to celebrate cuzz's bday.

I hate this week absolutely. Not that I hate the cafe but imagine, spending 2 full days at the cafe learning the ropes of operations just simply bored me. I'm an OT not a cafe supervisor and I'm no business man. In fact, figures and calculations bored me to death though I have no idea why I can mentally calculate real well till my friends say that I'm the walking calculator. It's simply boring to be just standing at the counter and serving people. That might work well when I was having a part time job when I'm younger but now that I'm older, I want more vigour in my job. Still, it's two days at the cafe nonetheless...and I shall grit my teeth and bear with it.

I'm gonna see Xiaowen and Ting on Friday! Most probably is to celebrate Xiaowen's pre ROM news. It's so nice to hear that your frens are getting married off happily. My sincere wishes to Xiaowen and Kris whom are getting married this year, a happy marriage and may you always be blissful. Please do not forget to hurry on the lil kids!!!

Life gets more meaningless as it nears the end of the year cuz you know time has passes so quickly and you regret at times that it wasn't used properly. But the truth is, time never stops and we should learn from mistakes and make use of our future time more wisely. I hope I'm doing that.

P.S: I'm so in synch with Denise Keller's Olay advertisment catch phrase...Now I Olay, do you olay too? That is some pinkish moisturizer that I seen my grandma and mother using when I was very very little....did the trend pass on? No it didn't, sad to say, but I Olay too just that mine is the whitish moisturizer...perhaps in many years time, my children will be the one saying that oh that's the Olay moisturizer that I saw my mama using when I was young. I missed the pinkish moisturizer used by granny and so I kept mine stored nicely and used it on my body when I feel like reminiscing of her.

Monday, November 6, 2006 Y 3:52 AM

I'm back from a good getaway from the bustling city and the stressful work responsibilities! Had a good leave since Thursday till today. Slept alot on Thurs and Mon and slept real little on Fri to Sunday keke.

Went for a family chalet on Friday...supposingly the cousins booked the chalet to stay over but we decided to ask our family members along for bbq. In the end, some of them stayed over with us cuz they said: "A bunch of kids staying over is not safe, they need parental guidance"....huh wat???!!!! I'm classified as a kid also and couldn't be trusted to take care of all the other teenagers. My cousins and I are mortified that we are still considered as very lil kids in our family opinions.

We had bbq for 2 nights. Went swimming, midnight cycling, hit the arcade, played mahjong, played pool and ate alot (esp cup noodles haha). I think I really turned real dark after all the exercises under the sun.

We had a horrible time on Friday night as we couldn't sleep though we have been asked to sleep. Grandpa stayed over the first night with us and ordered us to go to bed at 2.30am. Obediently, we went to bed but there was a problem, Grandpa didn't want to sleep with us cuz he claimed that there wasn't enough space so he slept outside of the chalet. We were ordered by our parents to give Grandpa a bed to sleep by all means we could. We weren't able to slp cuz we were thinking of all sorts of tactics to persuade Gramp to slp inside but all in vain. We tried sugegsting to go for a walk with him but he said no. We shifted ourselves so that he has space to slp but he said he still need to drink coffee and eat biscuits. By 4.45am, we were all tired and out of ideas. We fell asleep except for Darryl who stayed up to spy on Gramp. All of us woke up early. In the end, Gramp caught a cold and didn't stayed for the 2nd night.

On the 2nd night, we had an adventure. 2nd uncle said: "It's good for them to experience an adventure once in awhile" and so we were given permission to night cycle and indeed it was an adventure. We parked our bicycles and locked it so we could go to the playground to play. In the end, one of the keys were lost and Gerald's and Min's bikes were locked tog. We were miles away from the chalet and it would take an hour to walk back and we had 3 lil kids with us too. So we had no choice but to break the lock. Darryl, Shawn and Ken tried to open the lock with wires and stuff but in vain. In the end, I had to cycle back to the chalet real fast to fetch Aunt Jenny, whom has brought with her a multipurpose cutter (which belongs to Darryl) and cycled back with Aunt Jenny to the playground. The cutter didn't work despite all the cycling so we went to a provision shop to get a lighter to burn the nylon wires. Burning didn't worked either so we had to borrow tools from the provision shop to cut open the wires. It tooked us 2 hours to saw opened the wires. We left the chalet at 9.15pm but only returned at 1.00am.

On Sun, we checked out of the chalet and the cousins came over to my house while we wait for Darryl (whom has gone home to bandage his palm cuz it was injured while sawing off the wires). We met him at Causeway point and we went to watch "The Convenant". After which, we had dinner together and went home after that.

Now, I'm not able to regulate my mood back to working mood. I'm still in a holiday mood and I'm so sorry that the good times passes so fast. Good thing is, we are going to celebrate Shawn's bday and we have free tickets to Wild Wild Wet or Escape Theme Park! So we gonna hang out again! For now, it's back to work. Adieu to fun mode. Hello to work mode.


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