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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Y 7:06 AM

To my Little Brownie

My pet Brownie died today, being only 5 months old. I never lost an animal at such young age before. He apparently gotten some fungi infection, lost so much weight and grew so thin. He lost so much fur and his skin was red. I was going to bring him to a vet but he died before I could.

I may have caused his death. My mom applied the medicine prescribed by the vet for her rabbit on him, and next day, which is today, he died. The medicine could be too harsh for his little liver. I felt very guilty, to cause his prematured death. He wouldn't have died if I just left it and brought him to a vet. He was still eating well and drinking well. What could mostly be the thing that killed him was us, applying wrong medication on him. I shouldn't have allowed my mom to apply it for him but I guess we were at good intentions. Never expecting that it could cause his death.

This week does not spell a good week. All the bad news and death of Brownie really overhaul all happiness and cast grey skies. I have my eyes cried till swollen and red. Sigh, I wish I can have a break.

Little Brownie, I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. I hope you will rest in peace and forgive me for my ignorance. I buried you under the plants, at the soil, down at my house, where I will remember you, each time i walked by there. I buried you in nice corn cob, with food and flowers surrounding you. I hope you wouldn't be hungry throughout your journey in the other world. I hope you forgive me for all bad I have done as an owner.

I'm truly sorry.


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