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Saturday, November 15, 2008 Y 9:46 AM

Magdagascar Marathon

It was a Magdagascar marathon movie night on Friday, don't get me wrong, I didn't pirated the cd to watch it. Instead, I watched it on the big screen at GV PS. LS suggested to catch that and since I'm an avid fan of cartoons, I agreed. So it was the 3 of us, Denise, LS and me that went to catch the movie.

I tot initially that I would fall asleep as I watched part 1 before on the big screen and on TV last Sunday. Surprisingly, I did not. It could be: 1) I was busy eating my dinner and popcorn, 2) I was happily laughing away.

What was amazing was part 2 was even funnier! I did read the reviews and they said it was bad so I was quite skeptical about it. Yes, the plot did seem a bit empty but the laughter was real. I had a jolly good time laughing away at the movie. The greedy me even refilled the popcorn (we were allowed free flow of popcorn and drink). Stupidly, you have to go out of the cinema and queue at the counter for your refill, like whose going to do that during the movie. Naturally, everyone went during the interval. It was lightening ending to the hectic week of work which is going to get even more serious for the next 3 weeks. I will missed my TA yeah, she's so much lovelier than, oh well.

Phin's Steakhouse
Ken brought me to Phin's Steakhouse for steak again on last Wed. Sadly, the standard of the food and the customer service dropped and it was disappointing. I used to enjoy the steaks from Phin's Steakhouse alot but now it's rather average.

I'm been getting rather lazy and monotonous with my blog postings....think I lost the mood to really blog....blogging becomes a thing for me to remember things. Haha.....anyway, too tired and busy to blog also. And, if I stay over at Zhu's house, he will ask me to go sleep rather than blog. Anyway, sleep time now!


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