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Saturday, September 12, 2009 Y 11:34 PM

A very belated post but nevertheless, I popped down to the Army Open House last Sunday with my whole family. It has been ages since I last went to one, probably like when I was only 8 years old. However, the army is not unfamiliar to me owing to the fact that my Uncle is in army and I always get invited to army events.

Nevertheless, it was a truly nice experience because it was experienced with a huge group of nice family members and we had fun trying out the games and guns. Our first stop was over at the shooting gallery, where most of us had a go with the SAR 21. My grandpa was the first one to rush for the shooting gallery after all of us were armored up with appropriate helmets and shower caps and ear plugs. I was rather scared initially because of the loud noise and I wanted to give up trying it. However, experience of playing with FPS games like L4D made me tried out real shooting for I really love shooting haha. I was glad I did not missed it for I enjoy it alot! Plus I got all my targets right! 5/5 targets! Days of playing L4D did not make my shooting experience go to waste hee hee.

After which we went by to the different places where we tried out all the military transport and equipment and took tons of photos! We also tried on some of the obstacle course where I climbed this traverse rope and gosh, very unglamourous photos were taken of me. I didn't dare to try the flying fox though as I was afraid of heights but now, I felt I should have tried it out. Even my Grandpa wanted to try out some of the obstacles but of course, he couldn't do it. He's too old for it.

Shawn and me in the bullet proof vest. Mine was loaded with the metal plate while his wasn't so mine was really heavy!

Posing with the war painted army guy.

On one of the military transport!

A very heavy multi launcher that weighs 4.4kg!

Posing with one of the guys from Air Force. Love the uniform!

Me driving a truck while Shawn is screwing it up!

My favourite experience with the military transport was the TANK! Yeah, queued up really long just to get my hands onto one. Grandpa was most enthusiatic about it and you could see how fearful the army guy on the tank was when some 70 plus old man was trying to walk and climb around the tank. He was so afraid that Grandpa will fall! Haha, but I nv how terrible it is to drive a tank. Yeah I knew it would be small in the tank but I nv knew it was that small until you could just accomodate 1 person in that space only.

Also caught the Army performance where we saw some guys parachuted down, the military band performance and the K9 (dogs) performed.

Silly as to say, I bought an army t shirt home because my family requested that we all should get one to wear it to Grandpa's house together. Don't know why my family has such weird ideas at times. It was really an enjoyable experience where I had so much fun and I would definitely want to do it again!


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