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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Y 12:38 PM

I'm very impressed by a comment made by Mike (Xiaxue's bf), during one of the recent entries. It was regarding flirting with others while being in a relationship. He said that if the other party found out and they are upset about it, then that is considered cheating, and if you have to hide it, you shouldn't do it.

I'm really impressed by what he said, because honestly it's true. If you have something that you can hide from your gf (being in my circumstance, I'm a girl so I say gf), and it is something that if she finds out about it and she gets real pissed or sad, then yes, that is really cheating.

An open relationship is really important and I really think communication is really the essence. If a couple don't even communicate much, how do you know what is happening? Open communication is the best for all.

This is for all my friends to read and gain some knowlegde on it. Haha, of course, Zhu, it's also for you to read, so you can learn to buck on your communication skills. Not that I'm saying you are hiding something from me and that you are cheating. But hey, guys and girls, if you are doing something behind your partner's back and they dunno about it, and you don't want them to find out about it, you are seriously already cheating on them. Be careful on what you do and whether you are sure you want to do that.


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