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Monday, July 13, 2009 Y 11:06 PM

A belated entry but nevertheless, heartfelt thanks from me to all those who had wished me or celebrated my birthday together with me. Thank you! I really felt very happy by your thoughts and actions.

My dear bunch of IMH colleagues brought me to an Egytian restaurant on Haji Lane on Friday evening for dinner. A pity that alot of people were smoking shisha as my colleagues were kinda affected by the smoke. I was expecting some exotic food but turns out that Egyptian food is actually Middle East type of food, like shish kebab, humus etc. Some of the food were rather nice though. This is also my 3rd time sitting down on the floor to have a meal and haha, Jayson complained about the same thing about him getting too old for this again. After dinner, we went down to Starbucks at Millenia Walk where LS popped by for coffee too.

Saturday was out celebrating with my cousins. Just a simple affair of lunch only and he made me jogged afterwards too, which was good cause I was slacking too much already.

Sunday came and I had a very special guest for my birthday. Indeed, very special. All along I have been talking to her and she was in Singapore without my knowledge! I"m truly happy to see her as I miss my dear friend's company and support. Moreover, Azi brought her baby too! So there were Lionel and Aaryan there, trying to befriend each other (but not successful) and I had the chance to carry and play with both of them. Yippee! Caught up with my special friend, Denise (hee hee), over coffee after lunch. It's nice to hang out like that yeah. Hope you faster finished your studies in Ozzie soon ah!

The last meal was yesterday, well, it wasn't to celebrate my birthday, but I have been like eating alot the past 4 days. We had zi cha with my family and my dad's brother and his family. The food is rather nice especially the fish and the fried fu pi juan. Haha, yeah it sounds weird to have me saying fish right but really the fish is so sweet, I kept eating it.

So I'm now officially 1 year old, and celebrated my birthday. Old liao la.


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