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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Y 12:11 AM

The new TV drama that caught my eyes these few weeks was 败犬女王. What does it means? It means women over 30s who are successful in their career and single. In the story, she falls for a guy who is younger than her by 8 years old and she had to work out issues that are revolving around the huge gap.

Yes I know, no idea why recently I have been encountering such movies, shows or articles. The Proposal, the article in Her World and now this show. It just makes me ponder over it. I think it's seriously getting popular now, this whole "older women dating younger men" thing. Of course, it pays to have the older woman still looking great in her 30s, looking much younger than her age, slim and pretty.

In the show, Cheryl Yang was always labelled by people as an "old woman", "younger girls are more desirable as they have better skin and charm", "dried up prune", "witch", "not desirable". It's sad to see her being labelled as that. You know, there may come a day where people may call me that too. I'm not that young anymore and I'm still single. Yes, the younger girls definitely beat you when it comes to men. Even at my age, men around my age or slightly older are looking at girls who are below 26. Older men likes younger women, so women like us, what do we do?

One day, I may foresee myself becoming a 败犬 too, single and only have a career. If it's you, will you extend your social circle of men to younger guys and also consider them? Well, I don't know. It's really hard. They are like babies hahaha and I'm still a kidult. It's hard to babysit them. Perhaps, one day, if I really am desperate or maybe that younger man can touched my heart, perhaps I will consider?


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