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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Y 6:58 AM

Been sometime that I have been blogging and I am really making an effort now to be more consistent with blogging!

Let's talk about food galore first! Been to so many wonderful places with friends, family and colleagues to have nice food that simply charmed my taste buds off. A picture speaks a thousand words, and although I loaded them on Facebook, it is nothing as compared to being penned down in my blog with words too. So here, let's go!

Team Retreat at Waraku

Asparagus Bacon

Mushroom Cream Udon! Never see this kinda udon before. It's kinda like Japan Western fusion.

Look at how big bowl it is but actually the udon is like 1/4 of the bowl only.

My colleague's Hokkai Don which looked super yummy!

My Kaminabe Wazen! I shared it with YM for the Mushroom Cream Udon. Favourite from Waraku.

Nice looking peach dessert but the taste is just so so.

Tartufo, made of chocolate, simply sinful but yet very delicious!

That's YM and me before lunch starts.

We were trying to act Japanese.

Well, because YM and me were shopping at Orchard until so late, we couldn't get any food at 10 plus! Thank god for Xin Wang's HK Cafe!

My dinner was simple yet I appreciate it alot!

That's YM's dinner which I tried it the next time I went back to HK cafe and it is delicious!

Simply Fantastic Chocolate Fondue from Lavender Market

This fondue only costed us $14 but it has everything that you need for a delicious fondue. Cheap and good especially the waffles which are made by themselves. The ice creams are alright but try out the waffles! Seriously, you can't miss them!

This is a box of cute doggie biscuits, yes it is meant for humans to eat (not animals!), that my family and I found in Lavender market. It was only $2.90 I think and the buttery taste gets us swooning. Moreover, it looked so cute, even Lionel was tempted by it when I brought it to him for his birthday!

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill has up to level 30 of spiciness for their chicken wings, although on the menu, you can only see up to level 10. Trust me, I only tried level 3 and it was enough to cost me to salivate like mad, phlegm coming all out, nose dripping with mucus and simply crying for milk. It is really a ulu place to go, we got lost for like an hour plus before we reached there. It is only accessible by car. The plus point is, you get to see private jets which is super cool.

That's all for food galore for now. Next up, will be bringing up some fun events that I have been through with my family and friends!


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