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Thursday, April 23, 2009 Y 10:29 AM

I had never been a fan of Chinese storybooks when I was young, until I got introduced to 2 authors by my secondary school friend and my mom. Yeah, I used to read some authors like Ni Kuang but that was because those are the available books that I found in home (collection of my aunts) when I was so bored and I ran out of English books to read.

One year, in my Sec 2 or 3, where I was crazy over people like R.L Stine/Christopher Pike/Sweet Valley High/Judy Bloom/Louisa May Alcott/Duncan's A to Z detective series, my buddy introduced me to a book called "Rouge" by Yi Shu. It was about 3 women, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter, whom are all 17 years apart in age from each other. Mother happened to meet Grandma's ex lover and started hanging out with him, and she was introduced to his son. His son fell in love with her and started going after her. Mean while, Grandma's ex lover fell in love with Mother too. In the end, she chose to be with Grandma's ex lover while the ex lover's son fell in love with the Daughter. I know, it sounds complicated but it's really nice once you read it. From then on, I kept looking out for her books and I read most of it.

There is some certain characteristics of female leads in Yi Shu's stories. All of them are independent and financially able to support themselves in the end. They live alone, they own their own houses, drive their own cars. Some of them have good relationships in the end. Some of them tend to marry or date men who are old enough to be their father or grandfather. Some of them entered the entertainment industry but ended up being alone despite having relationships with rich old men previously. Sometimes there are guys who like them but the feelings are not reciprocated.

I guess I have a certain attraction to her books because someone, the independence in the female leads awe me. I also hope to be independent like them, having my own house and be able to cope with things bravely. They do not need a man to be there but sometimes the comfort of love is good to curb loneliness. Sometimes the characters ended up with a good ending, sometimes they have really bad endings. My faourite book from her is "Liu Jin Sui Yue". A book about 2 girls that met since young and became good friends till 28 years old, and their relationships between each other, how they grew and their relationships with other men. I can re read the book like numerous times and never get tired of it.

Another author that I like is Zhang Xiao Xian. My mom introduced me to her books. My first book was "3 A cup Women". It was about 3 women that wears 32A, 34A and 36A size bras and about their love lives. Somehow, this author always have rather sad endings for her books, mostly people don't end up together. Of the few occasions that I read some books of her, the couples have happy endings. Recently, rereading her first book of Channel A series and realised that everyone in the story couldn't end up with the person they love, and once it's over, it can never be the same. No idea why she is so morbid about relationships but her stories are good. I don't really remember her stories as well as Yi Shu, guess probably I prefer Yi Shu more so I can't tell you which is my favourite, although I do enjoy reading her stories.

So these are 2 Chinese authors that I often hunt for their books. There are some other Chinese authors that I read on and off if people recommend me. I still read English books much more than Chinese. I own a few books of Harry Potter, Shopaholic, Louisa May Alcott nd other miscellanous English books, and I borrowed quite alot to read too. I'm lemming to read Eragon and the other one starting with a "B"? Cannot remember the title. Hope to be able to lay my hands on them soon.


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