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Sunday, August 16, 2009 Y 4:36 AM

It's been a great weekend so far! Been to some new places, met up some old classmates and had tons of fun with family!

Went out with Shawn and Min to Causeway Point for dinner then headed off to Marina Square to catch a movie with V. Caught "where got ghost" but I don't really like it. I do admit I laughed alot in the theatre but I find the plot and graphics really terrible. Headed off to visit V's office then to Esplanade.

Met up with XW and Ting, and also Xiuhua! YL came by too as well. It is so nice to see them again and we had lunch at Xin Wang's cafe at Yew Tee as well as gave each other belated birthday presents. XW's stomach is really getting bigger. 2 more months and a new baby boy will be born. Went to Latricia's house awhile before heading off to Grandpa's house for dinner. Caught Cyril's magician show on dvd, which was brought over by Gerald. Finished off my night gaming on L4D with my cousin and cute people who are nice in Garena.

Headed off to a new place with my family, Poison Ivy/Bollywood Veggies. My first time being there. Saw it on Makansutra before and I was keen to go. Finally got to go there. We toured around the plantation and went around taking funny photos and doing funny stunts. Then we headed off for late lunch, early dinner at the cafe. The servings were real small but quite filling to eat a few different variety of dishes. Plus we also get to choose brown rice which is much more healthier! The lady boss is really nice and friendly and she chit chatted with us. I love the taste of the food. I find it really tasty and you don't have a sense of guilt eating it as it's really healthy!

Found a new job over at TTSH too. So gotta start work once I clear my medical check up. I still miss IMH. I wish I can go back but I guess perhaps it's not for now since no vacancies. I shall work harder in TTSH and hopefully find what I want eventually.


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