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Monday, December 29, 2008 Y 4:41 AM

Caught Bolt and Ip Man recently on last Sunday and Christmas Eve. As usual, Walt Disney creates it's story line and character without disappointing the audience although I daresay, nothing beats Wall.E of 2008 in terms of animation (with the exception of probably Ponyo by the cliff of the sea by my favourite anime director).

I love Rhano the most in Bolt, the cute little crazy hamster who fantasizes that he is associated with some super hero in some super hero action. He is extremely fat and cute, with a wide and vivid imagination.

However, the show that I was truly impressed was Ip Man. Strangely, I'm been wanting to watch this show, perhaps under the influence of Ken. I actually noticed the show earlier than him when he doesn't even know what it is about. After watching the show, I'm addicted to Wing Chun Fist. Having read about it in many Yi Zhu's novels before, I see how it was calmly demonstrated by Donnie Yen as Ip Man. As usual, Donnie Yen never fail to amaze me with his fighting skills. This is definitely a show worth to watch and worth my ten bucks.

The show that really wasn't as it was claim was Twilight. It was extremely boring in certain parts and I fail to see what is the hype about this show, as so many people whom have read the novel have claimed. Perhaps, this teenager romance story isn't my cup of tea anymore? I'm not sure.

Spent my Christmas eve with my family, a bunch of cousins with the exception of Coco and Ken at my house. There was no festive parties that were outdoors or any big celebrations. It was just a simple gathering where we hang out, chit chat to each other, played mahjong and cards and watched movie together. Christmas day itself, we went down to Grandpa's house where we meet up with the "adults" and had a simple lunch together. Yes, that's how my Christmases have been turning out nowadays. No celebrations with friends, just family. Everyone is growing old and getting their own families and programs.

We had a get together as a family on Saturday again, possibly the farewell gathering for my Uncle whose going to India for 6 months. Every Saturday evening has turned out to be a family gathering session. Ever since my grandma passed away, I felt that I was simply devoid of family get together time, being out with friends most of the time. It is when I regretted truly that I should have spent more time with people that are related by blood and are precious to me too.

Zhu and myself went down to Suntec on Sunday to have a go at the new DM Archery. $5 for 12 arrows, you get it much cheaper at Tampinines Safra. I was rather apprehensive at first, not liking the idea of making a fool out of myself in front of people who are watching behind my back. In the end, we both had a go at it. It turned out that I'm doing it way much better than my Zhu, haha, who was shooting outside of the range most of the time. Although he's better than me in archery shooting in virtual games, I'm better in real life.

This week is going to be New Year 2009. Nothing fanciful and no celebration, just another get together again. 2008 has just passed in a jiff, and time really flies. Approaching the big 3 sooner and sooner. My blog says it all for 2008. 2009, it will be another new chapter in all our lives.

Farewell 2008, and hello to 2009.

Thursday, December 4, 2008 Y 7:28 AM

You know how sometimes you want to protect something or someone that you care, and therefore you don't openly rant about it? That's how I feel now. I am feeling very miserable about something that bugs me alot yet I am not able to rant about it. Why? Because I still love and care.

And to only my own surprise, I learn that perhaps I was the one who was just thinking it all along, that perhaps it was not reciprocated.

My stupidity should come to an end by now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 Y 8:04 PM

Knowing is one thing but actually seeing and witnessing it yourself can be quite overwhelming. Once again, the trust is being overthrown. I don't know what I am supposed to feel. I kinda feel bad with myself, cause I felt disgusted (about alamak). I was shocked initally, not knowing what to react, and suddenly I started crying. I actually felt sad about it.


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