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Sunday, February 22, 2009 Y 3:49 AM

In this period, where time was really tough for me, I learned a few things. The world is harsh and you don't get kindness, so you have to toughen up yourself to deal with it. However, no matter how tough the world is, nothing is important than yourself, loving yourself, your health and everything about you.

No matter how cruel the world is, you still need to love yourself. We can also toughen ourseleves up to deal with unreasonable work demands, hateful people, a terrible environment but we must not lose ourselves to those things. I've come to learn that no matter how I much I convince myself or force myself to do certain things, I will not be happy or loving myself as I know those are things that I cannot do.

Yes, I must be strong but through it, I must also love myself. It has come to a point whereby I have force myself to go on at the expense of my health and now, it's time to slow down and learn to relearn new things again at a slower pace.

It's time to slow down for me and explore what I'm interested in. Pick up new habits or old habits which is good for me. Although sitting in front of the computer maybe deemed not constructive to others, but at least I'm back to it again. Last time, I don't even bother going to online forums or watching animes anymore as I lost my interest. Now I picked it up again and I can tell you, I'm really very happy as I enjoy it.

I picked up playing online games and I enjoy it. I picked up some form of exercise and I enjoyed it. I love what I enjoy and I'm not going to be bothered by what others say. That is what I learned through this period. I'm not working now and I'm going to do some part time job and I don't care what others comment.

I need to learn to love myself then I can love others again. So, love yourself and nothing beats loving yourself.


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