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Sunday, June 22, 2008 Y 8:45 AM

I dislike people who only know how to whine and seek attention. I wish I could just tell such people to "shut up". Perhaps I'm a person with no patience and I speak only the truth.

Some people just have to get a slap to wake up. I don't care if these people hate me or not. Honestly, sometimes I really get pissed with such people. It hurts to know when you are concerned about someone, they backstabbed you. I hate such people and I can't be bothered about them.

I'm glad my good friends are all sane and normal, and having exposed to my words, they know how I am like. Just the same as how they throw words to me, they maybe mean, they maybe the truth, but it's all meant for the good of me. That's how I know my gang of friends as they are so truthful.

New work is okay so far but very very very tiring. I dun know much people there and Monday morning, I woke up feeling denial that I shouldn't have quit my job at IMH. Luckily, so far work is okay although I don't have the gang of friends I have at IMH.

Too tired to blog but was super pissed off by something that's why I wanted to blog. I hate backstabbers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008 Y 11:45 AM

Komachi Mr Ejima san did cut my hair short on Monday when I went to him for hair cut.

So I have short hair now. I don't know whether I written this before as I can't remember.

Caught Kungfu Panda, silly little show but hey, it's cartoon, it's meant to be silly and enjoyable.

Ken brought Mom and my cousins to have Thai food at Jalan Besar on Friday. I really like the seafood Tom Yam soup! It's very very spicy but yet it has this sweetness in it that's simply tasteful. I like the fish with thai chilli too, very crunchy and the chilli is sweet and spicy. The pineapple rice is nice too but a pity that it was too cold. Oh I love the spring rolls too, very crunchy and delicious!

Besides we saw cute hammies in one of the pet shop in Lavender. I secretly still think my 3 lil hammies are cuter although they are lumps of fat and they fight and squeak often.

Met up with Shawn, Ken and Hui afterwards to go to Queensway. It's like family outing with Ken, Min, Hui, Shawn, Gerald and Lat Lat and Mom and Ken and me. I bought socks and a bag in preparation for work. Mr Lim gone to his vanity chase again and bought sports stuff again......not really vanity since he only likes sports stuff. Even Latricia asked him why is he always in sports attire and Gerald asked him why he always carry a bag around. Haha, imagine how he is like for kids to ask that question.

Saw baby Lionel today! He has grown bigger, and fairer too. He's really adorable when he's sleeping, smiling with one side of the mouth twitching only. Although he's scary when he starts bawling for his milk. I carried him and played with him a bit. He's still too small to be more of a fun but well, I guess we have to wait patiently.

Thanks to the grouchy old man who kept complaining that he doesn't likes to rush around weekends, that he only likes to stay at home to 'nua', that he is a loner and blah blah blah. I know you are those qualities you mentioned but thank you for hanging out with me and going around with me. Appreciate it lots!!!! I'll stay home to nua with you sometime okie?

Thursday, June 12, 2008 Y 1:02 AM

My last entry in OTD in IMH. 1.5 more hours to go to saying bye bye to IMH, to my colleagues, to my cosy table that I have sat for 3 years plus.

Feeling sad? Not really sure....feeling excited? Dunno either....just no feelings or weird feelings.

I sure miss my colleagues here! I hope i will get to keep in contact with them.

Hail to new work and maybe I may see IMH again, who knows right?

Saturday, June 7, 2008 Y 8:24 AM

4 more days till I leave IMH...it's been 3 years and 3 months I'm there. In fact, this is stepping into my 3rd month of th 4th year.

Somehow the increasing workload is making me miss IMH more....many are telling me that you don't get such R & R time and you don't get to go home sharp after work at other places.

I don't get the feeling I'm leaving yet....as the days grow shorter, I felt more like staying but yet I felt really happy to be moving on to somewhere else to try new things.

I will definitely miss my colleagues.

Had a farewell dinner with Eunice Li, and it makes me wonder how will I feel when I have mine (if I have one). Imagine leaving a place that you have been working so long at. I suddenly long to know what will happen when I leave.

Of course, I'm even more apprehensive of what sort of people will I meet in St Luke.

Just as how heaven has made me fell sick for no reason and I thought I might die because I have dengue, but yet I survived without dengue, I hope heaven will also makes things flow smoothly for me in future.

I'm no believer in religion but at times, I hope what is in store in me will only help to make me a better person and my life better.

So I'm going for a haircut on Monday.....which I hope the person wouldn't just cut my hair short....but well, new life, new look, start afresh.

Sunday, June 1, 2008 Y 8:31 PM

Life can be quite interesting at times.....how friends get lost in contact and you only hear about them from others by word of mouth and how they get back into your circle again. My dear classmate from NYP whom stays near me and we used to go home together, after being lost in contact for so many years, we met again at IMH. The ironical part was she's the girl replacing me for the time being. Strange how things work out sometimes. It was really delightful to know that she's coming yet stressful to orientate her as she is so smart. A new challenge for me then!

So I caught Sex and the City with my cousin and Narnia with my cousinS....difference being that there are more cousins for the 2nd movie. Sex and the City was it's usual style....sex...woman talk...love...fashion....food. So I never like Carrie, but she's bearable in this movie, given the intensity of pain she has to go through. I do not like Charlotte either because life is simply too fairy tale for her. Sadly neither do I like Miranda....I still like Samantha the most...cause she's really funny and live life as she wants.

I love the fashion though, everyone is clad in such nice clothes, shoes and bags. Sometimes I wish I lead a life like that, wearing pretty stuff and strutting around. Then again, I'm too lazy to iron my clothes, so dreamy bubble is burst. It's M18 rated so don't expect to see too much nudity or sexual scenes (like how I was expecting it to be the same as how it was in Ozzie).

Somehow I got something from the movie, marriage is not just a fashion show or a good venue to host your dinner. I never like the idea of doing a banquet cause it's so troublesome and a waste of money, just for the show of it. I like the little notion that both of them got married quietly and just a nice meal with friends afterwards. But hello, not to the wedding dress though, I still want to be clad in one nice wedding dress just for momento.

Caught Narnia on Sunday. I think it's nicer than part 1 actually. Probably because the kids are more grown up...probably I didn't like watching only little children only? No idea. I disliked Prince Caspian though, just like how my cousins and I came to a conclusion, he's just an average prince, nothing more nothing less. I know, he's the main character and funnily, I always have an inkling for the non main characters...the supporting characters. I like Edward...King Edward...the little one with the black hair. The one that betrayed them in the 1st movie but learned his way. That's more humane isn't it? No one is perfect and goody all the time. Sometimes people go the wrong way and they learn from it....but the important thing is to remember what they learned....which Edward has learned and shown it in the 2nd movie.

And I so do not see why Susan kissed Caspian...given that he's just all brawns and little brains. Just like Edward said: "I'm much older than you (to Lucy) but yet I still do not understand". Ha, I do not understand either. Perhaps I'm being biased because I like Edward only.

You might ask, what about Peter....hmmmm he's just some young lad that is aggressively trying to prove himself....full of himself but needs someone to shatter his confidence a bit at times for him to learn. I was wondering is it because he can never come back to Narnia, that he has lost that child imagination and inclination that he couldn't see Azlan? Probably....it just tells me one thing...that sometimes when we get so grown up and persistent with some things, we lost what we are supposed to see.

In all, this is so not only a children and animal movie like how the reviews put it. If this is bad, then Golden Compass is simply crap. Ha, the little mouse looks like Puss in Boots from Shrek though and the trees reminded me of LOTR. But hey, it's a children story book...see it from the eyes of the child and don't think too adult like...and you will enjoy it instead of thinking it's crap. Remember, don't lose your childlike instincts at times.


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