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Thursday, February 26, 2009 Y 10:16 AM

My friend can contact me everyday even when she is very busy but my BF is not able to contact me because he is very busy with alot of things.

I simply do not see the reason how someone can be so busy until cannot even have like 5 minutes to contact someone? That is just an excuse. When you give me shit, you are generally treating me like shit.

If I am really that important, I don't see how difficult 5 minutes is.

Something new that I have learned is that if you give me shit, I will give you shit back. I used to be not able to do that. I dunno whether I can do it now too but I have plenty of time on hand. First time in these few days I'm upset because of you.

So why do I bother treating you like a king when you are treating me like shit on days when you are so busy you couldn't afford a 5 minutes contact.

Sometimes, you are the cause of some unhappiness within me, that adds on to my crying when I'm upset about work. I guess it will just never stop although now I'm already seeking help. It never changes when the other party doesn't wants to change.

Sigh, I shall just learn to be those type of people that you ignore me I will also ignore you that type. I think life will be much happier if it's like that.


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