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Saturday, April 18, 2009 Y 12:08 PM

A picture says a thousand words, unfortunately, as I'm not the photo taking kind, I forgot to take photos of today's event.

It was Darryl's 21st birthday. The last person who turned 21st was me and it was a elaborated event that everyone was dressed up in some super fancy nice clothes. For our Prince, it was only a simple bbq with family members, and of course, no key earrings or necklaces. The only key that he received was only partially too, which was the key to be able to drive his father's key, owing to the fact that he passed his license like 4 to 5 days ago. However, he didn't have a key on his own though. As for freedom, he long ago had achieved freedom, just that he is officially able to vote now and no parental consent needed for certain things anymore.

We had a simple bbq over at 5th aunt's condo, and the star of the day was busy bbqing food for us though. That is being a boy, you don't get to be the Princess and be pampered but have to do the hard work. The fact that there were more girls than guys in the family made the guys in the family work harder sometimes, LOL. We had crazy ideas of throwing him into the pool, but because there were only 2 other guys and the rest were all tiny puny girls except Min and me (even one of the guys is still considered small), no one could throw him in as Darryl is rather big size. We fooled around and chit chatted. Played hop scotch where i fell from doing a challenging jump from number 0 to 6 in one leg, and plus I was wearing filmsy slippers and a dress. Fortunately, I did such an acrobatic fall that I turned like a ballerina and fell to my side, with no injuries at all and no exposure of my undies to others. My cousins said I once again did my Lara Croft stunt, LOL. Zhu came by later and brought ice cream for everyone where it cooled us down after the hot weather and bbq.

We ended with watching DMC at aunt's house and cake cutting for Darryl. We were trying to get him to pick up the candles with his mouth but he refused to. He probably know we might just smash his face in if he did it haha.

So that concludes the simple celebration we had for him. Happy Birthday to him as he is officially turning 21 in 20/4/2009. Welcome to Adult Hood, Darryl!


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