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Monday, March 30, 2009 Y 9:37 PM

A rather good week last week except that I fell sick twice, probably owing to fact that I refused to see doctor when I'm sick.

Had a sumptous Thai meal at Jalan Besar with Zhu, Shawnie, Ken and Min. My delicious Tom Yum Soup and Thai Chilli Fish!!! After that, we went to Bugis Arcade where I just sit and look and then we went to Lan Shop at Bukit Timah where I had a chance to play CS and Left 4 Dead haha. I suck at CS honestly, no tactics at all and kept getting shot.

Went out for dinner with cousins on Friday at Westmall. Totally gushing over gunbound cause we were doing well and we just set up a guild. Guess we are totally addicted to it. Even our lingo has GB lingo now. Stella also gotten hooked when she saw us playing it on Sunday at Shawn's house haha.

Caught a movie, Detroit Metal City, with Zhu on Sat. I wasn't expecting it to be nice when Zhu suggested watching it. In my mind, I thought it was some crap show. When I knew that the main actor is the guy who acted as L in Death Note, my opinion kinda changed. That guy is a great actor and I'm sure whatever he portrayed in has rather good effects. True enough, the show was really funny. I didn't like the metal music but the rest of the show was funny. It's about searching for your dream. In the show, Soichi wants to be a jazz singer but no one cares about his talent on the streets. He was then roped into a metal music band where he had to sing songs about raping women and put on cultic make up. He totally hated this job when he just want to be some cool jazz singer. As he is a musician, his favourite quote is "no music, no dream". He felt that he wasn't achieving his dream because he was in DMC and so he left. However, he fail to realise that when he was in DMC, he was also pursuing another dream and he was also giving other people's hopes. He had the power to give dreams and hopes to others and he had actually helped his band mates too.

There is also an anime on this show and you can catch it online. Zhu watched until ep 10 already, that crazy dude. Thanks to him, I got to have my favourite duck rice on Saturday too hee hee.

Sunday, we went to pay our respects to grandma. It has been 3 years since she passed away. I didn't really enjoy this trip because the smoke was burning my eyes badly and I was itching all over due to the smoke and heat. After that, we went to Shawn's house where we showed Gerald and STella how to play GB. By then I was already feeling sick. To make it worse, it was raining. In the end, I went to bed real early and I fell sick. At least, I got to have my favourite seafood, crab, hahaha, cause Ken's mommy bought it.

On a side note, Mousehunt is a great game. It is really fun and not boring like those Mafia Wars or what. I really enjoyed using my brain juice on this game.


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