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Sunday, October 29, 2006 Y 7:12 AM

Number 3 Rochester Park

I went to this restaurant with Yog and Bonnie to celebrate Lee's birthday on Saturday night. Took us 10 minutes to walk from Buona Vista MRT station to Rochester Park.

Rochester Park is a stretch of bungalows that have been converted into dining places for the public. Number 1 is One Rochester, which is a wine bar. Number 2 is North Border Restaurant, which is an American restaurant. Number 3 is Da Paolo Bistro, an Italian restaurant. Number 4 is Graze, a famous restaurant that sells a fusion of international cuisine. Number 5 is Min Jiang Restaurant, a Sze Chuan cuisine and delicacies restaurant.

We decided on Da Paolo Bistro, as they didn't want American and Chinese food, and Graze's prices are sky rocketed. Well, turns out that Da Paolo's prices are also sky rocketed as well.

As we walk into the restaurant, we had to walk down this wooden flight of stairs, where we are then welcome by a scenary of chairs and tables hidden amidst green lushes. We chose alfresco dining so we sat amidst the green lushes. There's an area for alfresco dining and another area amongst the trees for chilling out.

The menu doesn't have much variety, with only 8 - 9 starters, 8 main course, about another 7 desserts and drinks menu. Bonnie, Yog and myself took pasta. Bonnie had cabonara while Yog and myself had crayfish pasta. Please do not ask me what is the Italian name because I can't rem. Lee took the special dish of the day, some pork meat meal. We also ordered calamari and buffalo cheese with tomatoes for starters. Lee took some nice pictures of the food which I will get from her later hee. We also had tiramisu and flourless chocolate cakes for desserts.

The food were quite okie. The starters weren't fantastic. I didn't like the calamari but it may be biased cuz I don't like real squid taste. The buffalo cheese was interesting though and I kinda like the weird taste. Tomatoes were really fresh and juicy! The pasta tasted real nice! Cabonara wasn't too cheesy, just the right pinch of cheese and the crayfish pasta was fabulous! Lee's pork was a lil too thick though so it was really hard to chew upon but the taste was okay. The tiramisu didn't meet my expectations though but the flourless chocolate cake was really yummy and thick!

We had drinks after dinner where we shifted to the wine chilling area. Here, the chairs are made of canvas materials and the tables are made from stones. I had a strawberry margarita that didn't taste as nice as others I have tried. Yog had a Pina Colada which tasted just like pineapple juice to me. Bonnie had a Long Island Tea that became a Short Island Tea. There wasn't any alcoholic content in it at all! Lee had a Whisky Dry which didn't really have any kick in it.

Bonnie and Yog asked for more alcohol in their drinks and the waitress changed it for us. Bonnie's liquor turned out to be too whisky rather than Long Island Tea and Yog's one still taste like juice to me. So in conclusion, Da Paolo's wine and liquor really sucks big time. Perhaps for chilling out, it's better to go to One Rochester, where is a wine bar with alot of variety of wine, liquor and cocktails.

Nevertheless, it was still a good place to dine and chill out because of the ambience and atmosphere. It's a good place to get away from the buzzling city life and slack away in nature. It's isn't cheap though cuz we paid $275 dollars to dine and drink there.

If you are looking forward to chill out in a quiet and nice surrounding, why not consider going down to Rochester Park?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Y 7:17 AM

Desu Noto AKA Death Note, the movie, adapted from the manga "Death Note", is about this student, Light, whom found a book that when you write someone's name in the book, that person will die in the next 40 sec. If death cause is unspecified, the person will die of heart attack. However, if the death cause is specified, the details of the death has to be fill in within the next 6 mins and 40 secs. Only individuals who touched the death note can see the Shinigami (aka death god). And only those humans who used it will experience the agony and trauma of it.

The main character in the movie is none other than Light, of course. However, the main attraction in the show, unfortunately is not Light, but Ryuk and L. Ryuk is character made up by the computer CG effects and he is also the Shinigami of the Death Note that he has purposely misplaced it in Earth. L, a secret and really really weird person, who eats sweets all day long, is the smart and young detective that will challenge to hunt down "Kira" (Light) the murderer of all the criminals and FBIs involved in the case.

L, is weird. He has a really ghastly face with black eye rings. He doesn't sits but squats on the chair and sofa. He is really messy and tardy. He uses his thumb and index finger to hold on to things only. And he eats sweet stuff all the time. You can't deny he is attractive in the show though, not in the good looking sense, but in his behaviour wise. His weird behaviour made him shine in the show.

Light, on the other hand, wasn't really portrayed that well by the guy who acted as him. In the manga and anime, he is really evil but yet struggling with issues. Didn't c how the guy really portrayed his struggle between good and evil. Half of the time, I just feel that he is trying to be real bad but act like as if he is innocent.

Nevertheless, the show was still great. It didn't have any boring parts and there are quite a few smart ideas in the show as well. It isn't difficult to make it into a good movie in the first place, because the manga itself is good enough. It is something that I will definitely buy the VCD and keep it.

Now, I'm catching Death Note on youtube. Waiting for the anime L to come out and compare how similar the movie and the anime L are. Hopefully, the guy loads the episodes up fast so I can watch L real soon heh heh.

Saturday, October 21, 2006 Y 11:23 AM

I received the yummy and unforgetable and nice ALMOND CHOCOLATE again! Yeah, thanks a bunch, Ms J (and of course, Ms D). It's now stowed away in the fridge, waiting for me to come back tomorrow to savour it hee hee.

Went to Cuppage Waraku for dinner. Wasn't as nice as the new branch at Marina Square. The tatami room isn't as nice as Marina Square either. I prefer the room concept in MS branch then the curtain concept in Cuppage. Plus, Kris was complaining that it was way too hot though I didn't feel anything (not too sure about Ms D and J and Ernie). The service was not as good as the branch at MS too.

Nevertheless, the food was still good (at least in my opinion). I ate Curry Katsu Don this time. Their curry is still as yummylicious as ever. Oh, did I mentioned that MS branch actually send me a $5 voucher because I did a survey form for them? That was really nice of them.

Slept real late on Fri night. Was discussing with cousins on where we should go in Nov. Finally, we settled down for chalet. Was trying to book it online and stuff, took 2 hours for us to decide to book online or over the counter (cuz we couldn't get booking through online). When we decided we will book online, cuz there were vacancies available online suddenly, the system had to be down at that exact moment.

In the end, Shawn had to book it yesterday in the morning, the 1st thing he did when he woke up in the morning. We managed to book a chalet at Costa Sands Pasir Ris Resort. That means I will be on leave on 3rd to 6th Nov cuz I will be having a great time at the chalet! Phew, that's a relief cuz I really needed a break from work. And it also meant that there will be a family gathering on 2nd for the BBQ dinner. Not forgetting that we, the elder cousins, will have the whole chalet to ourselves on Fri midnight, Sat and Sun! Thanks a bunchie, Shawnie, for being such an angel to do all the booking (of course, not forgetting that his father used his credit card for payment hiak hiak).

Hitting the bed now. Still got to wake up early to go to I's house tmr for Deepavali visit. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................................

P.S: Bonnie told me that Librian guys are generally handsome in nature, and with examples of Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Edison Chen and Takeshi Kaneshiro being Librians. LS said it's not only guys, but girls too. So those who are born in 22nd Sep to 21 Oct, congratulations to you. And.....I'm gonna have a Librian baby LMAO.

Sunday, October 15, 2006 Y 4:36 AM

A good, cosy family dinner doesn't comes by easily, especially not when you have like 30 over members in your family. Hence, for every family dinner, I treasure it alot.

I nv used to think that way. I would rather go out with my friends then to join family dinners. I missed out alot of family dinners in the past and it's now I realised, how much time I have missed out spending with my grandparents too.

I'm sorry to Kris and Sausage for missing Sausage's birthday celebration yesterday. It was a hard choice to make but I decided that I should really spend some time with my family. I feel sorry that I used to not participate in family events and therefore missing out so many happy times with them.

It was a really happy day yesterday. Mom and I went to fetch Grandpa then popped over to 2nd uncle's house to pay our respects to Granny. Stayed in uncle's house till evening and we all went out to meet eldest uncle's family for dinner.

We had dinner near our 2nd uncle's house. It wasn't this big restaurant or watsoever, but it was good enough as all of us were gathered together. The kiddos sat at one table and the adults sat at another. As you would expected, I'm classfied under kiddos section. I had a great time chatting to my cousins and we were making plans on where to hang out during their holidays.

The funny thing was what happened after dinner. All the kids went to the playground, which was expected but what was surprising was that the adults also followed us to the playground. The kids started to play "Shark", yes, including me and then we sort of got bored of it. Then I suggested playing "dog bone" and "wind blow wind" and some of the adults also joined in the games. After that we also played "Hunter, Fire and Earthquake". Lol, it was funny to see aunts playing in these games with us but we were having such a good time laughing away. Other kids playing at the playground also joined in to play the game. It's kinda interesting and weird that the adults in the family also played kiddish games and the elder kids were also playing those games but it was what makes it really memorable and worthwhile. How many people would actually join together to play games together? And therefore, this is what makes it real memorable yesterday.

After that, we went to eldest uncle's house to play mahjong while they drank away the red wine. Yeah, for once, luck was on my side, I keep winning and winning! Maybe I was really in a good mood and it influences my karma =).

In short, it was a well spent day yesterday with my family. The next time we probably meet up as a group will be on 4th December. Till then, plans with my cousins to have fun till December.

Friday, October 13, 2006 Y 7:47 AM

The media launch of our own Barista Express Cafe was finally carried out yesterday, 12/10/06!

Now the public will get to read about this very special cafe, run by a group of people who may deemed incompetent by others.

CNN, Lianhe Zaobao, Today, Straits Time and Lianhe Wanbao came to interview and film the relevant people.

Sad to say, occupational therapy was not specifically mentioned during the launch but well, at least it appeared in the papers! (in Lianhe Zaobao and Today).

And I saw my Chinese name in Lianhe Zaobao....arrghh I hate seeing my full Chinese name. That is so many years of seeing it since JC. I'm representing the occupational therapy cohort to speak in Lianhe and Today.

At least, there was still occupational therapists mentioned somewhere, which I'm real glad.

And now, people will know that we conduct work training too. Excellent publicity indeed.

If you wanna read about this special cafe, go read 12/10 Lianhe Zaobao, 13/10 Today, 13/10 Straits Time or 12/10 Lianhe Wanbao. Then you will have a better idea on what I am talking about.

p.s: And for the first time, I met someone familiar at Raffles Place while gg home from the media launch. I saw Ting Ting!!!! Finally, someone I know.

Y 5:56 AM

He is super, duper, utterly CUTE!!!! And he has a handsome papa, a handsome "mama" and a real good at kicking arse "papa". In the movie, at least.

He's gotta be the most good looking person and most cameo stealing actor in the whole show.

Besides Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu, who acted as a stutterer and a gay really well. Their cameo appearances were the most memorable scenes of the whole show.

Daniel Wu: You saved the day, you are so cool. (holds to Nicholas Tse hand)
Nicholas Tse (gave Daniel a sideway glance): Where did you come from?
Daniel Wu (releases Nicholas's hand and look in front): Brookeback mountain.

Sunday, October 8, 2006 Y 4:58 AM


That's the theme for our annual D & D this year. What kinda of stupid theme is this? What are we supposed to come in? Shorts? Army printed shirt? Big big hat? Mummies? Cactus? That was what came to our minds initially when we saw the theme. Got the news in early Sept and everyone was pondering about what to wear for it (not really thinking about it everyday but sometimes it just comes to our minds when discussing things).

Anyway, I have decided that I will dress as the pic shown...haha except hmmm, I wonder about the big boobs. Apparently, Angelina Jolie put in extra thingy to enhance her boobs for this show. Well, it's simulating the clothes anyway, heck the boobs.

Now the question is: Where do I get all those clothes or stuff and boots she has on???? Anyone can help?!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2006 Y 9:40 PM

The wedding is over! Phew...finally the job of being a Chinese emcee has been properly carried out. It's especially scary when the lights on shine on you, and everyone else is looking at you. Haha, but I always remembered that the main focus is on the couple so there's nothing to worry about.

I was glad that I managed to pass through the night with good results. The MOE lecturers were happy with my Mandarin. Saw the groom's father nodding his head in agreement and complimenting me when I left. Got a number of compliments from others too. Phew, a sigh of relief. Luckily I still could get through with my poorly deteriorated Mandarin. Spent some time trying to remember the flowery words written by my colleague, from Taiwan.

Took quite a number of photos but have to ask LS to help me load my memory card before I could show you. Thanks Cy for the help in the lovely dress LOL, I got complimented as a fairy with my dress and hairdo.

Drank quite alot, they kept asking us to finish one glass at one shot during each toasting. I could feel myself getting giddy but I was still sober enough. Hit the bed immediately when I got home and shower. It was a good sleep though, the effect of wine. I didn't wake up with a headache though, so that shows I have not gotten drunk enough to hangover yet.

Next wedding coming up! Kris's wedding in December! Hee hee....another round of wedding toasting and feasting again.

Friday, October 6, 2006 Y 8:16 AM

CLAMP is a group of really pretty good comics creators. And not forget, they are all females!

I just finished Chobits and now, I'm watching XXXHolic.

Yes, you are right. I'm an anime freak. I can spend all my times watching animes. And Movies and Vcds!

Bleah, I missed Rob-B-Hood. C if Min can watch with me next Sat with the free tickets. Can get all the cuzzins to go too.

Death note! Manga turned movie....the manga freak me will gather my forces to watch it with me heh heh. And the forces are non other than the other anime freaks that I know in my family.

Try singing Jay Chou's newest duet with Fei Yu Qing in the ktv. Kudos to those that can imitate both Jay and Fei.

P.S: We missed Granny this year for Mooncake Festival but we will celebrate it with Gramps and send our wishes to Granny in the faraway world. I still dream of you at times, happy dreams, memories of you scolding me, memories of you.

Y 7:57 AM

Boss's wedding coming up tomorrow. I'm wondering when was the last time I stood on the stage and whether my legs shook that time. I remember in secondary school, I trembled badly. I couldn't remember about poly though, even though I believe I was rather nervous and a bit frozen.

Tomorrow, in front of 450++ ppl, I have to speak in Chinese, appropriate Chinese. I'm glad I'm standing behind a podium. I hope I pronounced all the Chinese words correctly. I hope I don't freeze out on the spot.

Wish me all the best for my big stage out tomorrow!

Sunday, October 1, 2006 Y 7:53 AM

We had a bridal shower on Friday for our boss, and for the first time in our life, we get to sabotage our boss for all our heart contents. Lol, that does not means I dislike my boss or watsoever, but who in the world gets to sabotage their boss? Bless me that we had a young boss whom is so kind and nice to let us do that.

We went to Waraku for dinner and made her do all sorts of things. Sing, dance, cosplay (dressed up as a Jap school girl) and walking around the whole restaurant to get signatures of wishes (Xw, if u are reading this, you will finally know what I did). Of course, we are not only nasty creatures who play and fool around only. We treated her to a sumptous dinner, made a video and sketch book for her, as well as a spa treat for both her husband and her. See, we are not so bad after all.

Which also means, those whom are getting married soon, just beware that you have such creative friends, especially OT friends that get married.

Went to work on Saturday alone and to face 8 patients by myself. Halfway through the session, Professor turned up and saved my day of being alone.

Went out with DeDe for ktv after that. We own the room and the mic cuz there were only 2 of us. Sing to all our heart contents. Didn't managed to talk much though cuz since there were both of us, it's either she is singing and I'm eating or I'm singing and she is eating, or we both were singing together. It's nice to have company to just hang out and do stuff like that.

Subsequently, I rushed off to Chinese Garden to meet my family members. The lanterns are not as nice as last year, except for some. This year, they show case the 7 wonders of the world. Plus some other insects and magical animals. Took lotsa photos but none with my own camera.

Cousins stayed over at my house as it was already very late when we went home. Played mahjong with them till 4am. I never have much luck with mahjong. I nv win much but good gracious that I'm not the one with the least amount of money either. It must be that my mahjong skills suck or luck is really down on me.

Went out to celebrate Xiaowen's birthday today, at Waraku again. This time round, I didn't sabotage anyone but we pamper Xw with gifts instead. After which, Cy accompanied me to buy an evening dress for my boss's wedding. Evening dresses are really expensive huh. And it's not like u wear it often. Finally, we found one white tube dress at Daniel Yam which Cy agrees that it looks the nicest among all that I've tried.

Thanks Cy. I nv have much interest in evening dresses so I really wouldn't know what to buy if you weren't around. I really like my dress but it also means I have to slim down a little too heh heh.

Oh yeah, I just rem, our classmate Changwei got married! Geez.....ppl who sign on are really rich. Can drive cars and get married so early. Wow, wedding bells ringing everywhere around me. You know what that means? It means I have to start saving money to give away. Lol, like how YL put it as, maybe we should start a wedding account, one that stores money to be given away for red packets. Wait a sec, I think he also mentioned that we should start a baby account too, one that saves money to give away for baby showers. Oh dear, oh dear, this is real scary.


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