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Saturday, August 14, 2010 Y 11:09 AM

Great Things that happened recently:

1) A nice dim sum lunch at Yum Cha. Finally, after so long!
2) Been trying to swim religiously every weekend
3) Going on a tour in Sept...although couldn't manage to get to go to Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea as it coincides with the holiday period, and it was so expensive! Nevertheless, we will be going to Malaysia!
4) Inception....best movie that got me incepted =) and got me hooked on to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
5) A Team...I haven't watch a good action movie with soldiers in it for some time
6) A new charger for my Iphone. Yes, finally one that holds it properly and it cost only $45!
7) KTV-ing with Mom and her friends. Although the age group was slightly older, I still got a chance to sing.
8) Baking Life, the newest game that sparked my interest in FB.
9) New Clark shoes, so no more painful heels and no pain at the ball of the sole. Shoes are really important, especially shoes with good support when you work in a physical setting.
10) Met up and meeting up with JC friends, haven't seen them for so long, it's great to catch up!
11) My hair is growing longer, somehow it just makes me happy to see it growing longer. Not that I dislike short hair, I just like the feeling of seeing my hair grow longer BUT I also like the feeling of cutting away super long hair.
12) Left 4 Dead 2, I got to play it last weekend and I'm so happy, haven't touched it for long. This weekend, I missed it again but I hope I get a chance to play it again sometime next week!
13) Ate real good ramen from Ippudo and Santouka, especially Santouka, has one of my favourite and best shouyo ramen now! The other favourite would be miso ramen at Tampopo!
14) Found a really nice dessert place at Nectarine, Clarke Quay.
15) Started wearing contact lens again after so many years. Hopefully the new brand is more moisturising for my eyes.

Look forward to each day and count the blessings and positive things that happened and that I have. It's a great way to keep one optimistic, isn't it?


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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