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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Y 7:54 AM

I caught a few movies recently and honestly some were good. 2 movies that really made an impression on me was "Rule No. 1" and "He's just not that into you".

Let's talk about "Rule No. 1". I heard it wasn't really a big hit in the theatres. It was a scary movie so I never bother to watch it in the big screen. It was indeed scary but I think probably owing to the medication and company of my cousin who slept in my room that night, I didn't have nightmares. What was deeply imprinted in my mind was that the deception of lies is that great. If someone is really out to deceive you with all his or her might, you will just be deceive if you not sharp enough or if you trusted this person alot. It was a sad ending, to know that the evil spirit rule in the end and all the good people either died or become zombies without souls. It meant that the bad triumphed in the end, which wasn't a very happy ending for me.

Onto "He's Just Not That Into You". A few things that were quite interesting and I think I'm keen to read the book now. Previously in my entry where I pen down that if guys give you shit, they just generally treat you like shit was from this movie. Honestly, it's true. If a guy doesn't calls you, he is just not interested in you. If a girl doesn't sleeps with you, she is not interested in you (I don't know about this owing to our culture of conservativeness). A part where one of the female characters narrated "Sometimes life is about being together, a happy ending but sometimes it's just moving on, starting all over again might be the happy ending" (something like that). That strucks me alot....yeah a new start could be a happy ending.

Back to reminiscing old games again, dug out the old gunbound and started playing with my cousins. Picked up the old habit of watching anime, all sorts of anime heh heh. Obsessed about losing weight by doing skipping, midstepper and walking every day now. I disliked running and I will never run so I just brisk walk. My legs are really very sore now but it's all for good! Gam pa te Caiwei!


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