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Thursday, May 7, 2009 Y 1:20 PM

Tampinines Central 1 has this Japanese shop called UNIQLO which sells really reasonable prices trendy clohtes. It's kinda like Giordano but you know, some young people think that Giordano is AUNTIE but if you said "I'm wearing an UNIQLO top/jeans", people will just go "Cool yeah".

Zhu picked up a few clothing in the shop, with a new pair of jeans which he rarely got to find one that fit him. The tops that he got were really nice too, sporty and comfy enough, just good for him. Haha, he also gotten an Ah Beng's belt which I chose for him. The girls clothes are rather nice too but on a more casual side. The clothes there are more to the casual wear though.

Then we saw this Japanese style MARCHE called MANDUKU which we went to try excitedly. The concept is interesting, the food looks attractive but we were rather disappointed with the taste of the food. The soup base wasn't really fantastic. You could get more decent Jap food at Liang Court. Plus, the prices are like $11.80 and the food doesn't really taste well, so don't bother to try it.

There are alot more other new shops and Jap shops there, from clothes to food to toys. They have some rather nice stuff. Tampinines can be a rather good shopping place with 3 shopping malls there and 2 cinemas there. Except they lack karoake, so we had to go to Clementi for KTV instead.

I also forgot to mentioned that the last last Saturday, my family and I went to Farmart to have our farewell dinner with my Uncle who is returning to India for another few months. Strangely, this time round, I found the food not as nice and that my house zi cha is nicer. Even my cousins said so. Perhaps the standard dropped? However, the pork ribs is superb!!!! It's from this place called Australian Wine. It's really yummy, best dish for the day!

The following week before Labour Day, on Monday, I popped over to visit Kris for her birthday. So happy to see that Lionel can walk unaided now. He refused to let me touch him initially cause I think I am not familiar to him but he smiled alot at me and played with me. Gradually he warmed up and he let me hugged him and hold his hand. I have to say he is becoming more like Sausage. He dropped his mom's phone on the floor upon seeing me picked up a popcorn chicken and walked all the way to my legs and hugged it, staring at me with those "puss-in-boots" eyes. Unfortunately, he can't eat it. Speaking about Sausage, that dog refused to let me touch Lionel unless I touch him first and play with him. Or rather, he only want me to touch him. Got a few scratch marks from his long toe nails on my thighs as I wasn't wearing jeans. Haha, but so funny to see him competing for attention with Lionel. It was really pleasant to see Lionel as he is so happy and funny and just makes me laugh.

I also gotten some good news when I met up with XW last week. Haha, but it's up to her to disclose the secret la.


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