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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 Y 2:27 AM

I had the strangest long weekend, and it made me realized that, I have grown up and am able to handle difficult situations. Throw me in any dire situations and I would have been able to handle it.

It was supposed to be a day trip to Batam but it turned out to be days trip. In the start, we had been delayed for our massage appointment due to the long queue at the Immigration counter. Then, our designated driver did not turned up at the expected timing to drive us to the ferry centre, followed by a massive jam at Nagoya Hill. In the end, we missed our ferry ride and had to stay over in Batam for a night.

So we had to drive around the whole night, for 3 hours, trying to look for a hotel, when each and every hotel we went to was full, except one dodgy hotel which had half naked Indian men walking around the hotel and demanded twice the amount of the room charges as deposit and someone's passport! What kinda deal is that? Thankfully, we managed to find a hotel finally, and it was 4 star hotel some more.

I would have to say we had been real lucky. The cab driver who drove us to the ferry and around the place to look for a hotel was really patient and nice. We were thankful that he appeared when we called for a cab and compared to the dodgy black cab, which looked like those type of cars used for kidnapping people, his car looked really brightly lit and decent. We were lucky to met an Uncle at the dodgy hotel, who offered his help to us, helping us to translate and helping us to call his friends to check for available hotels. Although, he seemed dodgy too, to be carrying lotsa of Indonesian cash and wanted to exchange money with us to help us with the deposit. Still, he kind to lend us his help.

I have to say, I am strangely puzzled by my reaction. Everyone else, except Sharon and me, were really pissed and irritated but the 2 of us tried to crap our way through to lighten the mood up. Yeah, I was afraid that I may have to sleep on the streets and that I am in a foreign land, but I managed to stay calm all the way and tried to be optimistic. I didn't have my toiletries or my towel, but I just make do with whatever I had in the hotel to shower and get fresh. I didn't have much cash with me but we got by with a credit card. I didn't have connection to Singapore, I couldn't call out but I managed to send a message to my family to assure them I am safe. Yes, it may sound like it's a piece of cake to face those troubles I mentioned but seriously, not all girls could do it, don't you agree?

Thinking back, I felt that the whole experience was a good learning experience and I had fun from it. Yes, it was really tiring and worrisome, but I learned and I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed my long weekend, because I learned and experienced something new and I also gotten time with my friends and family. I had a great weekend, what about you?


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