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Thursday, August 13, 2009 Y 12:08 AM

It was a long weekend last week and I had been out having fun with different groups of people. Last Friday, it was Mommy's birthday so we went out to Causeway point to have Ajisen Ramen with Shawn and Min. Then we went shopping around, collected our cake and went to Grandpa's house in the evening to have dinner with the rest of the family. I really love the cake that I bought. Coco Exotic from Four Leafs. It has like a waffle layer to it and mousse chocolate around. So nice!

On Saturday, I went out with my friend to ION to walk around. That was the second time I went to ION and got to see more things this time round. Had some fluffy looking cake bought from the basement which comes with char siew. They even have like mango curry! Got to try Chippy Beer batter fish too! It's so nice yeah! I really miss the fried Mars balls though but I guess I shall get my cousins to eat it with me one day.

Went for Hsbc Tree Top walk on Sunday with Aunt Jenny and family, Shawn and Min. Gosh, it was even harder to climb than the Henderson's Wave trail. So many steep slopes and by the time I got to the tree top walk, I was like half dead. The tree top walk was really nice, very high up there, breezy and tranquil. It's also very tall and scary! It made me remembered the times that I went to Tree Top walk in Albany in Western Australia. Those were the days. After I got home, I was so tired, I slept for a few hours and the effects lasted over to the next day too. Guess really lacking stamina now.

Played badminton with my cousins on Monday evening followed by dinner. Haha, I know it probably doesn't sound as exciting as how others spent their long weekends but I'm happy for mine already! I had fun and I am contented.


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