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Saturday, September 12, 2009 Y 11:50 PM

So I caught The Time Traveler's Wife and Gamer this week. It was a movie marathon starting with one show at 11.40pm to 1.30am and the other at 2.15am to 4am. Haven't done that for truly long time but it was fun!

I rather like both shows but I preferred Gamer more! Yeah I know, the former was more of a chick flick while the latter is more pleasing to guys but seriously, I think Gamer is cool! For a person who enjoyed FPS games alot, it was really an unique concept that the movie portrayed. Although it wasn't very ethical to use real humans in the game. Imagine being controlled by someone else for your movements and thinking, having no free will at all but yet you are in a situation of life and death where you had to depend on the person who is controlling you. The delay in response time where the person is controlling you and you executing the action could just be the time where you could have killed or blown to pieces.

I did teared a bit when I was watching the Time Traveler's Wife but I have a feeling that the book will probably be better. Eric Bana was really good though. It's kind scary don't you reckon? If you know you can see things yet you can't change it. What kind of feelings would you feel? Guilt, remorse, regret? And how do you feel if you know you will die at a certain age but you don't know when and how. How would you live through that year that you know you will die? It really makes me ponder and makes me treasure life even more.

So I had a good time watching the 2 shows, enjoying the company of Sharon and Doreen, and munching popcorn, but I also had a good deal to ponder about after watching the movie. Your life is controlled by yourself and no one else and you can only treasure it more and live it with more will and enjoy life as thoroughly as you can.


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