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Monday, August 24, 2009 Y 6:42 AM

I've caught the Proposal recently on Friday with Sharon, Shanice and Jeremiah. I was so totally looking forward to this movie when I saw the trailer. It did not fail to disappoint me for I was relish in the laughter of the comedy. I love Sandra Bullocks and Ryan Reynolds. Easy on the eyes, great acting and looks cute together. I love Gammy the most though, for she is one cute old lady. Ryan's mom spurred me to think on that if I was to age gracefully, I hope I look as great as her. Slim and pretty. The show was actually talking about an older woman dating a younger guy which made me remembered an article that I read recently.

I read an article recently about older women dating younger men, like about 10 years and greater in age difference. It makes me really wonder, I find it really hard to date a guy who is like more than 2 years younger than me, let alone 10 years? Is it because I'm not old enough? I do find myself enjoying the company of younger guys at times, for they make you feel happier with their simple mind. However, to date and settle down with them seems impossible. It worries me for I am getting old and I am still single. Perhaps one day, I might become one of them too and I will be labelled as a cradle snatcher. Personally, I don't find that they are cradle snatcher. Love crosses boundaries, there is no such thing as age limit. However, to each of their own values, sometimes I find it a bit hard to accept younger guys, basically because they are not matured enough and not stable enough yet.

Terrible weekend for I was sick the whole weekend. Didn't go out much except to Grandpa's house for dinner on Saturday night and to Shawn's house on Sunday to pay respects to our late Grandma. Even at Shawn's house, I was sleeping away cause I was feeling too sick.

On yeah, on a side note, I caught The Hangover too, also with Sharon and her bf. It was a great show. I didn't wanted to watch it initially cause I didn't knew any of the actors. I was glad I watched it though for it was so funny and the plot is so great that I enjoyed it alot. I admired that Stu finally had the courage to break up with Melissa after dating so long together. I could feel for him for I had been in the same situation before. It is so not easy to break up after dating so long together. What makes it worse was the person who broke up with you is a heartless person who couldn't be bothered about you. I ever thought I will still remain as friends with him but seems like he didn't want so. Perhaps he is more ashamed of himself than I was. Thank goodness for that, for I am not ashamed of what I did.


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