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Monday, April 20, 2009 Y 7:03 AM

I'm intrigued by how weird my 2nd Uncle is. Firstly, he came back from India and bought alot of weird and not necessary stuff for us such as balloons. What the hell do we need balloons for? Fortunately, we had Darryl's party coming up (I tell you he sure doesn't know about it till he was back, so no way the balloons were for that) and so he brought it along and HE ASKED US TO BLOW IT UP INSTEAD. I dunno whether the balloons were cheap or wat but it was so difficult to blow it up. A couple bursted when we were blowing some more. Moreover, they either look like papayas or another word starting with a 'p' that siginfies a manhood.

Secondly, he told Shawn that he is not allowed to play computer games from Monday to Friday. Now, this may sounds reasonable but Shawn is like 19 years old. My mom certainly didn't ask me not to play computer games on weekdays and focus on studying only.

The best part was when Shawn told me that his father told him to take out a book and read aloud. That was really hilarious! Shawn's comment was that his father was still treating him like a primary school kid.

Honestly, I think SAF has really got to my Uncle's head so much that he is going cuckoos. Unfortunately, he was borned with an Angel Face and Devil's body. He is really good looking and his body is really fit. He is 50y.o but looks like only 30 plus. Tons of women are still interested in him but if they know he is so weird, I doubt so huh? LOL.


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