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Monday, May 28, 2007 Y 11:44 AM



Y 7:02 AM

I had a really great weekend! Celebrated Azi's and Dodo's bday on Fri.....gave them their prezzies too! I love giving prezzies and see people's reaction when opening it. It's so happy and nice!

Met up with Xw and Ting for afternoon tea on Sat. Haven't seen them for so long!!! Ting actually even curled her hair and we didn't know! Ting is going to be a primary school teacher, Miss Zhong! And Mrs Chin is changing jobs again, wow so much changes in such a short while. Really haven't been keeping up with them. We had tea at V Tea Room and even V Tea Room (our favourite hangout place) is going to change too. It's gonna be called Cookies Museum, cuz they have really nice cookies (nv tried before until on last Sat). They are going to have lesser seatings too....awww...I hope they keep the vintage setting cuz that's what I liked about them.

Spent the whole weekend with Mr Lim and it's such a bliss! We even went to watch a beach volleyball competition, so cool yeah! Poor Mr was sunburnt while I'm not (heh heh the power of using sunblock). I think he looks like a piece of charcoal now, especially when beside me. It really doesn't matter what we are doing, as long as the time spend is worthwhile. Muacks!

Mars vs Venus was the last episode today! Like the quotes they mentioned in the show sometimes.

For the guys:
"Jealousy is when she's with another man, time crawls for you"

For the ladies:
"A woman is most capable when she is the man's last woman"

For all:

Thursday, May 24, 2007 Y 9:49 AM

Thanks dearie for the pretty necklace (it's a flower, no way it's a star), the yummy Indian food, the really really delicious Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the sweet little things and thoughts, and although not very willing to wear it, the ugly little Shrek ears. And most importantly, your precious time and presence! Muacks!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Y 5:41 AM

Hello hello! I'm here to adverstised for my friend, a friend that I known from some part time job. Met her at the cafe the other day, yesh, my old work place used to be a few storeys up from the cafe that I'm supervising now. She said she had some online shopping webbie selling vintage stuff, so if you like vintage stuff, go visit this webbie k?


And if you like food, go try Jap food at Liang Court, very nice huh! And if you like sausages like me or bread stuff, go try this shop at PS B2. Yummy sausages and sandwiches! I forgot the name though boohoo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BESTIE! It's her birthday today and her wonderful fiancee has sent her 26 roses, with some heart thingy and poem and she was so ecstatic about it, she sent me 3 smses in a row to tell me about it. Lol, bestie, good that your birthday was brightened up by your lovely fiancee and I'm glad that you are so happy! To bestie's fiancee, you are great yeah, so sweet and know how to make a girl happy! A pat to you for being so smart! And bestie, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and be a very happy and pretty girl always yay?

I think I lost my cool today yeah, which is so seldom especially towards stranger. Some stupid taxi driver picked me up and misheard Compass point to Compass vale....and he drove me all around Sengkang, and later then he admitted that he doesn't knows the way and he is lost. I was freaking late, it was raining and I'm wet, I'm irritated and I'm in a rush and he was trying to act smart by driving me all around Sengkang, which I kindly told him that he was going the wrong way but I don't know how to exit, and finally then he admitted that he doesn't knows how to get to Compass Point. Think it's the 1st time I told a taxi driver off for not knowing his way and not bothering to check and that he is charging me so much for his own mistake. Lol, he was like "how much should I charge you? how much do you spend usually?" and I said "Forget it, I'm already very glad that I can even reach Compass Point safely" and then I banged the taxi door shut.

But the day ended nicely, because Bestie was happy (she was so sad about her bday previously) and lecture went well and I know what I was talking about. Oh and that I had a free lunch at Swensons from my boss (hmm though that was after all the shit that we had for 2 years lol).

P.S: Mr Lim better start revising for his exams yeah. Procrastination is decreeded sinful by my law. Kick you if you procrastinate!

Friday, May 18, 2007 Y 9:21 PM

Got to know from a colleague that one of my colleague, Mr L's daughter passed away on Thursday. I was really shocked to hear that, although I had friends that passed away when they are young. I never expected someone closed to us to lose his child, and even more shocked to find out that she contracted flu and passed away as her body was too weak to handle the viral attack. I heard that she was really weak since childbirth and have always been falling sick, reminded me of myself because I always fall sick too, but I'm still healthy and strong and alive.

She's so young, like around my age only, had just been converted to Catholic, looking forward to life and religion and then, she's gone the next moment. It feels even worse to lose a child than to lose an elderly, when you know that you will never see your child grow old, settle down, be there for you when you are old and frail and sick, be at your funeral. It feels painful to hear my Mr L still trying to laugh when he was talking to LS about it but I know deep down, he must be really upset.

It's now then I realise why he always buy herbs for me, buy medicine for me, treat me to nice food and stuff, because I realise that he finds similarites between his daughter and myself.

Life is so unpredictable and fragile, one moment you live it, the next it's gone.

Friday, May 11, 2007 Y 11:40 AM

I got a pretty bright pink cover for my N6280. My old black casing was brutally mutilated by my constant dropping of phone on the floor, allowing it to commit suicide from elbow height to the granite platform and dissecting it's body parts when it committed suicide.

Seriously, the sides of the phone, were the casing could not be changed, are seriously damaged but heck, my phone is still working. It's not pretty in sight and in the past, I would have screamed my head off (maybe a lil exaggerated, only will feel very sorry that's all), but now, it's simply bo chup!

I know, it's so girlish to get a pink cover and Min says that it's so expected of me. Despite of not wanting to join the pink girls group, I totally love pink huh and I know bestie loves pink too! So I LOVE PINK but I AIN'T BIMBO. And guess wat, bestie chose the pinkish cover for me! Muacks, it's so sweet of you to go around with me to look for a casing! Heart you lots!

To Bestie, I know some events today has triggered some past memories of yours but you know what? I'm so totally glad you ******* XXXXX (this is not vulgarity kay!). Been my sentiments since the day it started till the day it ended and still my sentiments now.

Some people aren't just worth your time like SOMEONE, make it SOMETWO, hmm maybe SOMETHREE. If it's yours, it's yours and you have found yours. I'm happy for you.

Thank you for telling me and for hearing out my rants!

And Sharon is really SWEET to ask me out although I couldn't make it today. Miss ya man! Miss the days we hang out together. Okie okie, we should meet up more often kay?

And to answer the question of why people can blog so much, it's simple, YOU JUST WRITE. It's like writing a personal diary, some thoughts that you have and a blog is some thoughts that you wanna share. And it's for people to see what has been happening in your life too (according to Cy's theory, she reads other ppl's blogs to find out how they are doing). If I don't write, you got nothing to read also right? Then you wouldn't be visiting my blog to see what I write heh heh. Why do you think I can crap so much out of lecture notes then, or help Kris's to write beautiful letters? CUZ................. I CAN WRITE lalala.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 Y 9:56 PM

I'm bored, I'm supposed to be doing my lecturing stuff but I'm too bored to continue. Supposed to get myself down to the office to take the slides but I'm lazy. It's called an incentive to get moving, so I shall blog and get myself out of the house.

I love this song, it's catchy and lifts up my mood when I'm doing my lecturing slides. Keeps the day happy and light. (Blogger is crappy, cannot upload the song, bleah! Upload it later!)

Where you are the one, the one that lies close to me
Whisper's "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms

Anyone missed you terribly recently (Hopefully!)? Or missed anyone terribly recently (Better yeah!)?

Someone asked me to watch some lesbo chick anime (Strawberry Panic), it's all about girls in girls school that like girls. The girls looked like guys and the others look like girls. It's like seeing girls dating girlish looking guys whom are actually girls.

That's not as bad as Min who asked me to watch Loveless, some gay anime, all about guys who like guys, with girls liking gay guys.

I'm a STRAIGHT girl watching homosexual shows/animes.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, to your mom, to bestie's mom, to everyone's mommies!

I'm soooo free this week! DATE ME OUT! Anyone wants to date me out? All are welcome! I'm available all times, Muacks!

That reminded me of something that Kris that told me that zillion years ago (in our younger days). She said we should all have a part time partner, so that there is always a back up. Love her analogy, so silly! Silly tots during our silly days.

And years later, just a few days ago, some bisexual person told me the same thing! And that her part time partner is a girl while her full time partner is a guy (husband in fact!). So Kris's analogy did come true hur hur. Pretty interesting, her theory was that when her husband was away and she feels lonely, so she snagged up to her lesbo partner for companionship, and according to her, it's safer to venture out of the boundaries, to a girl than a guy.

Some idea that had appealed to me in the past, which we felt that it was logical, kinda sounded wrong now when I hear it again.

What about you? Will you go out with other people of the opposite sex on dates when you are attached/married? Will you have lotsa part time dates? Are you still as playful as we were when we were young? Will you still open yourself to more opportunities despite that you already had one? What will you do if someone better comes along (Lol, I would have said go for the better one! Ain't that right, Kris and Denise?)?

I like where you sleep,
When you sleep, next to me.
I like where you sleep... here
Our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
Our lips can touch here

Pics from Kris's Birthday at Earles Swensons

Update: I'm gg out with my cousins OR I'm sleeping away (don't think so, probably got to do housework yucks) at home for weekends. Seeing Bestie tomorrow, muacks! Girlfriends rock!
And there is going to be no sleep for me tonight, sob, I'm gg to be a panda piggy!

Saturday, May 5, 2007 Y 9:44 AM

Guess what I got from my student? Lol, a Winnie the Pooh towel, 2 stickers (Disney princess and Winnie the pooh) and Hershey chocolates. She said she thinks I will like that kinda stuff. Haha, the last 2 students I had gave me some cute stuffed up pillow. Dunno whether I appeared to be too childish and like such stuff, or what?

I heart the gifts that I got from my student though, cuz she's right, I do like stickers, chocolates and cute towels haha. And I treated my student at the Bubble Tea shop again (last time I treated my students there too). I think J and I were missing the food there, chicken rice for him and PORK CHOP for me haha! I love the PORK CHOP fried rice there. Yummy yum!

So we caught Spiderman 3 in the evening yesterday. I prefer the 1st 2 serials but Denise told me that critics said that nothing can beat Spiderman 3 as it was the best. I found it to be more comical and not as good. And nothing can beat this phrase, my cousins and I rem it so well. Next time when you pick up the phone and call a girl, tell her this "You are a good woman, I'm a good man".

Ken was so excited that Transformers was coming out soon, kept saying that he wants to catch the movie and talking about Transformers. Just like Mr Ken Lim! I think all Kens like Transformers. Wahahaha!

And Kris has just boycotted another restaurant, she commented that The Village food sucks and she will never step into the shop again. Haha, funny that the places that suck are all Ern's favourite places. Although, on a second note, I agree that the food sucks too and I pay more to stink there. My clothes still smell like some grilled or pan fried meat and I'm sick of the rosti that I ate.

P.S: Been to Vivo City quite some times this week, I think my Westfield Carousel is much more interesting than Vivo, although the latter has a nice sea view which is great to sit by. Heh, but if you seen Fremantle, that's not as sweet as that.

Thursday, May 3, 2007 Y 8:38 AM

I think I'm eating too much recently! I'm becoming like Mr Ken Lim, whom is a pig aka glutton! Wahahaha!

Anyway, back to eating, I ate alot today with Ivy and Lee Sian, plus Bonnie (for like 15 mins of her time) AGAIN! The last time we ate alot, we went to Sakura Restaurant and pig out big time. We went to Xiao Xuan Feng this time and pig out equally much, all thanks to Ivy whom complained that she is too sad to hear of someone leaving in end May. So we ordered 2 plates of prawn dumplings (courtesy of Bonnie whom likes it so much), 1 plate of fried beancure with prawn, 1 plate of xiao long bao, 1 plate of fried red bean paste, 1 plate of golden brown bun. This was what we had with Bonnie around. After Bonnie left, they ordered 1 plate of fried rice, 1 plate of vegetables and 1 plate of beancurd skin (thanks to Ivy whom kept ordering).

Thank goodness I didn't eat lunch much today, except for a piece of bread. It's pretty funny to see Lee Sian raising her hand up many times to order food. I believed the waiters/waitresses probably thought we are real gluttons. And that's not all! We even went to Gelare to have ice cream after that!

And and, there was this awfully cute little girl sitting in front of us in Gelare. She has such big round eyes and she kept playing with us while we are munching on our ice cream. Heh heh, kept making monkey faces to me during the whole time. She looked so disappointed when we were going. Poor little baby even started crying when we waved our hands goodbye. Awfully CUTE!

Bleah, I feel like such a pig and so fat now after eating so much. Don't nag at me to exercise k, cuz I am exercising yeah, and bleah bleah bleah.

P.S: We just had a lesson by KY's wife, a dietitian, on nutrition and healthy food, and yet we spent our time pigging out for dinner after that. How healthy are we healthcare professionals yeah?
Oh and yeah, in case you were wondering girls, KY's is inviting us for the church wedding. The Chinese Banquet is for his family members, so yeah, I'm attending the church wedding.


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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Not yet a woman

Loves <33

Good food
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My family =)
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